Sunday, February 22, 2015

GOOD News and BAD News

Good News:
I sold this painting:

It's been hanging at the clinic for a couple of years.
I almost took it down a few weeks ago and then a woman with two elderly Goldens bought it Saturday!
and the "Smell the Flowers" painting?
Well, it was bought by a friend who now has commissioned me to do small paintings of her dogs.
Yep, good news.
Tammy bought my Doxie painting for a friend and I surprised her with a little illustrated painting of Zeke
because I ADORE Tammy and she loved it.
That made me happy, so that was Good News too.

Other Good news, my water heater that was leaking all over my basement last Sunday has stopped.
Apparently opening up the Pressure Release Valve a few times and then tapping it with a screwdriver 10 times worked.
Hmm. That might be it for the Good stuff but still that's what I'm focusing on!

OK, Bad News:
My little Twinkle had a small seizure this week. 
It's the first as far as I'm aware of and I'm keeping a close eye on her.
I thought she was...6?

But when I got to work and looked up her age, she's 9.

So this mental denial on my part made me look up all my pets ages
and apparently 3/4ths of them are 9 or older.
Not that age really matters or anything but, know.
Kinda tugged on my heart a little bit.

Other Bad News, I haven't been called for that space yet
and maybe that's not bad because Lily and I stopped in last Sunday
and we noticed that the vendors with the nice cards is gone and that the wall of paintings has changed too
and all the photography is marked half-priced
and the new vendors are all collectibles and antiques
and....well, I guess I'm not disappointed at not being called.

Oh, and the last of the Bad News.
One of my part-time workers had given notice and her last day is next Saturday.
My other part-timer started her 6 week surgical medical leave this weekend,
so that leaves just me and my one part-time girl.

Good News though. She's a hard worker and I can count on her.
Bad News, for all of March, neither her or I get a full day off.
I might get some half days but the fact remains that I won't have a complete day away.
So....You might not hear from me much in March.

But the Good News is....
I'll still be painting and I'm working on a project that I'm excited about and will reveal when I'm done!
Yep. Good News.


Hartwood Roses said...

Seizures are scary. Our Winnie has had them ... six or seven in the year that we have had her ... not often enough to figure out a pattern or to think about treating them. Who knows how old she is (12+ according to the vet). I recorded one of her episodes on video with my phone, to have for the vet when she goes for her check up in a few weeks.

Vicki said...

Well first, I have to say that your artwork of Tam’s darling Zeke brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful portrait of a dear companion.
I know Tam will treasure this heartfelt gift, Cindi.

That Golden mixed media painting is stunning. I’m so glad it was bought by someone who knows and loves Goldens. That is very special indeed.

Your artwork is being loved and recognised for their charm and beauty.

Things are happening. Magic. There is a very perceptible shift in the artistic realm for you and I’m so, so glad.
Once you put yourself “out there”, a door opens. The Universe takes notice.
It’s up to us individuals to make “it” happen first.

You are an INSPIRATION!!

Now, don’t worry too much about “the space”. It was the catalyst to kick start you… thank it for doing that, even if nothing more comes from it.
Keep your creative mind and heart open.
Remember, there are always other avenues, places and spaces.
You’ve made the first tentative (and so often, difficult) steps. Forward ho!
And, think global... Etsy for starters.
If you’re not sure about the final points on opening an Etsy shop, you can always contact me for some tips... we need to exchange emails.
I’ll be there for you :)

Now for the bad…
Your wee cherub, Twinkle. What an angel.
I love it when dogs poke their tongue out just a little when they sleep – makes my heart melt for some reason. Like watching a small child sleep. Oh.

I am so sorry that she had a seizure. Poor darling doesn’t understand why she feels so rubbish.
My best thoughts and wishes go out to her.
But, I also know she’s in the best care any dog could ask for – with you.
For however long her time is, she’s a very fortunate girl to be wrapped in your arms, and live with your amazing furry crew.
That is so much more than so many dogs in this world get. She is well loved by the kindest of hearts ♥

In your busy coming work month, keep the creative thoughts flowing as best you can. I know that can be hard with sometimes bone-tiredness and so many distractions.
But, when your muse prods you with a thought, or any mixed media inspiration, quickly jot it down for when your time is once more your own.
I imagine you have a little pocket notebook for just that thing.
If not, get one – it’s very handy for those thoughts that pop into our heads at (sometimes) the most random or even inconvenient times.
Our muse never works on the same time lines as us, and boy, do they have a sense of humour :D

On final thoughts that just came to me…
Do you have any cafés that are willing to put some of your pieces on their wall, on sales commission?
Just a couple, to test the waters in town with customers. You never know whose heart you touch at just the right time.
Over here, many cafés will do that to support local artists.
And/or, maybe join an artist group – or put out an ad in the local paper calling for artists and start one, if there isn’t a group already. Have all of you work towards a mini exhibition to be held somewhere. Give it a firm deadline for when pieces are to be ready (say six-nine months time) and stick to it. Advertise with flyers etc. throughout town.

