Sunday, March 25, 2012


I know people who claim that their cats don't get up on the counters, tabletops or climb their Christmas trees.
I'm not sure that I really believe them.
Or maybe their cats just wait until they are out of the room or gone off to work.
Can it really be possible to have nice things? What's the secret?
I've been told to crowd things so there is no room for them to jump and land. That doesn't work in my household. They will leap and plop down in the middle of it all and what hasn't fallen, they will calmly push out of their way. I will be in my living room and I hear a loud crash upstairs. I used to run up the steps to make sure everyone was unharmed but it happens so often that now I just wait a moment and listen. No cries, so it must be OK, right?
Most times the sounds are from my art/craft room and except for the "gesso" incident, nothing too major has been damaged. I guess part of the reason that things are fine is because I have all my supplies stored in containers. I haven't been creating anything lately and ONE of the reasons is because I have to do that at the kitchen table and keep the cats upstairs.
So I've spent this weekend sorting through STUFF in the basement. I am organizing and moving everything to one side and then the whole other side of the basement can be for the cats. At least while I am at work. I need to keep them out of my "art/craft" area so that I can actually "create" something.
So here's the question, I know that most of you own cats and still create.
How do you do it? Any helpful tips?


sassypackrat said...

Well I only have one cat right now and when he gets too annoying I block him from coming into my studio with a baby gate. He's never been a jump on the table kind of cat. Has he jumped on tables? Sure he just doesn't make a regular habit of it. I trained all my cats from kittens that tables and counters are off limits. There are lots of other places for him to perch. I keep a cushion in my studio for the dog and cat to take turns sharing, so I usually always have a furry pal in my studio. I've never caught my cat on any of my worktables and nothing ever gets knocked down but I can't say for sure he hasn't done it.
Now my mom's cat is always where she shouldn't be. She's always on my mom's craft table. She never comes into my studio though. Our animals have clearly defined (by them) spaces in the house and who can go where.
Creating another place for your cats sounds like a great idea.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Jenn! My cats have a baby gate to keep the DOGS out of the room upstairs and give them a place they can relax with out being bombarded by the little ones. (Blue could care less about them) and the cats jump back and forth over the gate. My cats are rescues, adopted as adults so I couldn't train them early, but Charlie came to my house as a kitten (he was sitting in my kitchen window meowing to be let in one night, I put an ad in the paper but no one ever claimed him) and I must say, he NEVER listens to me and is the worst offender!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I loved that video! So cute and so true! This is why I don't have cats. I like them and would love to have them around...but it is just too much chaos with the dogs too. At least the dogs stay on the ground....mostly. Franklin can jump up on things practically like a cat right now. But he'll grow out of a few years. But I lived with a cat for a few years and was surprised at how many things she'd break...not meaning too of course.

Cynthia Myers said...

Nita, I know what you mean. After they have grown old and gone off to Heaven, I will only adopt fat old elderly cats that can't jump! :)
I have several bins of broken vases & knick-knack things, etc. that I plan on using to make mosaics...I think I could do my entire patio now! :D

Robin Kent said...

My two were fairly well behaved (no kitchen counters-that was my bottom line), until we stayed for 2 1/2 months with my mother while she healed. I'd come home once a day to pick up mail/feed and change litter/give a few reassuring hugs and conversation. When we came home for good, the greeting from my naughty kitty was her sitting on the kitchen counter looking at me with no guilt.

I think there are 2 needs:
They need to be able somewhere -even just one place-to climb up high,
They need consistency and to be reminded ofter what is off limits.
I've seen trained cats (in the Apple Circus) so I know it can be done. Maybe need to hire a Lion tamer!?

An Urban Cottage said...

Mine are hopeless. I've tried to keep them off the counters and tables but it seems like the bigger a deal you make of it, the worse it is. Mine haven't broken too much but I've found that anything new or anything put in a new place seems to generate attention. So I try not to move things around too much.

I've put away my "studio" but that would be a big issue because they always need to be in the middle of things so they would obviously have to "help."

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Robin!
I don't know if a Lion Tamer would work because Harry would probably jump on him, wrap his front legs around his neck and rub his chin with his face to distract him as Charlie runs amuck!
But I have SO many treasures in the basement that they will definitely have a few HIGH places and I have a couple of windows that look out to my plants and and one of the birdbaths.

Cynthia Myers said...

Steve, yeah...I was thinking of your perfect home and beautiful cats and wondering how you deal.
But I didn't mention you again in fear of sounding like the "Grouper" that I am. :D
The more I think about it, the more I think they will be banished to the basement when I am not home and allowed to roam the house (except the art room) when I'm here to run and "catch" stuff before it falls. They do love going in my bedroom and sleeping on the bed and watching the birds in the Weeping Willow. Of course I'll let Kanga stay in that room, since she can't jump up.
Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

I doubt it exists cats that doesn't climb all over the Christmas tree or push down everything they can on the floor so it breaks :-) :-) :-) I've never met anyone anyway :-) :-) I think they do it on purpose too :-) :-) :-9

Have a great day!

leslie said...

hi cynthia,

i've awarded you the liebster blog award. details here:

happy spring!

Robin Kent said...

If no Lion Tamer in your future, have you seen the Animal Planet TV show 'My Cat From Hell'? It's a Dog Whisperer premise, but for cats. If you don't get that channel, here's a link. It's amazing what he can accomplish, a fun watch. Made for TV?

My Cat From Hell : Animal Planet

Cynthia Myers said...

Christer, I would have to agree with you. I think Charlie takes great pride in swiping a table clean! :D

Cynthia Myers said...

Leslie! You have made my day! I had no idea that you read my blog!
I will definitely post about my award. Thanks so much!

Cynthia Myers said...

Robin, Thanks for the link!
I don't have cable but I will go to the link and watch! Maybe I will learn how to outsmart my cats?