Saturday, March 9, 2013

Deleting, Shredding, Reading and Painting

I deleted over 3000 saved emails on AOL last night, yeah.
Actually it was closer to 3400 and that's only one email account, now I'm off to do the other account with 2200?
It kinda made me feel panicky.
I thought I might need them, to refer back on? or some I hadn't read yet or....
I don't know.
I also have paper receipts for everything, everywhere.
Gas, groceries, stuff from Target. I save them forever.
Along with all my pay stubs and bank receipts.
I have a paper shredder in one of my closets. Somewhere.
I need to shred it all.
and books.
I have A LOT of books
and yet...
they know my name at the Branch Library because I order in books and DVD's at least weekly.
THOSE books I read because I'm on a time limit and yet I have my own stack at home that I never get to.
I need to read those
and then get rid of them.
Share them if they are good and donate the others.
Or cut them up and use their pages for projects.
Slowly but surely, I'm getting rid of STUFF.
I'd call it Spring cleaning but I don't see Spring in sight.
I call it "do something productive while waiting for paint to dry".
Yeah, I'm back to painting and it feels good.


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I finally got around to varnishing a painting I finished over 6 months ago....

Does your to be read pile stress you out? I know it sounds crazy, but mine is starting to stress me out!

Jan said...

I can totally relate. I have check stubs and registers from when I first opened a bank account. and cards and letters. And books. Yes, plenty of books. when I helped my father move and he had me take a van full of boxes of books he couldn't take with him, I decided that I would stop getting new bookshelves and instead would get rid of books to make room for new books.

Yeah, right. Books are stacking up on tables and in the corners. I love books. No Kindle for me! (Not yet anyway, if I traveled it might be a different story. but I'm more like a hermit) I admire your tenacity in attempting to downsize. Keep fighting that fight! Don't let the paper bury you! Did you see that movie Brazil where the character played by robert DeNiro gets covered in paperwork and disappears?

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I think we must have a genetic gene that wants us to hold on............I love your books and your daily posts. My dogs are shedding..not shredding. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

carla said...

Hi!!! Glad you are having fun painting again!!!! Yaa!!!

An Urban Cottage said...

I tend to hold on to things until they're so old that I'm sure I'll never need it anymore--and if I did, I wouldn't know where to find it--and then it gets deleted or thrown away.

Some very nice photos of books and cats.

And I saw this morning you have more snow on the way. I feel for you.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with books. Soo many and I get new ones before I even start on those I already have :-) It will take forever to read through them all but I always tell myself that I'll have the time when I retire. Only18 years until I do :-)

Have a great day!

Ruby said...

You’ve shred a lot of papers there and also, you also have a lot of books. I hope you find the time to donate the books to those who need them more, rather than tearing off the pages and damaging them. They might be needed by other people who love reading. I hope that paper shredder works very nice for you and it’s nice that you destroyed important documents using that. I’ll just remind you to shred all those papers that you don’t need any more. :)

[ Ruby Badcoe ]