Do anything to keep the creative juices flowing. Stay committed.

Sorry for the long ramble when your time is short.
Just random thoughts…

As they say here…
“Love your work”.
And, I do.

Cynthia Myers said...

Even though I've had other pets that have had seizures, you are so right. they are scary.
I just hate the fact that she's getting older.
I didn't even mention to my vet, just to a couple of the techs because I know Doc will say to just watch her and keep track of the length and frequency.
He'd probably say it could even be an isolated incident.
So I will watch her and if she has another, I will do bloodwork.
(She already had bloodwork done a while back when she had a dental and all was well, then.)
Yeah, time just flies sometimes.
I wish you luck with your little Winnie! I do know that sometimes seizures can be controlled with medication. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you so so much for your kind encouraging words. You will never know how much they mean to me.
You are so right about sending it out to the Universe and believing it and making it so.
I've been reading and researching and one article was about wasting time in places where the proper market would see it. It really made me question "the space".
You are so right, if nothing else, it got me going.
I do have a plan and I will email you rather than go into it right now here.
I worry that readers of my blog are getting tired of my "plans" and might prefer to see results because I'M tired of it too! LOL!
But I do have some very specific plans that I will email you.
And Twinkle...I've had her since she was a very young dog, a puppy still.
She was taken away from her owner when Animal Control just happened to drive into a restaurant parking lot as her then owner hurled her across it in anger. They took her away from him and took him to court and fined him and made him take anger management classes and then...they called me and asked if I wanted to adopt her.
Yep, she was just a tiny thing, even though she's still little...
Someday she will be the subject of a childrens book (not the throwing part though, other things.)
So it makes me sad to realize she's not a puppy anymore...
Anyway, Thank you, thank you, thank you for being there.
I will email you.

tammy j said...

this post just about left me speechless. first...
tiny twinkle. how sweet that little face. and then...
WHAT???? no day off. good lord.
what kind of people run that place? can they not afford to keep help? i worry about your health. everybody needs a full day off at least!
and finally vicki's comment.
it was wonderful. she said everything i wish i could have said. but then it's artist to artist talking.
and YES. i absolutely LOVE my paintings from you.
i consider them little treasures.
and the golden... your heart is in that one. just as it was in my zeke's. it shows.
all kinds of venues will open for you. i too feel that something has opened and you're on your way.
give twinkle a healing hug from me too. love and white light. xo♥

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you!
So far Twinkle has been her old self and I'm just hoping that continues.
She is a little sweetie-pie.
As for my job...
I do have to be careful what I write.
It's true that I don't have a scheduled day off for at least a month and the clinic does quite well financially, they apparently are only concerned with my boarding totals and boarding is apparently not considered as a piece of that pie, I guess. I've tried to point out how I have many people who just come to our place because of me. (I'm not being arrogant, really, I've had many people tell me this) so I would think all the vaccines, procedures and products that they purchase because they come to me would be taken into account...but no.
Truly I'm mentally exhausted in trying to prove my worth and I've given up. I'll just work and I do need the money badly so...I'll just put myself on auto-pilot and not think about it anymore.
I've probably said way too much already!
and too many hours are better than no hours at all.
Thank you for your concern. xo
I'll be fine.

Christer. said...

Lots of bad and good news there! Too bad about the seizure! 9 is so Young for such a small dog almost not even mid life. I hope this was the first and last one!

I'm so glad that You sell Your paintings :-)

Have a great day and try to find time to relax too even if it seems impossible right now!


Cynthia Myers said...

You are right, that's kinda young for a tiny dog. I just didn't realize that was how old she was. I just stopped counting I guess.
She's the same age as Blue and he's just a baby! He has many many years ahead of him!
I'm so happy that I sold some paintings too and I'm hoping my luck will continue!
I worked on some today, I figure I'll try to do a little bit every day and focus on THAT rather than other stuff.
and I will be sure to relax. I can't get sick...well, not for at least 6 weeks or so!
Thanks for commenting!

Nita Stacy said...

Congratulations on selling the paintings. I'm sorry you are going to have to work so much. Will you get paid over time? Super sorry to hear that Twinkle had a seizure. I'm very freaked about Violet's seizures. The fourth one just about did me in. She is on phenobarbitol now. I am hoping hoping hoping this does the trick. It took her like three days to be back to herself this time. But she had a good day today. All of mine are getting older except Franklin. He's only three. we are enjoying being three! He's full of himself. I'll be hoping for the best for Twinkle as I'm sure you are for Violet.

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm so sorry that Violet had more seizures! I do take care of some dogs at work that are on phenobarbitol and they are doing very well on it.
I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
As far as I know, Twinkle hasn't had another but then again, who knows what goes on while I'm at work. :(
It's the same here, Ping is two and a little live wire!
Thank you, yes I'm so glad to sell the paintings and about work... I will get paid overtime only if I go over 40 hours but not if I leave early on some days as they want me to do. Nope, I might end up working 7 days a week and not get more than 40....
sigh, whatever.
At least I have a job, speaking of which I must go right now!