Sunday, March 8, 2015


Are you like me? Do you assume that everyone sort of thinks and does things like you do?
Only to find out they don't and then wonder, is it just me?
Am I kinda "off" or is everyone else?
Here are some examples:
I have had my niece Lily helping me in Boarding since she was a little kid.
At first she would come along on weekends and holidays just to help and then eventually she was hired to do the boarding job.
(Now she's a vet tech assistant) but she learned to do boarding just like I like it.
She pays attention to details so because of this fact (when she was still working in my area) I would have her train new people.
Once I was watching her show someone how to set up a kennel run.
We have a mix-match collection of bedding and
I always put a comforter or blanket in the back of the run for the dogs to lay on and then a towel by their food and water
and then a potty pad at the front.
So Lily was showing someone this and she walked over and grabbed a blanket and laid it down and then I heard her say
"And then go get a towel that matches the blanket and..."
I interrupted her with a laugh and said "Lily, they don't have to match!"
and that's when she said "But you always pick out matching ones!"
to which I replied "Well, yeah. I like it to be visually pleasing but you don't HAVE to do that".
I had never told Lily to do that, I guess she just watched me pick them out and figured that's the way it needed to be.
(But really, if you are going to grab one from a stack of towels, why wouldn't a person pick one to match?)
Another example.
A while back I bought two little "dip" bowls from Target that were on clearance.
They were the exact colors that would look nice in my kitchen and were the perfect size for Stretch to eat from.
(the other cats go downstairs to eat but he's on special food so he eats on the end of the counter)
I had this plastic water bowl for him and it just bothered me.
It just didn't look right, not sitting next to these little food bowls.
So the other day I walked around and around Target trying to find the right water bowl.
Finally I went to the dip bowl area and picked one up and took it over to the soup bowls to match it against.
I looked at so many that I caught a clerk watching me.
I felt weird so I hurried up and made a decision and walked on with my cart.
But I kept looking down at it and I knew that bowl wasn't right.
So I rolled the cart back over and went down another aisle and looked at the sets of cereal bowls.
Sitting there was a bowl that wasn't even the same color but instead the color complimented the little ones that I had.

I happily picked it up and turned it over, $1.99!
Perfect! Then I noticed the sales clerk looking at me again from across the aisle.
I think she thought I was up to no good, so I just smiled at her.
Doesn't everyone struggle with these kinds of decisions?

And finally, last week I was talking with a friend/co-worker about cars.
Her husband used to work on cars for a living.
They always buy Toyota's.
I was telling her how I no longer Google real estate listings on my lunch hour.
I was saying that I'm happy with where I live and I was just going to work on my own house and make it better.
I told her that I was now Googling cars on my lunch hour.
"Are you getting a new car?!" she asked and I replied -
"Oh No!" I said "But some day several years from now I hope to and this way I will know what to buy!"
She laughed and asked if I had narrowed it down at all.
I told her that I had thought of a Mini Cooper but it seemed like they needed a lot of expensive repairs.
Another co-worker said that I might not make it to work in such a little car like the Mini Cooper and I said
"I know! that's one of the good things about it!"
We laughed and then I said, 
"Well, right now I like the Toyota Camry and also the Kia Optima"
My friend of course likes the Toyota and I'm leaning towards the Kia
but like I said, I've got years to think about it! LOL!
Then she asked me "What color?"
She was smiling because she remembered when I bought my VW Bug and I only wanted one color then.
It had to be blue. I told the salesman nothing else would work.
(I don't think I even need to explain why.)

So I said "I don't know yet. I plan on putting up shutters on my house someday and I haven't decide on the color for them yet".
She wrinkled her forehead and asked why that would matter?
"Well, the car needs to match my house of course" and she shook her head and asked "What? Why?"
I tried to explain how when it sat in the driveway it should jive with the house...
She looked at me like I was crazy and then said
"Well, your van doesn't MATCH your house now, does it?"
"Well.." I hesitated and adverted my eyes as I mumbled. "My van is white and so is my house..."
Then I smiled and walked back to my area.
Is it just me?


Cheerful Monk said...

I love this post! I've occasionally had sales people look at me strangely too. It's none of their business how long we look and think. I especially like the idea of the car color going with the house. It makes sense to me.

Vicki said...

Hell no! It's not just you :)
I have a list of things that I'm particular about. Well, maybe I'm a little more casual about some of those things these days, and am letting go.
But, there's nothing wrong with the things you do.
I would do the same with the bowls, for sure. And the towels.

I think it's great that your niece, Lily, has learned how to do things "right" by observation. And, I'm sure they are right, because they've worked well for you so far.

I love that you have a VW. And that Blue looks very cool in his/your blue car!!
I'd love a vee-dub, I think they're neat - the vintage and the new ones.
And that little Bambino... such a cute get about town car.

