Sunday, August 2, 2015

DEJA VU - PART ONE, TWO AND THREE (or longest post ever).

I've had my name on a waiting list for a year for a booth space in a very popular antiques/collectibles mall.
It's a pretty eclectic place and some spaces are very cool.
Some are very primitive with lots of wood and metal. I love those.
Some are a great hodge-podge of knick-knacks.
Some are just books.
And some are craft items.
I thought this would be my opportunity to get rid of all the stuff I've have "collected"
AND I could also sell some Folk Art things. 
Bigger pieces, paintings and things.
So I've been working on getting some of these things ready.
I was feeling anxious because as always, there just never seemed to be enough time to do all that I wanted to do.

August 1st, yesterday, was the move in date.
The guy who had the booth before me asked me to make an offer on the pegboard and shelves he had installed.
To be honest it looked like he had done a shabby job of it so I said $20.00.
He came back with a request for $50.00 and I declined.
I went in and walked around and noticed that all the booth spaces backed up to mine had walls
and that formed a framed in space for my booth.
I figured I could staple gun some chicken wire up until I figured out something grander.
So the guy called again and asked for another bid and I said $20.00 again,
to which I never got another reply except to find that he had taken everything down.
Fine by me.

I forgot to take appropriate before and after photos but here's an example 
of an old white cabinet -

and how it looks out at the mall.

I barely skimmed the surface here at home of all my stuff but
because I have to number my tags, I know that I have 52 items in my booth.
My sister and Lily helped me carry in my stuff and do the tags.
Here's a photo of what I have out there so far.

You can see the big gap up on the back wall.
I need to get several large paintings out there.
I repainted several pieces but I also have several that I'm going to leave "as is",
rust and all.
One thing I did was wrap a chair in fabric and mod podged with Hard Coat.

If feels a bit rough but it's durable and can be wiped down with a damp rag because of the protective coating.

My plan is to empty my house of EVERYTHING that I don't absolutely 
need or love.
What can't go to the booth, gets donated or trashed.
From now on it's just the bare minimum. 

So that's what I've been doing.
That and still working a lot.
I also had someone bring a sign I made about 10 years ago into the clinic and ask if I could
"touch it up".
It's completely faded from the sun so basically I'm just repainting the damn thing.
Then the other day she called me to ask if I'd paint a sign for her daughters new house
with the words of "welcome to my little home" and have her basset hound painted on it.
So, I need to work on that and I have some other projects for people that I still haven't finished.

So that was the good news.
The bad news is that I've been in the worst funk.
I shouldn't be, but I am.
I need to get my books on positive thinking out and start reading again.
I'm just questioning everything.
I found some old photos as I was going through boxes.
One was from at least 13 years ago when I had a booth at a craft show selling painted furniture and folk art cats and dogs stuffed animals and jewelry.
Hmm, Deja vu
I stared at it for the longest time.
I had worked so hard to get ready for that show and then another big one
and many people stopped and gave me great compliments on it all
and I didn't even break even.
I was financially in the hole, to say nothing of my time.
Now that I think of it, that's where this woman bought my sign!
ok, anyway.

Then two weeks ago a woman had expressed interest in my paintings at the clinic and asked if I could bring in more.
So I worked like a crazy person, (while working on my booth stuff)
and brought in 12 TWELVE paintings for her to view.
She looked at each one and commented on them and ran her finger over a few.
She liked the layers.
She asked if I painted as a hobby, for something to do?
To be honest, I felt so awkward, with her staring and judging my Art.
and I felt kinda offended about her question although I'm sure she meant nothing by it.
So I politely smiled and said "No, I paint them to make some money so I can buy dog food".
To which she laughed.
But honestly, that's the truth.
Ultimately she bought a painting that she had originally seen at the clinic
and didn't buy any of the 12 that I had brought in.
I felt very frustrated....

