Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So I'm trying to think of something to post so that I can link up to Nita's "Mod Mix Monday" (yeah, I know it's Tuesday) and since I don't really have anything I thought I could post about what I am GOING to do.
OK, So I'm pretty sure that I am going to tile the kitchen in glossy black and white diamond tiles.
(Kate Spade kitchen)
Maybe I'll even tile the living room...since it's actually all connected.
Or I'll break it up and paint the living room floor a glossy White.
Or maybe I'll just do both the kitchen AND the living room in White.
But I KNOW that I'm going to get some FLOR carpet tiles for the living room.
I had it narrowed down to a red color
or a black and white
or a black and red pattern
but today I got my NEW Flor catalog in the mail.
OH MY! More choices!
First I must say-
I hate animal skins on the floor. I don't understand the attraction of a dead thing laying there in the middle of the room. The only thing worse would be a dead head on the wall. The people who like this stuff must not follow any Feng Shui rules. I mean if Feng Shui doesn't like cut flowers in a room because they are in the act of dying...I'm sure that it would be VERY BAD energy to have something that's actually DEAD in the room.
Yep, not good.
But FLOR now has a NEW faux cow skin.
Kinda Cool!
and then BAD JACK...
OK, I'm loving that too.
That's the problem with not having the immediate cash for flooring. While I saving up for it, I'm changing my mind a hundred times!!!
....or I could paint the floor black! -
My head hurts!


An Urban Cottage said...

Kind of diggin' the FLOR cow!

sassypackrat said...

I love the dark floors. Paint away! We had white painted floors in an office I used to work at and they were a huge nightmare. I'd really go for the dark paint, then you could go fun and funky with the black and white tiles in the kitchen. ;0)

Sandy Mastroni said...

first paint it white and if you don't like it ..... next year paint it black and if you don't like that , then tile it with black and white tile and if you don't like that .... buy a rug ....
I don't know , I think about painting my living room floor too . Paint is the cheapest way to go .
I painted the floor in my studio and I love it
and my floor is only horrible plywood !
I used deck paint from Benjamin Moore and it held up well . I painted my studio floor a pretty blue green
It dries quickly so I did a section at a time . every day I moved furniture and painted another section .

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Sandy has some pretty good advice....I love black and white. so classic. Save , save, and them enjoy your time dreaming!!! Check out the home improvement books in your library. They are free too! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Ronald @ flooring said...

You could also try adding an area rug first in the colors you like, just to get a feel for how the color would look on a broader scale in the room. Love the pop of red in that red and black design though! Good luck deciding!

Christer said...

I do prefer wood floors in my home except in the kitchen. I would like that floor on the first photo there :-)

Have a great day!

It is impossible to post comments on open Id on blogger at the moment. It refuses to accept the word verification if I use open id but not if I try this way :-) :-)

denise said...

I love black and white floors either in combination or separately. BUT, through experience, the cons keep me away from them now. The white shows off the dirt ALL the time. It was a constant cleaning project. The black shows off dust and paw prints ALL the time. Nightmare again. Unless you are anal retentive, I'd go patterned, or charcoal or slightly lighter grey. Mottled is even better (for just about any color) for those who do not want to be cleaning their floors all the time. Guilty here!