Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm cleaning up my other blog...

I just want to have BLUE over on that one,
but I didn't want to lose this post that I did about Bono!
I can't believe it was TWO years ago!
Wow! Time flews.
Here's Bono!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


OK, Probably not the Bono you were thinking of!
Bono is a Belgian Malinois. He has a job. He is a police dog.
He boards with me when his owner goes on vacation.

He never listens to me. Well, that's not really true. When I tell him to sit or down, he looks at me like I'm talking a foreign language.

So I went up the one of the receptionists and told her that I thought I was speaking the wrong language because he had this way of watching me like he was thinking "What are you saying?!"
So she looked up some German words for me.

So there was "Setz"! for SIT and "Platz"! for DOWN

So I went back and tried them and they worked!

I have to admit that at first Bono was a bit intimidating, knowing what he can be capable of doing when he's at work.

But now we are buddies.

We were out in the play area and suddenly there was the sound of a siren, an ambulance or fire truck or possible a police car.

Bono stopped suddenly. Listened and then began to howl.

I think he thought he was missing out on the action!


  1. They are very, very rare over here! I think I´ve seen one in my whole life :-)

    I wonder if he thought his owner were in that police car that went by?

    Strange that he listens to german! Could be so that no criminal can tell him to stop or something like that or perhaps he is born in Germany? We use the same words in swedish, sitt and plats :-) and if we ant them to walk perfectly by our side we say fot.

    Not that my dogs understand the last one :-) I have to say that they must walk properly :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great day now!
  2. Awwwww! I love dogs! I just posted about how much I miss my dog. I think I'm finally ready for another one.


An Urban Cottage said...

I liked this post. Love you used the photos to support the story.

Robin Kent said...

Amazing you had the where with all to photograph him while in action. Didn't the owner give you directions for him? I guess it's a little late now for these questions. Do you still doggie sit for him? Love the new layout for the blog. Shows off your talents nicely!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Our Newark police force now has a 4th dog for search and desist methods for the drug lords in our community. I have sketched 3 of the 4 and need to finish Bear's portrait. Wonderful post. These dogs are my heroes. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Cynthia Myers said...

A lot of the time I take my camera with me down to our play area. I just got lucky that Bono was out there when a siren was going by!
:) No, the owner purposely did not give us any key commands, I guess it would have been a breach of security or something. But YES! I still take care of him when his "family" goes on vacation.