This Saturday was finally August 1st, my move in date for my booth!
My sister and Lily were coming over at 10:00 to help me moved things.
I had gotten up early and in the quietness of the morning I went out to my van
and unloaded some things out of it and tidied it up.
There was no traffic yet and I turned and something caught my eye across the street.
I walked down to the end of the drive and looked again.
I walked back to my porch and sat on the steps and pressed my fingertips into my cheekbones.
I told myself not to cry.
Finally I got myself together and walked down the sidewalk past my neighbors house
to a spot where I could clearly see and there he was.
The little fawn, laying along side the road.
Obviously hit by a car,
his eyes open and his tongue out.
I turned and hurried back to my house and rushed into the safety of my home 
and sat in my chair and cried.
Even now, as I type this, tears are flowing.
Maybe it's stupid, things like this happen but....

My sister arrived and I pointed out to the little deer.
Cars passed and then one stopped. 
It looked to be a family and the man got out and walked to the fawn
and gently picked him up and laid him in the grass.
Both me and my sister watched with solemn faces and she said
"That was so nice".
Shortly afterwards a police car came
and later he was gone.

Ok, enough.
Lily arrived and then we went out and unloaded my things and setup my space.
Here are a few more photos.

I still have a lot of work to do to it but you get the idea.
Afterwards we met with Lily's boyfriend and we had a late lunch
and then we all went to our different homes.
My sisters husband was out of town for business and she was working on her garden.
Her old cat that she had found at an estate sale 6 years ago has been showing signs that the end might be coming.
She was 13 when my sister found her at the sale and my sister asked the man what was he going to do with the cat.
"My cat?" he said. "Hmm, I'm not really sure yet".
He was moving to California and selling everything and he wasn't sure what to do with his old cat.
Now my sister is NOT like me.
But I had been at the same estate sale that day and she just kept looking at that cat laying on the sofa up in the attic room.
We had both bought things and I left before her and called her later to see what she had finally bought in total.
So she rambled off the list of things and ended it with "and a cat".
Her husband was shocked and started to grumble about all the pets they already had and she just ignored him.

So, this cat would walk around the house, inside and out and if you pulled your car into their driveway, she would run up and climb up your car.
Sometimes she would drop through my sister's car sunroof and my sister would find her sleeping in the back.
The old cat had even inadvertently gone on a few car rides to the grocery store with her!
My sister lives in a wooded quiet neighborhood and has a very large yard.
Her Huskies lay about the yard and the family's big black cat lounges with them and this skinny old thing wobbled around following my sister everywhere and even would wobble into her bedroom every night and lay above her and her husband's heads between the pillows.
They had little routines, my sister and her estate sale cat.

So last night my sister text me that her cat was "going".
She text that she was in a comatose state but breathing.
I asked her if she needed me to come over and she said "No".
So I drove over there and found my sister in the laundry room sitting on the floor and her cat on top of a basket of clothes.
We talked for a bit and I told her what a great life she had given this little cat and she said that she knew that and she was fine.
She kept talking about her, how she could tell she was already gone. 
That her eyes were vacant and she wasn't in there anymore but her body wasn't letting go.
She could feel a faint heartbeat.
We sat there, keeping a vigil until finally her paw that was against the side of the basket dropped ever so slight down.
My sister felt her chest and said "She's gone."
I asked her what she planned to do and she said she was going to bury her under the tree in the fairy garden where she would always lay as she watched my sister hang the laundry.
I asked her if she wanted me to stay and she said "No."
Later she text me and told me it was done.
She said she had finally started to cry as she did the burial and she couldn't stop crying for an hour.
I felt so bad for her. I know exactly how she is feeling.

I tried to think of good things after that and I started to make a list of things to do this Sunday.
I focused on the fact that this was my first weekend off in a long time and I could sleep in a little and then get up fresh and start working on projects.
Then I got a text from the newest girl who was scheduled for Sunday morning that she was sick.
She thought it might be better to let me know that evening rather than 6 AM Sunday morning.
Which I did appreciate.

So I worked this morning.
Got up early and worked for 5 hours and took care of a full house at the clinic.
I had wanted to go to the Farmers Market that everyone talks about, so afterwards I stopped
and walked past a few booths but it was so hot out and I felt dizzy and needed some lunch
so I left and came home.

