Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter and 3 Mixed Media Paintings

So, the weather has been bad.
Not as bad as the East Coast, so I'm trying not to complain.
This is a photo of my driveway after I shoveled on Sunday.
Yep, AFTER. 
A few hours had gone by and the driveway had disappeared again.
My driveway runs along side of the candy canes that my neighbor still has in his yard.
You can barely see the street and the kid across the street foolishly left his car out front.

The girl that works for me and covers Sunday nights, text me to say that she was worried about me getting in on Monday,
especially since I live in Illinois.
She drives a big huge truck and lives in Iowa, where the clinic is.
She said that she had trouble getting through all the snow.
She said nothing was plowed yet.
She offered to trade shifts with me on Monday so that I could leave later in the morning after the roads had been cleared and salted.

So I spent most of Monday morning shoveling out my van.
A lot of the neighborhood was out there working on their driveways and sidewalks.
When I came inside the house I found that Blue had pushed aside the curtain in the living room and had been watching me and the neighbors.
He just kept watching, even after I was inside until I was almost ready to leave for work.

When I finally got to work,although it was very cold, it was very pretty outside.
I stood out in the yard with some of the boarding dogs and looked up at sky.
It was so blue and the trees were so heavy with snow that they were making a crackling noise.
That's when I noticed that we were being watched.
The hawk was back.

Later that night I worked a bit on some paintings that I had started on the weekend
and finished up a few yesterday.
I'm doing them in a mixed media style.

The illustrations are done in Inktense pencils on card paper and I've cut them out and layered them and sometimes other scrap papers onto canvases that I've painted in acrylics.

I'm finding that I want to do things on a smaller scale.
I want to work towards more of a collage style, I think.

I haven't received a call yet but that's a good thing because I have a lot of things I want to create for my space. 
I've been thinking about this and how this is an opportunity to develop my style.
So I'm not going to stress myself out,
I'm instead going to enjoy my journey.


tammy j said...

YOU always bring a smile.
there is something about you.
and it comes through in your art.
I LOVE them!!!
and this journey is going to be fun.
are these for your etsy shop or for your space in the antiques and art market?
and ohhhhh.... i hope your snow melts soon. just the sheer WORK of doing daily life. my heart to yours. xo♥

Nita Stacy said...

Love the little collage art! My Franklin sits and watches at the window sitting on the back of the sofa every thing that goes on along my street. Usually, when I come home...he is at the window waiting. So glad you have Blue to come home to.

Vicki said...

Mixed Media Magic! I love them, Cindi!
Smaller scale make perfect gifts and translate well for excellent card fit too - hint, hint :)
Your last painting really felt like a message for me - it's synchronicity. I've been having to work through a personal issue at the moment which has left me heart sad.
I've been having to say to myself, "let it go, let it go, let it go".
So your painting is the purrfect mantra to beelieve in. Sorry, I'm such a bad punster.

Just keep creating and don't worry about "the call". It will come when you least expect it - and usually when your mind is not focussed on it.
So... "let it go", and do enjoy the journey. It is so rewarding and will teach you much.
And, don't forget, there's Etsy as well.
You're doing such wonderful work and you're in a great head-space. Go with the flow.

That big Blue pup of yours is an absolute delight, so he is. He has such beautiful form. A very handsome, regal boy.

We're having some stinking weather at the mo', so it's just lovely to see the cold, crisp white snow images in your corner of the world.

So happy to see this post! You're awesome, Cindi!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you!
These paintings are for the art/antique space.
I'm planning on doing some more paintings and a couple of paperclay items and some cards and a couple of cat dolls.
I have it all worked out how I want the space to look, so I'm far from finished.
I'm hoping that the weather gets better too. Of course if it all melts suddenly, that's even worse when you have dogs! LOL!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Nita!
Yes, coming home to Blue is always a happy moment.
Of course there's Jimmy, who when he hears the door starts having a fit.
Jumping and barking and running in circles with his toy, while Blue and Nora are so calm.
And when the little ones realize that I've returned, they start their chorus!
Thanks for commenting!

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm hope whatever is making your heart sad, stops!
And yes, Let it go.
I sometimes think I should have those words tattoo'd on me! :)
I like small and I agree, they make for better gifts. It's easier to find a spot in your home for something small...and don't worry, I will be doing cards soon! LOL!
I'm experiencing the Catch-22 with the call. I want it to come but I'm not ready yet! Haha.
and Blue...yep, that boy is special!

Vicki said...

I so understand. You want to get the call to reaffirm that the art space is definitely going to be yours.
It will be.
The hardest thing is when we set our mind on something and we worry that it may not eventuate.

Sigh. We artists live in perpetually swinging states of doubt, excitement, fear and euphoria.

You have to keep telling yourself that no matter what, there is a place for your art out there in this HUGE world. There will always be people who will buy it.
Think BIG. Think global.
One day, you might find the art space too small for your designs and you branch out further... the world is your oyster.
Remember that.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you so much for this comment.
It's made me realize that even if she DOESN'T call, it's really no big deal.
The BIG deal is that just the thought of a "space" has got the ball rolling for me.
And, you know you are right about thinking bigger.
I will just keep working on my different Art ideas and throw them out into the world rather than worry about one outlet in my small town.
Yep, that space has already helped me without even actually having it yet!
Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!

An Urban Cottage said...

I love the one with the bee because it involves the viewer , requires him/her to connect the dots, or fill in the blanks and write their own little narrative about what happens. It's very smart.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you.
I actually thought about not even including the words.
I'm still torn on whether to always include them.
Thank you for commenting!

Cheerful Monk said...

I love your art pieces! Thank you for sharing them.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you!
and thanks for commenting!

Christer. said...

I like Your paintings a lot!

Our snow is melting away now so what was the use of it falling at all :-) I do complain and really don't care if anyone lese is hit worse by this garbage :-)
But even I have to admit it does look pretty out there and my dogs are clean after we've been out on walks :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Christer!
I agree that if I didn't have to go out into it, I would think it was very pretty.
And yes, this weather is much better as far as having clean dogs!
Now, a week later it has suddenly warmed up to the 40's and it's melting and it's a mess.
I hate having my dogs out in that muck!
Let's hope for Spring and green grass very soon! LOL!

Jan said...

I'm so glad I live in Oregon! Love your new work, so understated and appealing!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you so much!

Do you live near Portland?
Seems like all the artists are moving there or are already there!
After a visit, my oldest niece wants to move there too!
I think they held the Fairy Festival around there.
She says it's magical.