Saturday, November 2, 2013


You know that satisfied feeling you get when you have a "room" all figured out.
The color scheme.
The Art work.
The furniture.
The accessories.
Have you ever experienced that?
What does it feel like?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I found this cool very marked down rug that is mostly green and I've thought of painting everything in the kitchen white and the walls this green color and my accents being plants and apples in a bowl on the kitchen table and green Perrier bottles

and Apple Jacks cereal boxes with the green showing in the hutch. 

(and obviously hiding my Shredded Wheat and Cocoa Krispies behind cabinet doors)
and then painting the walls the green color and of course painting the hutch white.
There is not a lot of wall space in the kitchen.
The north wall is double windows
and the south a single window.
The west wall has kitchen cabinets on one side of a doorway and the other is the big hutch
and then the east side is barely there. It consists of  the arch way and a refrigerator that stands between that and the basement door.
Yep, hardly any walls to be painted at all. 
So it would be mostly white woodwork, furniture, appliances with POPS of green.
I got an additional rug that's mostly grey, with orange and teal and gold/yellow and white in varying width of stripes....ok, that sounds awful but it's cool and modern.
Very trendy.
and I could put THAT in the kitchen and paint the walls grey and the hutch gold/yellow 
and put the green rug in the living room and it would pull the green out of some of the paintings in there.

... EVER SINGLE DAY I've been going back and forth between these two ideas
and sometimes I think I will put NO rug in there and paint it all WHITE.
But no matter what, I must paint the HUTCH because several years ago when the house used to be white and black with red touches,
I painted the darn thing RED.
A while back I scored this cool mid-century mod hanging light for $15.00!

It fit in well with my white theme and touches of black and brown and metal.
I like how it looks in the room and then the tulip chairs below it.
Yep, love it.
So...maybe just stick with White.

Then last week after breaking my self-imposed ban on thirftying, I stopped at Goodwill.
I meant to pick up some sweatshirts for doing yard work, painting and such.
But I instead found this thing with cubbyholes for $5.38.

I instantly thought it would be useful in my Art room.
So I drove around with it all week in the back of the van and finally today carried it inside.
I set it down in the living room and stared at it.
Then I went into the laundry room and dragged the old cabinet that holds the dog towels into the kitchen and put it on top of it.

I could leave the walls white and leave the cubby thing as is (after I scrub it) but what color to paint the dog towel cabinet?
Or I could paint them both white and paint the walls green.
Or I could lug it upstairs and store my tubes of paint or jars of stuff in the cubbies 


An Urban Cottage said...

Not sure I'm sold on the Apple Jacks green. I'm really liking the white with the dark wood.

Anonymous said...

Nothing white in my home :-) Green yes but not apple green, more like antique green. I'm thinking of having that green with dark red doors in my kitchen, if I ever get those thumbs out of my a.. (swedish saying :-) )

Have a great day!

Nita Stacy said...

I'm not a green person so consider that...but I love that light fixture and I double love that cubby hole thing. Yes, keep it in the kitchen. It's fantastic!!!! You know I love painted furniture but I'd keep it just as it is just clean it. It looks so awesome with your light! This is just beyond fabulous. I think I'd paint the thing it's sitting on white. Paint your red hutch gray perhaps. Then if you want green bring a green rug in and your apples...if you want yellow bring in a yellow rug with lemons. I would not paint a wall green or yellow. You really have a cool vibe going on with the cubby thing and the light. Please link it up at Mod Mix Monday. See you have great things to show around your house!

Nita Stacy said...

Also...I don't know why I didn't think to get sweatshirts at Goodwill to wear out in the yard and painting. I ruin all mine by doing that sort of thing in them. Now you tell me.

Jan said...

cool cubby thing, I'd have bought it too. I'm not good about home decorating and am lazy to boot so I'd leave everything the way it is. Not because it looks best that way to me but because I am lazy and would rather splash paint around in my journal instead of on my walls or furniture.