And now I'm in a funk. 
I'm trying to get my head straight.
I'm trying to focus.
And all I can think about is how -
Life happens when you are busy making plans.
and how I don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

I don't know.
Truly sorry for such a dismal post.
and I have my pets to worry about too.
So nothing drastic can be done.
I can't quit and move to someplace lovely.
Some place clean and pretty and fun.
And where is that place anyway?

Oh and I could save this for another post but I'm not really sure when I will be posting again so ...
This happened too- 
I will condense it as much as possible.
New girl, the one that is like a mini me, has told me about several dogs that she knows of that need homes.
She's known of a French Poodle (a favorite of mine)
a Maltese (love those too) but after looking at their photos I know they will find homes.
Cute, small and youngish.
She works as a groomer full-time and has volunteered at the no-kill shelter.
So, a few weeks back she gets a call from a friend at the no-kill.
They just had to turn away a Yorkie. 
Some girl had the dog in her car with 2 cats and they had to be gone by Sunday.
(This happened on a Thursday.) 
Oddly enough the cats weren't an issue I guess but the dog was...13 going on 14.
Too old for a no-kill apparently because no one would want to adopt an elderly dog
and they would be stuck with caring for an old dog who knows how long.
The other shelter would take him but they would put him down right away because of his age.
So the friend is calling the new girl in a panic and she calls me.
I text every single person I could think of and got the same response from them all.
So the new girls sends me photos. 
He's a matted mess and she said she could groom him up real nice if I could find someone.
She says he's very sweet and she would take him but she's already over her city limit for pets.
(she lives in another city, not in my town where there is no limit as long as they are vaccinated and etc.)
So her and I keep sharing his photo to everyone. 
No takers.
I finally tell her to go ahead and groom him and we have an empty kennel in boarding and we can keep searching for a home.
She brings him in the next day, clipped short and he's a butterball.
I called everyone, including last resort people.
I Google how long Yorkie's usually live and it's 12 - 15 years.
Finally I lose the last of my marbles and say -
"I guess I can take him for his final years and/or until we find him a home."
I leave him at the clinic though because I don't want to rush him home.
I have things to do and hopefully I won't bond with him and a home will pop up.
The new girl gets a vaccination record from the old owner.
Apparently his owner had him his whole life but is..moving or something vague and has to get rid of him, NOW.
I have him in boarding and when I change out his bedding I use white sheets this time.
Overnight he has peed on it and there's pink urine.
I flip him over and bright red blood is coming out of his penis.
I go get the vet tech that I consider a friend and show her.
She exclaims! and asks "Whose dog is this?!"
thinking he's a boarding pet.
At which point I look at her and tell her "Mine I guess. I've had him since, yesterday."
She runs him up to Doc and he asks who is the owner?
and tells her that he can give him an injection and for her to call the owners and...
She stops him and tells him that he's mine.
He tells her to do a radio-graph.
It shows that he has a huge bladder stone and because of his age it's too risky to try to do surgery.
He tells her which antibiotics to fill and the old Yorkie needs to be on it for a month.
And special (expensive) food that MIGHT help dissolve it.
So I keep him at work for another week and take care of him.
Finally I take him home.

My sister stops by on my birthday and the dogs are outside except for him
(and Poppy and Rosie who are sleeping)
and he's sitting next to my chair.
She looks at him for a moment and I wait for the snarky comment
and she says nothing.
I get up from the chair to go to the kitchen and my sister calls over to me -
"He's up! he's looking for you!" 
So I walk back in and look at him and he looks at me and lays back down and puts his face on his front feet.
My sister looks at me and I wait for it...
"Yeah, you need him"
I look at her to see if she's being sarcastic but she's not.
"He's old and he needs to be with you'"

And that is the last of my news.
Now I think I will go lay down and stare at the ceiling.
Not sure when I will get back up and blog again.


Vicki said...