But what I love most is the truck. It matches the barn textures/colours so well!
Hubby and I would love a truck like that to restore back to original condition. No pimping it and making it a hot rod, just restoring it back to former glory. One day maybe.

That last modern house and matching coloured sports car look fab!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you!
Sometimes I think shopping/browsing (at Target) is like therapy for me! LOL!
I will spend a lot of time just walking around and looking at things and then I finally go get my cat food. I probably have sales people watching me all the time!
Thanks for commenting!

Cynthia Myers said...

It's good to know that I'm in good company! ;)
and Yes! I'm so lucky to have Lily.

I don't have the Bug anymore. :(
That photo was almost 5 years ago.
I had to trade it in because it needed a lot of repairs and then the transmission started to go out so I traded.... for a van. :p
The van is nice to cart things around in but I must be honest, it's just not fun to drive.
That last photo is saved on my Pinterest account under the title of "Dream Home" case I ever win the Lottery. :)
xoxo - Cindi

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're weird at all -- mostly because everything you mentioned is something I do myself. I volunteer at an animal shelter and when I get clean bedding for the cats, I always get something that is going to highlight their good features: if the cat is white with blue eyes, he gets a blue blanket, if he's black with green eyes, he gets a green blanket. It just makes sense to me! Just because animals are supposed to be colorblind doesn't mean you can't make things look nice for them. :D

I also agree that a car should match the house especially if it's going to be sitting in the driveway most of the time. The only time I keep my car in my garage is when it's snowing. Otherwise, it stays on the driveway. And I think it's definitely nicer when the color of the car complements the house color.

Not only do I spend countless hours thinking about pet purchases at Target, I also buy non-traditional pet bowls. My favorite place to buy pet bowls is TJMaxx -- you can buy a bone china bowl for 2 or 3 dollars and they look so much nicer than the food bowls they sell in the pet department. Why would you *not* buy something that's cheaper and also goes so much better with your decor?!!

-- Grace

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you so much for commenting!
I laughed when I read how you coordinate the blankets to go with the color of the cat. I didn't mention that not only do I match the towels to the bedding but I choose maybe pink for a little Shih-Tzu or something in Kelly Green for an Irish Setter's red coat!
It's nice to know I'm not alone on this! LOL!
I just discovered TJMaxx last year and they do have wonderful items marked at reasonable prices. I had a gift certificate for there and bought Blue a new bed. (That coordinated with the colors in my living room of course!) and Yes! I had a lovely crystal bowl that I found at the thrift store for a couple of dollars that the cats had for a drinking bowl. (Until it got broken by my terrier!)
Thanks again!

Vicki said...

And, looking at the house again, from (we) artists' perspectives... imagine the light in there!
Hours and hours of natural light by which to make and create!
I wish.

And, hugs to dear, dear Blue. I hope he's feeling better each and every day.

Cynthia Myers said...

I was just on your blog looking at your hares again and here you were, visiting me.
YES! I have link somewhere to that house and I must find it and share.
If I ever won it BIG on the lottery, it would be hard to decide between this house and a modern farmhouse....
OH wait! LOL!
I guess I could have both.
Blue is eating with gusto and he has a bit of a spring in his step again.
I can finally exhale.
Thanks for sending hugs to my boy!

Vicki said...

... and if you DO win the Lotto, I'll ask (no beg) you to buy me a plane ticket so I can come and visit you and your wonderful furry crew in your new fab house... I'm not backwards in asking for such a thing. No siree! :)

tammy j said...

the BEST news about blue!
we can ALL breathe again!
and i WANT that last house.
oh my.
and no. i chime in with everybody else here. it's not just you.
if it's you it's me too. LOL.
i love that lily picked that up from you.
and meh. don't worry about the clerks! xoxo♥

Cynthia Myers said...

LOL! Vicki!
If I ever win the BIG Lotto I will be flying both you and Tammy out for sure.
Wouldn't that just be the best?!
Sigh. I really need to start playing!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you! I'm so glad he's gotten better so quick. My heart just can't take the worry!
I know! I LOVE that house!
and apparently I have a lot of kindred spirits out there! LOL!
That makes me Happy!

Christer. said...

:-) :-) :-) No it isn't just You but You and I are so different :-) I pick what's most practical and never think of color :-) I never care about what color the car I'll buy have as long as I can afford it (it is blue by the way :-) ) and I love flowerbeds that have so many bright colors it may start a migraine attack if looking at it :-)

I have several different coffee cups and tea cups, very few look even close to similar :-) To be honest, nothing match in my home :-) But You are not allone :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm not surprised that you don't obsess or "worry" about such things. :)
You are so laid back and calm.
You just go with the flow and you are right, we are very different on a lot of things but not when it comes to dogs...and that's all that matters!