Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Freaky Crazy aka Why I was Dizzy?

OK, this is Freaky Crazy but I'm almost totally sure I know what caused my dizziness, headache, nausea etc. The other day I bought Downy liquid fabric softener and it smelled so nice that I washed my bedding, comforter, curtains and most of my clothes with it. I don't normally buy it but I was going to water it down and spray the patio/dog area to make it smell "nice".
So when I felt sick at work on Thursday I had on my sweatshirt softened by the stuff and then when I got hot and took that off, I was feeling better, later when the air kicked in and I felt cold, I put the sweatshirt back on and then I started feeling sick again. I actually had to go home.
I was very dizzy Friday and went home and slept in my sheets etc for almost 24 hours. I took several doses of NyQuil which always knocks me out. Then on Saturday at my niece's Lily's graduation party I felt much better, then when I got home and I got sick again and later my eye turned all bloodshot.
I kept trying to figure what I had done differently thinking that maybe it was something in my environment. So while trying to piece stuff together, I remembered last year when I had suddenly felt dizzy and thought I was about to pass out. I had even gone as far as to check that my smoke detectors were also carbon monoxide detectors too (they are). At that point, I had shoo'd my dogs outside and checked my gas stove. Then I noticed that I had an empty bottle of fabric softener on the counter that was open and waiting to be washed out before going into the recycling. I remembered that I had picked it up and sniffed it and my head swirled. I threw it out and went outside and took deep breaths for several minutes. Afterwards the dizziness was gone. The softener was cheap store brand and I never bought it again.
But this memory got me to Googling things and I found this!
http://www.home-air-purifier-expert.com/fabric-softener.html...beware! AND it has info how harmful it can be for little ones, possibly causing brain damage. Very SCARY!


carla said...

Hi!!! Oh my!!! I have problems with all kinds of chemicals and often buy things that cause me trouble...fabric softner is something I no longer buy...also I have to be careful with plastic bags of any kind...going to buy tires can cause an emergency room trip...so now some one else has to do that....but unfortunately I also have trouble with some doggie care products...and the powder when doggie food is close to running out... the whole pieces don't bother me it is the powder part...wierd...finger nail polish and remover..and lots of perfumes...all causing major problems...I did not start out with these problems but maybe they have started using different chemicals in some of these...not sure...but be careful and listen to your body when something starts to feel different....might want to ask about carrying an epi pen...for just in case...it is so hard to live and stay away from everything that can cause problems....oh this time of year...any fertilizers...even what is in potting soil....it took me years to find some of the things that cause me trouble....not the usual allergy problems people see...dizziness..non stop couphing..migraines...sorry to write a letter...hope you feel better soon....

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Thank you...I do not use softners very often but I will be more aware and try to listen to my body . Take care and be outside as much to breathe in fresh air. You are so dear. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

An Urban Cottage said...

I can't stand having any scent on my clothes at all. Not only does the smell drive me crazy, I break out in rash in all the worst places. But I do like a little Mrs. Meyers lavender fabric softener on my sheets.

Glad you figured out why you're dizzy.

leslie said...

yikes. so glad you figured it out. i have chemical sensitivities as the result of mold exposure, and every once in a while i forget about scents.

Nita Stacy said...

Wow! It surprises me and then it doesn't. I'm allergic to some glues and solvents...which wouldn't be a problem but I've had jobs that I came into contact with them and I just couldn't work....my skin would itch...I'd break out ...my eyes water...and I can't breath. It didn't effect anyone else that way...but it affected me. As soon as I left the job...I was ok.

I am glad you figured it out but I hate it that you had to get so sick to find out what was causing it.

Anonymous said...

Yes fabric softeners can be really dangerous and I keep away from them as much as I can! Good thing that You realised that it was the softemer that made You ill, well that's one way to learn what Your body accepts :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Robin Kent said...

Not a fan of fragrance in anything other than the original natural source.