Oh Cindi. I get to the end of your post and I'm crying like there's no tomorrow. You've been through the mill lately.
Wee Yorkie. His face. My heart melted into a puddle.
Perhaps the Universe has brought him into your life for a very good reason. You need eachother. Go with the flow and see what happens.
I do hope his bladder stone will be dissolved. He must've been in some dreadful pain. Give him a kiss on his tiny nose from me.

I hope you sell paintings and all of the wonderful items at your booth. I would SO love to be able to buy that old typewriter from you. The cost to ship it over here would bankrupt me, but I do like it very much.

Now, as for painting and creating furiously to bring in a selection of artwork for someone to view, then only to have them not buy any..... never put yourself in these situations, Cindi.
I'm going to be firm here, and I'm sorry if I might come across a little bossy - please feel free to tell me off or ignore what I say...
I speak from experience and have done exactly the same in the past - work my butt off creating multiple artworks, only to have people, 1. never show up or, 2. um and ahh and then say, "I'll wait to see what else you do in the future".
I vowed, "never again" will I put myself in a position of beck and call. For sanity’s sake.
Remember, you're the artist. You call the shots. You're not a servant, offering your talent and hard work on someone's whim. You don't need those kind of people. And I don't care how enthusiastic they might come across initially. Talk's cheap and far too freely distributed. I've found that people can cool their heels very quickly. *Unless they've given a deposit - then they're serious about wanting your work.
I am often asked, but will not take on commissions anymore. I used to. Not these days. Trying to recreate what specific image people have in their heads can do your own head in. It can lead to disappointment all round. So not worth it.
Of course, I have demons of doubt nipping at my heels - my recent post tells of that. What artist doesn't have them? But, we must push past them and be bold, assertive, and plough onwards. Even when "life-stuff" gets in the way.
Keep entering your work online for the world market to view. It needs to be seen at art specific sites.
Your wonderful art style has its rightful place in the world – and the buyers are out there.
Focus on your book/cards/calendars my dear girl!! I want at least a set of cards from you. Please.
And, I would adore a calendar incorporating your gorgeous fur-tribe!! I would send you a deposit or full amount to show I mean it :)
Blue and friends. Blue’s Big Day Out. Blue Days. Whatever…
People can make and create small batches of their own calendars these days. There's no need to have a huge run made at the printers at huge expense. So don't let that put you off.
Do what YOU want to do. Your confidence in your work will sell them and will continue to attract the right people. Not the tyre kickers. And god knows, there are plenty of them in the world.
It's about putting out the right vibes... and confidence in your work. You LOVE what you do. There are people who will also, and will put their money where their mouth is.

As for off handed, ignorant comments like asking whether you, "paint for a hobby, or for something to do".
Either ignore those comments completely - they're not worth the reply. Or, if you feel inclined, say that art is in your blood, you were born to create.
But truly, only other artists really “know” why we do what we do.
Those who can, do. Those who can’t, ask inappropriate questions…

Sorry for the long arty lecture, but I will continue to bolster your artistic pursuits from over in my wee corner of the world.
Because, I can’t be in your corner of the world to buy you a coffee and give you a huge hug. Or, buy that lovely old typewriter :)

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you so so much.
I've read your comment several times and I'm sure I will read it several more. I will take your words to heart and try to stay true to them.
I hate commissioned stuff but always have trouble finding the right way to say No.
I currently am dreading painting dog faces on pumpkins for someone.... Long story.
About the typewriter, it weighs a ton or I'd just mail it to you! Xoxo
By the way. I've read your latest post and left a comment a few days ago but not sure if you got it but I'm in awe. Speechless over your creations. You are truly amazing and your Art is pure magic.
Finally, sorry to make you cry. It's all that I've been doing and it's no fun.
I'm trying to just envision the bladder stone dissolving. His infection has cleared up and there's no blood anymore. I'm just wanting to will the stone away.
Right now he's barking at me. Trying to get my attention. It sounds more like a squeak which makes sense seeings how that's his name and I'm not changing it. It's who he is.

Doreen@househoneys said...

Cindi, you are such a good soul and you DO NOT deserve some of the things you have been going through. I wish I could be there to help you...with the dogs, at the clinic, what ever you need, but all I can do is say 'this too shall pass'.

