Saturday, May 4, 2013


I've been busy vacuuming, scrubbing, cleaning and still pitching stuff
and hopefully will get the kitchen and living room painted this weekend too.
Yesterday as I cleaned in the living room there was suddenly a major commotion in the kitchen.

A mouse was running around the room and the dogs were going crazy!
I ran in the opposite direction and started screaming and then my two attack dogs cornered it.
I'm not sure which one did it but they got it.
Ruby trotted away looking victorious
and Hattie kept nudging it and picking it up and dropping it.
She looked at me so guilty.
I don't think she meant to kill it. She probably thought it was a game.
Ruby? I'm not too sure, she's looking pretty content.
and Blue? he slept through the whole thing.


Jan said...

Good dogs! Poor mousie. At least they dispense with it quickly instead of keeping it alive to play with as a cat does.

Jan said...

I forgot to say, Cute Pups!!

sassypackrat said...

My Lita is the best mouser. She's better than the cats. She does think it's a game and is sad when it's over.

An Urban Cottage said...

I never thought a dog would be interested in a mouse. That's pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are fantastic mouse catchers! Nova and Sune never miss a chance to get them here but Bertil and Teodor rarely miss any :-)

Have a great day!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...just saw this. Yes, I bet Hattie didn't mean to. I've found dead mice twice in my house and they are all limp and wet all blood. I think they play with them.