Saturday, January 21, 2012

PLANS for the WEEKEND...

I don't know about you but I need to have background noise. Sometimes I will put on music but mostly I just pop a movie into the DVD player while working on whatever project I have at the time. Of course many times this backfires and I end up stopping and watching the DVD.  Last weekend I rented "Mad Men".
I don't have cable and I thought I might enjoy it, especially since I love Mid-Century Modern decor. I must admit that at first I was so annoyed that I almost had to stop the DVD. It was very hard to watch women being treated as second class. I have a lot to say on the subject but I won't. I don't want to waste my energy on it. I am going to watch -
I might regret it. My niece has warned me that it is sad.
I have a hard time watching movies made for children. They tend to rip my heart out.
I was haunted for DAYS after I watched NARNIA.
I know, I know. I realize what it represented but still,that LION...
I can't think about it.
And then there's the movie that I have been FORBIDDEN to watch by my sister and my nieces.
Have you seen it? They say that I could NOT handle it.
So I am assuming it has something to do with an animal and obviously there's that old man.
Yep, animals and old people get to me....and little kids being hurt, abused or ignored.
So that's how I will be spending the weekend. Watching DVD's while I reclaim my spare room and make it into my art/project area.
and if  WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE gets to me too bad, I will watch some Horror Flick, Gangster Movie or Slasher Film to wash the first from my mind. Those don't bother me.
Instead I just think about how stupid the person was to go into the house, alley, whatever.


sassypackrat said...

Like your blog re-do! I couldn't watch Where the Wild Thing Are. It was violent and not suitable for young children. I haven't seen Up. Best of luck getting the art project room together! Show pics after, o.k?

sassypackrat said...

Oh and remember it doesn't have to be pretty just functional!

An Urban Cottage said...

I love the new look!

We're getting a snow storm today so I think it's a great day for the movie.

Georgina said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend, Cindi. Like you, I need noise in the background, so I put on my tunes and do my thing. I can't do the "flick" stuff or I know I will stop what I'm doing and sit and watch, so it's my CD's instead.

I love certain children' movies. I saw "Up." It was adorable, but there is some material that might be a little too bothersome for you, however, I found it heart-warming in the end.

There was one movie that was sold as a children's movie, made some years back...can't think of the name right was made in Spain, a period film about a family during the Spanish Civil war, but it was horrid...I couldn't believe that people were taking their children to see dealt with cruelty to children and animals...horrific film. Don't get me wrong, it was a really good film and luckily, I didn't have to read the English sub-titles, but for way!!!

Ok, need to run. Have a great day, Cindi, and sit down and watch a good flick..cuddle up with your little furry ones, eat popcorn and just deserve it.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I have seen UP and it is a tear jerker but it does have a good ending. Narnia hurt me too! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I am going to dig into my old dvd's to watch in my studio this afternoon. Have a great weekend!

yoborobo said...

UP was a little sad. I've blocked most of it out, but that much I remember! LOL! And I agree about Madmen. My older kids love it, and that worries me a little. I could talk a lot about its appeal to 20-something guys - haha! I'm going to go see the Muppet movie. Wanna come? :) xox

Christer said...

I like how Your blog looks now :-)

Up is a very nice movie and yes in many ways it is sad but in many very funny :-) and the ending is joyful :-)

I haven't seen Mad Men because they send itr to late here. I get up at 4:45 every work day so it's no use staying up just to see a small part of the program.

Have a great day!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I love the way the blog is looking too!!!! So much better. I love the funny little black cat at top. Your creation..I am sure. I got your email and I'll answer later. As for movies. I LOVE Mad Men but have to made me mad because from what I've experienced in business...things have not changed that much. That is what made me mad. To see that these are suppose to be obsurd situations from a time long past and yet this could have been my offices from the past 10 years just with more modern clothes.

And you MUST watch UP! I can't believe you have not seen it. Yes, you'll cry and laugh and be worried but its all good. You'll be'll love it. I really think it's one of the best movies ever. I wish I were there to watch it with you. You will love it because so much of the dog stuff is so spot on. Just watch it! I loved it and I hate movies where dogs are in is fine.

Robin Kent said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend with a good ending! Your blog layout looks contemporary and 'now' too. Is this part of the new looks blogger is offering? I'm still stuck in the old format (but I don't have to fetch coffee for any boss!)

Holly said...

My boys (ages 17 and 15) talked me into watching "Up" and I loved it. It is sad in the boys looked at me and said "Mom..are you crying?" Then they rolled their eyes at each other and smiled. It is a wonderful movie though. Try to watch it sometime!