I don't know what it's like to have my art rejected because I'm not an artist, but you are, and a good one at that. Don't put yourself in that position any longer. It's not worth it, and people can be so insensitive and inconsiderate. All it does is bring you down.

Your new fur baby is so sweet looking, and I think you need each other right now.

I think sometimes life has cycles, and it seems like everything happens at once doesn't it? It's when we feel that way that the tears come, or when we feel no one understands, or we think there's no way out. But there is. It will all work out in the end.


Vicki said...

Dear Cindi, learning to say "no" is hard, but you must find a way - especially if what you are asked to do doesn't ring true to you.
For it saps the creative essence and takes energy away from what you want to do.
People don't like being said "no" to. These days, I just smile and politely decline. I'm always amused to see the look on some faces... did she just say no to me?? Horrors!
In order not to offend, I simply tell people that I have a backload of work that extends to over twelve months, and I would have to put their request in the queue. Most people don't want to wait a year - for anything these days.
Unless of course, they are prepared to pay up front and then you decide if you want to take on their request. Then, you could say you'll make a special allowance, just for them.
Again - you call the shots. They've come to YOU, not the other way 'round.
Most will accept that you're a busy artist and have a large amount of works in the pipeline. Which, with your book, cards, calendars etc. you certainly do, don't you? :)
Try it next time. You'll surprise yourself and will be strengthened by it.

Squeak!! Perfect! He's totally adorable. Looking forward to seeing more of his sweet self in future posts.

Don't know what happened to your comment, but sometimes, computers don't play nice with each other. Naughty cyber children.


tammy j said...

you are an angel.
and i don't even think you know it.
the little fawn.
i sat right there with you in tears. remembering him standing in your yard. in that wonderful post.
the little old kitty. so beautifully told here. i cried.
now squeak. the pain. human's that have that say that it's unbearable.
can you imagine what he's lived with?
bless you darling girl.
and isn't vicki's comment wonderful? i read every word.
and here's my two cents when someone asks you to do a work for them...
just smile sweetly and say...
"i'm so sorry. but i don't work on commission! thank you so much though."
that's ALL you have to say. as vicki says. YOU are the artist.
you're not a performing bear after all.
and finally... so exciting!
your little booth. i love the rustic background of the outer walls!
are there any outlets? does electricity come with the use of booth?
if it does... i would set a little lighted lamp or two somewhere on a table or shelf... to give it some coziness. (not for sale) just for ambience.
people need to "see the feeling" that the treasures would bring to their own home. and they're not often good at that!
and barring a little lighted low watt lamp or two... i'd put a little greenery here or there... in one of the old containers. doesn't have to be real! and you could even sell it with the container and replace it for the mood again! LOLOL. marketing is just perception.
lovely small vignettes.
and your little decorated chair is adorable!
i painted a chair like that once. (no fabric) just for the fun of it.
a woman literally bought the thing from me for $50!!! she said...
"i love it! it's so original!" LOL. she didn't know i just had some pots of various paints i wanted to use up. for awhile i thought it would be fun to just do more of them and sell them.
and call it 'happy chairs!' ... art to sit on. LOL.
never did though. i'm a slug. :)

darling girl.
i never have known anyone with a bigger heart.
again. it makes me want to be rich. only in that i would BUY IT ALL!
and then donate it to salvation army. LOLOL!
and then i would set you up in your own studio to do nothing but take care of your beloved furries and paint and create your books.
if wishes were horses... beggars would ride. and i would be that biggest beggar for you! much love to you.
so much love little sister.

Debby said...

Such a heartrending post! This paper towel is too rough to wipe away my tears and I can't stop crying! For the fawn on the road, for the Yorkie, for the estate cat and mostly for you.

Such a tender and pure soul you have. So easily injured and ripped a part by the cruelty of this world.

I know you only through your blog, have never met you in person or any other way. But, I do love you just the same. I love your big heart and sense of rightness. I fight your fights along side of you and feel your pain.

