Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brand Spanking New! (sort of)

Some days I think about changing around my blog.
I think about trying to zero in on a topic and fitting into a category.
But I've always been a round peg trying to squeeze into a square hole.
Yeah, I know that I've got that backwards... but not really.
I think of myself as much more "round" and the "square" hole is truly representative of past careers.
Then I decided that it's MY blog, I can have it about anything and everything.
So, it's a blog about Dogs and Cats and Art and Writing and My House and about Gardening and about being a Single person living on a Small income with Grand Ideas and dreaming about Horses and.....
But I could "tidy" it up and make it more organized.
Maybe weekly posts on specific topics so readers would know that if its Tuesday,
she must be blogging about...
and then if that particular topic of the day is not their cup of tea
well, they can skip it!
Although I hope they/you won't.
Of course, no matter what the topic maybe be, it will most likely still involve pets.
An example being, if I talk about a house, it will still have to be pet-friendly.
Many times in the past  I have felt overwhelmed by life.
I felt that I had to step away from the computer when in fact the blog and my blog friends are what pulled me through, encouraged me and brought me happiness again.
I will be working on "old black cat boo" and try to make it more focused and a better read
and I'm always open to ideas and suggestions.

I have my Art blog that I will concentrate on adding more of my work to.
Maybe I will add PayPal button so that if I have something over there and someone likes it, they can contact me to purchase it.

and I have my other blog that I completely cleaned out and I will start working on it also.
I've decided to use that blog just for my book on Blue. 
I will of course continue to talk about him here but I want to have a spot to solely dedicated to him and the "book".

Yep, I'm jumping in and after 4 1/2 years of blogging, I'm finally going to try to do more than just ramble.

Tomorrow I will begin my Sunday posts of "I'm NOT Moving but..."
I decided on this title when I realized the other day that I periodically email my step-mom listings of houses that I have found and I always start my emails to her by saying - I'm not moving but....
I love looking at house listings on my lunch break at work and I often show the girls in the receptionist area my newest obsession and while they are nice about to me, I can feel the eye-rolling.
I do like emailing my step-mother though because she will send me back observations.
Things like "That's pretty far out, what about the drive into town every day?"
or "Hmmm....what about the..(fill in blank)"
Yesterday I sent a listing to her and she replied
"Wow! and very good price too!"
and then she added -
"But what about the WHITE carpet?" to which I replied that it would hide Blue hair and, well... maybe I could restrict the pets from the area.
"Maybe" she replied with a smiley face.

I always pick out houses out of my price range, but close enough that they seem slightly possible.
Well, if I wanted to go deeper into debt and work until I'm 86.
Or houses that I might be able to almost afford but need lots of work.
I don't know why I am obsessed with this, but I am.
I'm happy enough where I am but I enjoy the dreaming.
Except when I find a home that has all the work done and is move in condition and then I become sad because I have so much work left on THIS home.

There are other blogs that do this sort of thing.
One is SF Girl by the Bay. I ADORE her blog.
She does posts called "I could live here."
HERE is an example.

Then there's the blog "Hooked on Houses". 
I can easily spend hours over there.

and of course, Nita's BLOG post that she does on Sundays 
and a wonderful example HERE
Her posts remind me of the Sunday drives where my Mom would have our Dad drive us all around looking at Open Houses.
My Mom enjoyed going into beautiful homes and just looking.
As a kid I didn't enjoy it and couldn't understand the attraction.
But now I totally get it!
Hmmm, maybe it's in my DNA.

So tomorrow, go visit Mod Vintage Life and then drive over here
and see the house that's "Wow, That's a very good price!"
The first of my Topic posts!

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Nita Stacy said...

I like the new artwork. I need to totally revamp my blog but oh...that is going to take some I've put it off. I'll look forward to seeing the houses you wish you could buy on Sunday.