Saturday, February 28, 2015


I did three more paintings.
Each one is done with Inktense pencils on paper
then collaged onto an acrylic painted small canvas
measuring 4" by 4" by 1 1/2" deep.
They can be hung or placed to sit upright on a surface.
The cat has a floral scrap paper blouse with real little buttons.
I'm liking using different paper and maybe random items, like the buttons.

Then I did another Dachshund because I know a lot of Dachshund owners! LOL!

and lastly, I wanted to use the Therapist quote because it's true for me.

But next up I need to work on some small commissioned paintings.
I had been asked to do a painting of a friends five dogs, all on one tiny canvas
in a more realistic style.
I wasn't given a deadline and I really was dragging my feet.
I sketched out some things but never was happy.
Recently I met up with this friend and she asked about them and I told her that I just couldn't seem to get them all in the proper scale but....
that I'd do it, eventually.
She laughed and said why didn't I just do them individually and in whatever style and whatever color I like.
Suddenly I was full of ideas!
I'm pretty sure I know how I will be creating them.
The only problem now is....time.

I still have not been contacted by the Art/Antique place
and truly, I don't even care now.
It got me painting again and that's what I needed!
I'm still working on setting up a shop but I've opened a business Facebook page!
Yep, slowly but surely.


tammy j said...

while i finished 2009 and zoomed up to pick the next year in the archive... here is a new post!
i love these colorful paintings!!
and i want the one that says "i didn't do it" for my friend debora. if i can make myself wait... they will be her christmas present this year.
if no one else has spoken for it... i'd like you to mark it sold! i'll be sending you a check in the mail for it.
congrats on that neat commission!
i think you're cookin' girl!
and ... oh this is getting way too long. but oh my. each post in the archives... oh. so worth reading. i had no idea that twinkle and blue were BEST friends. i could go on and on. xo♥

Cynthia Myers said...

Tammy! LOL!
Careful with all that reading! Remember your health! Xoxo
I will have to fill you in on Blue and Twinkle's relationship (later) but there's more to that story.
I marked the painting SOLD for you and will box it up soon. Thank you!
I'm excited about the commission and will share as soon as I can!
Thanks again!

Nita Stacy said...

cute! I'd missed the last doxie painting. Super cute...everyone who has had a dachshund knows if something happened they did it! Love all your little paintings.

Cynthia Myers said...

I hope Violet is still doing well!
and yes, those dachshunds are always getting into things! LOL!
I know a lot of owners of particular breeds and I can't think of one owner that isn't crazy in live with their little dogs.
I'm so glad you like the paintings!
Thank you!

Vicki said...

Look at you now!! Inspiration, creativity and commissions!
And all while you hold down an extremely busy job, maintain a household and look after your furry crew!

You are AMAZING!

In reference to, When Harry Met Sally...

I'll have what you're having!

Love the Button Kitty!!
And, dogs are the best therapists!

Way to go Cindi!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Vicky!
I am feeling very motivated to create!
I don't feel amazing at all, just a bit tired.
Truth be told, my day job might just be another thing pushing me to make Art.
As an escape from more ways than one!
Thanks again!