Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm NOT moving but....

As I was saying yesterday, I have an addiction to house-hunting.
I'm in no position to move.
My home still has many projects to be completed and I don't want to go into deeper debt and make a move that is not really necessary.
But I continue to dream and it's become my lunch halfhour break hobby.
Surfing the net and looking.
So I am going to share a weekly post of the houses that I find that I think about moving to in my little fantasy world.

OK, here's the house I was telling you about in yesterdays post.
The one my step-mom said - "Wow! and that's a good price too" house.
Evidently it is a good price because it just went on the market and it is already Sale Pending!
I love the stone on the front and how the garage is connected but it's not.
The front area where the the house is connected is open but the back is solid with a door. I could come out of the garage and let the dogs right into the backyard.

In the living room is a simple fireplace. I'd love a fireplace.
The white walls and carpeting are totally my style.

I love the built-ins and that door might leading out to the 3 season porch.
Oh dear! THAT could be a problem. I'm just realizing this after viewing it several times.
Definitely could be a deal breaker.
My plan was to pull into the garage and to let the dogs out in the backyard and then to let them come into the 3 season porch.
But the thought of them walking into the white living room!
Darn, I had hoped that it opened into the kitchen.

The Dining Room
Love the windows. I can envision plants in front of the windows
or more likely a padded bench for the little dogs to look outside.

The kitchen - I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of this kitchen.

 I don't care for the cabinets and would prefer them white. And the appliances?
Stainless would be nice but I'd be happy with white. 
I'm actually fine with the butcher block counter-tops.
If the cabinets were white.

This is what I really love.
The huge level backyard.
 and especially the 3 season porch for the dogs.

I love how there's that space is closed off from the street in front.
I would have to put up a privacy fence though.
Here's the front area again -
OH wait! there is small enclosed area!
That could be a mud-room/ wipe your paws area!
I bet that goes directly into the kitchen.
OK, now I really want this house again.

and then the two bathrooms -

Nothing special but both much nicer than my current one.

and then there's the Art room

and the two bedrooms -
I like the built-ins but not crazy about blue carpet.

I like this bedroom much better. 
The wood floors and the cubby hole would make a nice reading spot.
This one would be mine.

What you are not seeing in this post is the house's location.
It's only a few blocks from my own home but
to get to it you drive down tree-lined brick streets.
It's tucked back and away. Very quiet.
I've walked the dogs past these houses many times.
It just has such a nice ambience.

I think it's lovely. 

I wish the new owners happiness in their new home
and good decorating decisions.
(full listing HERE).


Anonymous said...

The onkly problem with a fire place and a white room is that it won'tr stay white for very long :-)
No matter how careful one might be ashes will sonn cover the entire room :-)

Looks nice though and that was a very low price!

Have a great day!

Nita Stacy said...

I love love love the outside of this home! Wouldn't take much to make the inside super cute. Great price! Are you sure you can't move? This one is soooooo pretty!

An Urban Cottage said...

I love this house too. Very, very charming. I'll bet there's perfectly good hardwood floor under all of the carpet. It just seems like the kind of house that would have all hardwood floor at some point. The kitchen is cosmetically ugly but a little wallpaper stripping and painting of cabinets and it'd be totally acceptable. I would have snapped this one up too if I had been looking.