Never doubt that your actions matter. They DO matter! Your tears matter! The love in your heart does matter! To every single animal you help, you become an angel.

And I look up to you.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you so much for your kind words.
That was so sweet of you.
I know that things have to get better.
It's just sometimes very overwhelming and I need to step back and regroup.
It helps to know that I have real friends out there and I'm not alone.

I'm working on saying No. It's hard because then I feel like I'm turning down dollars and yet I know that it's just chipping away at what brings me joy and making it a burden and that's not worth it.

Little Squeak is doing well and has become completely and totally infatuated with Ricochet. He follows her everywhere. She plays with him and that and me measuring his food has helped him slim down a bit already!
Yep, I guess it was meant to be.

And again, thank you thank you for being there for me.

Cynthia Myers said...

You turned on a light bulb for me by saying I have my book, cards, etc. that need to be worked on.
There are times when people put demands on my limited spare time and I need to remember that I need to give my Art importance.
I will try very hard to learn to say No.
Today I brought in the sign that I repainted for that woman and set it up at the front counter for her to pick up. Almost immediately co-workers were telling me what I needed to do next, what to make.
I listened and nodded and smiled and walked away.
I didn't say no but I didn't say yes either.
Yep, I'm working on it.

I will have do some posts on Squeak... soon.
He is funny. He is oblivious to Blue which is not necessarily a good thing.
Blue was laying on the floor with his feet out in front of him and Squeak came along and walked right over his legs at a rather slow pace. I sat up and was holding my breath and Blue just stared at him. He had this WTH? expression on his face.
I need to keep a close eye on that situation.
Blue likes his space.

The comment I left you was while I was on "break" at work and used the work computer. Maybe that was the problem?
anyway, I remember saying that I couldn't find adequate words to express how magically amazing your work is. I'm in awe.

Thanks again for EVERYTHING!

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm not an angel.
I know several people who would say otherwise. LOL!

Sorry to make you cry.
I'm still tearing up every time I think about the little fawn.
Having him come by and visit my yard made me feel happy and like the world was special and magical and now... it's just gone and replaced with sadness.
Hopefully I can work this out in my head and get back to that special happy feeling I had when outside.

and Squeak. it makes me so sad to think he's been that way for who knows how long. He is no longer peeing blood. That's a good thing and he is now finally playful.

Thanks for the ideas for my booth. I had asked about electricity but was told they no longer allow it due to safety hazards. I plan to make it more seasonal and quirky. Eventually, but no timeline for when I will do it, HA!
I want to paint a canvas drop cloth and hang it in the background.
A giant wall hanging.
I also want to do paper mache. In the past I've done some really detailed things but...that's for later.
Sigh, I just need more time as always.
and you are right, I'm not a performing bear.
I need to remember that and that I'm in charge!

and finally thank you for always being there for me.

Cynthia Myers said...

OMG Debby!
Now I am crying again.
You are just so sweet and kind.
Thank you so much.
All my life I've been told I'm too soft-hearted and that I need to toughen up.
Or that I'm a Cry-Baby. in fact that was my nickname when I was a little kid.
I have never watched a whole Lassie movie because my heart couldn't take it.
I can't watch a lot of movies because I get too depressed and dwell on them for days.
One of the best books, "The Art of Racing in the Rain" I listened to in my vehicle while driving to work. I remember pulled into the clinic parking lot and sat there trying to compose myself. After that I listened to it at home.
It was a great book but while listening to the final CD disc, I stood up and started pacing and sobbing.
Truly, I wish I wasn't so emotional about animals, (although I do know where it stems from).

I'm no angel but your words means so much to me.
I will remember them when I'm having difficult times and cherish them.
The fact that I have you and all my blog friends out there sending in love makes things seem so much better.
Thank you.

CheerfulMonk said...

The best of luck to you and little Squeak!

leslie said...


if only everyone's hearts were as huge as yours.



Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Jean.

Cynthia Myers said...

Look who's talking!
You are giving little Maisie a wonderful life.
So many others would have not seen what a little diamond in the rough that she was. To think of how she was and how she is now...
Truly. You are the best.

sassypackrat said...

