Tuesday, March 6, 2012

400th POST

So, here's what has been going on besides my battle with my Internet provider and getting my wireless and then losing it, getting it back again and flickering off...and a few rants from me and finally everything is up and working. Sigh. What a headache.
But something else has been going on.
I have been exhausted. Everyday. My joints, everything aches.
I'm so tired that I felt dizzy.
And kinda nauseous, like heartburn?
So I start Googling and I find that it's pretty common to have these symptoms as a side effect for the statin that I'm on.
The statin to lower my bad cholesterol. And then I hear on TV that it can also cause Dementia.
and then Davy Jones dies. From a heart attack. and he always seemed very peppy and active...and not at all FAT.
and then Dr. Oz
is talking about drinking Metamucil with Psyllium 3 times a day
 to lower cholesterol
and it's like BAM!
I have to stop eating this junk and start exercising or I could die.
Or worse, have a stroke and not be able to take care of myself.
So I went and had blood tests done.
I mean really, should I be surprised? What did I expect?
So I went to the Doctors and talked about the statin and apparently it's the one with the worse track record for side effects.
I'm off of them now and they are looking into something else for me to try for 3 months. Something more homeopathic I think.
I'm not too worried about it because something has CLICKED and I'm done.
Done with emotional eating, mindless eating, eating out of boredom or habit.
I went and bought some nice tennis shoes with gels in them...
OK, my FEET are now killing me but
I don't want my obit to read - Death by Donuts.
Good-bye Sunday morning Cherry Fritters!

and Davy Jones?
The Monkees were a big bright spot in my sometimes not so shiny childhood.
Not to be a whiny baby and cry about the icky stuff, if I were to allow myself to remember from those years but....

The one program that the whole neighborhood of girls would crowd into a living-room and watch.
and then later we would play "stints".
Did you do that when you were kids?
Make up little plays and act them out in the backyards of your friends.
I never got to have "Davy" as my boyfriend. One of the more popular girls always got him.
I was usually stuck with Mickey....
and to tell you the truth, he and I would have been the right fit.
He always was the funniest one. I loved his wise-cracks.
But the thought that Davy Jones is gone...only 66.
Yeah, back in the day that's older than what the Beatles sang about.
But suddenly I can see it flickering down the road, closer to me than 40...which I thought I was just a couple of years ago.
Wow, that zoomed by.
Yeah, if I want to live as long as Beatrice Wood and be as happy and mobile as her....
No more Chocolate Chip cookies for dinner.
But hey, I've dusted off my George Foreman grill and I've got my microwave and I see that they have these "Steamable" things full of vegetables that you just toss in the microwave for 4 minutes!
I read that frozen is actually better than what you buy fresh in the store.
But of course home grown or farmers market is even better.
Hmmm...maybe I will be planting more than just flowers this year!
So that's how I marking my 400th post.
Sadness in the passing of a teenage idol.
Happiness in the fact that I woke up before it was too late.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Be gentle with your self and your heart. I will miss Davy also...The Monkees were just plain FUN! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Robin Kent said...

Thanks for letting me know there's still hope. I'm a carb addict. OK Cookies-there I said it. Have weaned myself down, but my mindset hasn't changed. Will try to follow your lead with more conviction (and less monkeying around).

Robin Kent said...

(PS Love my old Goerge Foreman grill!)

sassypackrat said...

So glad to hear you're taking control of your health! I'm working on that myself. As much as I loved the Monkees and Davy, Micky was always my favorite.

yoborobo said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Monkees, and I am so sad he is gone. I'm right there with you, Cindi. I am trying so hard to be good and exercise, even if it's just a little every day. Where did I read that statins help prevent dementia? Did you read that? I will try and find it.
Hang in there - xox

PS Does this mean no more Hershey's kisses while I watch TV? hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I think it's always best if one can lower the cholesterol without pills, one can go far with the right diet actually.

I'm glad You took that blood test, not that life is over just because one gets diabetes but it's better not to get it after all :-)

I was a bit to young when the Monkees were popular so I really don't remember much of them, but I know my older siblings liked them very much.

Have a great day!