Thursday, January 5, 2012


all a person wants to do is to come home and take their shoes off, pour a beverage, wrap a blanket around their shoulders, cross their legs so their pet can lay on their lap and rest their chin on their hand and stare into the computer.
Maybe read some blogs or just surf around in a daze.
Maybe you prefer to read a book.
I still read.
In fact I MUST read before I can fall to sleep every night. Sometimes it's just a page but I gotta read. I also usually listen to a book on CD in my car as I go to and from work.
I used to be addicted to buying books.
Then I discovered that I could just drive 7 blocks from my house to the library and get them for free! Sure, I could walk. In fact I do plan on walking. As soon as it's not so cold. And it can't be icy. I can't risk falling and breaking something. God, that sounds like a really old person talking! But even if I just broke my wrist it would hinder my ability to do my job. Gotta have that paycheck. So I won't be walking when there's ice. Maybe if there's snow and if it's not too windy. I might get an earache. I suppose I just need to get a good hat. Maybe one of those cute funny ones that looks like a sock monkey. I planned on walking last summer but it was always SO hot out. Some days were pretty nice but then I always waited until the last minute and had to drive quickly down before they closed. Besides, if I walk anywhere I feel really weird without a dog. Whenever I see people walking I think, Ah, you poor person. Why don't you have a dog? You need dog. Can't you have a dog? I think those thoughts most times but sometimes when I'm having a really bad day and I'm angry at the world, I think - What's wrong with you! Why don't you have a dog? which is a horrible thing to think. Maybe they are very caring people and they work all the time except when they are walking and they feel like they wouldn't have time for a dog. But if ya got time to walk, ya got time for a dog.
If I was walking it would be with a dog and that dog would be Blue. But Blue isn't someone you could tuck under your coat when you get there.
OK, so if not Blue, then at least Ruby...she needs to lose some weight. I've been measuring out her food but she's hit a plateau. I guess I need to ask them if I can bring a small dog inside with me sometime.
Of course if it's too cold, Ruby would need a coat. She's pretty awkward in coats. I got her an adorable Woolrich one a few years back, I Velcro'd her into it and she tried to walk and then tried to roll over and ended up like a June-bug on her back.
People laughed at her. She just laid there, staring up a me with the dirtiest look.  "How could you do this to me?"
So I didn't make her wear it again.
So maybe I'll wait for Spring to walk Ruby down there.
So, I've stopped buying books. Except maybe some discounted ones on Amazon or at Goodwill for 88 cents. I've gotten some great books at Goodwill. But as far as actually buying one full price? Nope, I don't do it.
Then a while back at Target I saw this book "Maru".
I've seen the YouTube videos. I love that cat. And I love the decor of his home in the background.
The best of 2 worlds. An adorable cat and design ideas.
I had to buy it.
Are you like that too? I mean do you watch a movie and ignore the plot and stare at the decor. Reverse it back and pause it to get a better look at the room. Or maybe it's just me.
Anyway I love this cat and I wish my floor were so spotless and shiny.
So, What IS the point to this long RAMBLE?
uh, OH!
the last Maru video.....


An Urban Cottage said...

I agree it's too cold to walk outside right now...and dangerous. I got some Jane Fonda tapes.

LOVE MARU! So funny!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Maru and I share the same issue...his is a box that fits . Mine is a pair of jeans that fit well after a Christmas holiday filled with too many sweets. Here in Ohio it is too cold to walk most winter months...and the ice scares me also!! Thank you for Maru and yes I live Goodwill for my books for me to read and to use in the studio! Stay warm! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sandy Mastroni said...

oh I love the way your brain works .
I've been THINKING of going for a walk for years , I need a dog .... cats don't work for walks
but I want to walk at night , when no one can see me..., [ because I'm hideous ] but I'm afraid of coyotes at night , so see .... I have problems too .
and yes I look at room decor when I watch movies , especially old movies , because I have all that old stuff that I got at tag sales . My whole house is tag sale stuff.
now you have me rambling on and on . I made brownies , must have one NOW .

Robin Kent said...

The library and a treadmill for winter are valuable for critters and people.

yoborobo said...

I love Maru! My daughter introduced me to her on YouTube. :) And I think we need to be next door neighbors. We could not-walk together - hahahaha! I love your ramble, it's a lot like I think, and I agree COMPLETELY about the ice. Maybe I am old now, too. Or maybe we just hate FALLING. Say hi to Blue and the gang from me! xox

sassypackrat said...

This is my first introduction to Maru. I laughed my ass off! My cat Uno RIP, was a box cat too so this video brings back fond memories.

I fell on the ice in high school and messed up my knee which still bothers me today so I'm always like an old lady about ice and icy sidewalks. Drives my daughter nuts.

I buy all my books from the church book sale every year. Will not pay full price for a book to save my life. I just ask for certain books for my birthday and such then they are free. I keep meaning to go to the library but I never do.

I live on a main street to a large park with a walking path and see people walking all the time without dogs and I wonder too why they don't have one. I don't like walking really but if I'm doing it it's with a dog, cause otherwise I just look silly.

Anonymous said...

Why don't You use crampons? I do and it works perfect! Now days even teenagers wears them over here.

I've made a deal with my brother, He buys books and I buy comic magazines and every now and again we swap :-) Unfortunately our library is to far from my home, otherwise I would go there every week.

Have a great day!