Friday, September 28, 2012


Even if it's a lie by omission.
So here's what happened:
I go out for lunch almost every day.
I run errands and sometimes go through a drive-through, but when I do that I always order something that I've researched the nutritional value/info on first.
So that I can stay with my healthy eating lifestyle.
If I don't go get lunch, I nibble on pretzels or fruit or turkey while I'm at work and then just run my errand.
So a couple of weeks ago I went to the ReStore.
I was so psyched because I got this cool white table with black trim that adjusts to different angles like a drafting table....for $20.00!
I drove through McDonald's and opened my mouth to order the Berry Chiller but instead of MY voice, this strange Linda Blair voice came out and ordered a Mocha Frappe! Suddenly my sanity returned and I spurted out "No Whipped Creme Please!"
I drove up to the window and my hands were shaking as I took the paper off the straw.
AAAHHHHH. Damn that was good.
I returned to work and walked up front to the office and told the girls-
"Guess what I got at lunch!" and then I told them about the table and what a bargain it was.
They all congratulated me on my great find.
I stood there for a moment and then blurted -
"You won't believe what happened to me a lunch!"
They all turned and waited to hear.
I told them that I went through McDonald's and....
Ordered a Mocha Frappe!
They all gasped.
It was like I told them I had stabbed the girl through the window.
"What made you do it!?"
"I don't know!" I exclaimed! "It just happened!"
One of them said, "I won't even tell you how much FAT is in one of those things!"
"I know" I replied, my head hung in shame.
(It was SO good.)
But I immediately went back to eating good.
Then last week I went through Taco Bell and a similar thing happened. Instead of ordering a Fresco Soft Chicken Taco, I ordered a regular Crunchy one!
I didn't tell anyone when I went back to work.
Then this last Wednesday, I had cereal for breakfast.
and for lunch and for dinner.................
I've hit the wall.
I think it's because the scale isn't budging.
OK, it budges.
Total weight lost so far - 31 lbs. 28lbs. 30lbs. 29lbs.
Those numbers go up and down every day.
I'm kinda freaking out.
I'm trying to remember that this wasn't about weight.
It's about being healthy and making right choices for LIFE.
So...I'm going to start brown bagging my lunch
and try to force myself to walk.
Any other suggestions?


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

It's a slippery slope once you get the frappe. I was bad the other day too. I had seen that McDonald's has dipped ice cream cones now. Normally, I'm not that into ice cream. I never go looking for it. But I was driving home after eating a salad with a friend and I just turned into McDonald's thinking I'd try the dipped cone. was sooooo good...the warm chocolate over the cold creamy ice cream. And this is not the bad part. The bad part is....that it was sooo good...I knew I was going to hit the other McDonalds on the way home and get another and I did!

Very bad...very very bad. But I will not make a habit of it. Although that sounds pretty good right now. No...I'll drink some Crystal Light instead.

Anonymous said...

It's no problem as long as You don't do it too often.

Did You know that it is harder to loose weight if You weigh Yourself every day? In fact that may be why You ordered those things, just because You don't feel nothing happens even if it actually does. Once a week is enough!

Have a great day!

Robin Kent said...

I love my immersion blender. EASY to clean and does a great job scaring away the sweet cravings. A banana, strawberries (or such), apple, nonfat greek yogurt, flax seed to thicken and a little lemonade to thin it down slightly and I'm satisfied! Tastes like a DQ Blizzard! Stuffed! Green smoothies at night. Same results. I'm saved from Halloween candy!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

These frappes are totally addictive.... I am just as guilty as you but what the heck! Life is short so eat dessert first! Peace, Mary Helen