Oh honey I'm sorry you're going through a rough time! I'm struggling though an insecure moment so I feel for you.
I cried when I read about your sister's cat. My Binks is 17 and had been really ill and we thought for sure it was the end, but he rallied through and is still going. Not sure if he'll make it through to the end of the year and the thought of losing him is difficult.
Your booth looks very nice and I adore that typewriter table! Getting rid of stuff to simplify is great and I hope it all goes well.
Your sister is right that little dog needs you and is obviously so grateful to have you. I think my Olive feels that way about me.
Love your animals, create art and joy with come back.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you for this comment and words of advice.
I know that you know how I feel, about being insecure about my work and have people look at it as just a little hobby. :(

The worst part of having pets is that they seem to age much too fast.
I have a house full of elders and I try to put it out of my mind.
I could never ever abandon one of them when they need me most, so I don't understand how this woman got rid of Squeak.
I only hope that what goes around, comes around.
I will have your little Binks in my thoughts. Xoxoxo

Christer. said...

I like Your both! Looking forward to hear more about it!

Try not to have Your laptop flat on to a surface, that might stop the ventilation to work properly, so place something so it leans slightly and so that air can flow easily to cool down the battrey!You can even vacuum lightly where the ventilation holes are to get rid of any dust that can make the ventilation less good. Laptop batteries can become so hot that they can burn the skin if one actually have them in the lap :-) :-) :-)

Too bad about the fawn! That rarely happens here thankfully because the big roads are far away and so sorry about Your sisters cat, I know just how she feels.

Another dog :-) :-) :-) but this time I agree with Your sister :-) He's so small and You do work at the exact right place to be honest! I know yorkies that have lived way past their twentieth birthday so I think You'll live a long time with this one! People over here have started to ask me wg´hen I'll get another dog :-) But I tell them that Orvar who finally is back to his old self needs a bit peace and quiet his last year/ years? so no more dog until there's only two left. We'll see for how long I can keep that :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

I plan on packing my booth full. Those photos show just a same sample of all the STUFF I've accumulated. I stopped out there yesterday with 25 more items and it still looks empty to me. Sadly it appears nothing has sold yet but it's only been a week.
My laptop started to get hot when I started having it on my lap. I used to sit at the kitchen table with it and now I'm back to that. Ventilation must be much better this way. (Fingers crossed) but I will also prop it up as you said. Thanks!
The fawn :(
Sadly it's all too common here. The other night I decided to run to the hardware store. I don't usually drive much at night anymore but on my way home on the old highway road, a deer and her two fawn crossed the road right in front of me! I instantly felt sad again.

Yes, another dog.
He adds to the feeding routine at night.
First Blue.
Then Jimmy and Nora.
Then all the little ones.
Then Rosie the blind ancient dog along with the little ones that were too timid to really eat with the others and finally-
Squeak with his special food and his pill in some special canned food and his cranberry supplement sprinkled on top.
I'm usually munching on my own dinner in spurts as I feed the critters.

Most of the Yorkies I've known here, only live to 15 to 16.
But whatever it is, I'll try to make them good ones.
And Orvar, yes he deserves peace and quiet....
but I still won't be shocked if you add to your family.
Thanks for commenting!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I hate to sound like Oprah, but here's what I know for sure: What do YOU want in life? Until you know what you want, you will keep getting whatever is available. You say you can't afford to move to somewhere lovely, but why not? What would it take to do so? What are you doing to make that happen? Do you even really want it to happen?
Where do you see yourself in 1 year, 5 years? What is your plan to get there? What's your vision girl???? You have so much talent and so much potential!!! Are you really going to let yourself drift? You can take action and make a great life happen...or not. It's really up to you. And, finally, all things happen for a reason and there are always lessons. The lesson from the 12 paintings may be that you will never sell yourself so short that you will allow that to happen to you again. You will tell a person that you have paintings available for viewing at your shop and invite them to view them there. Please remember how special and talented you are and never sell yourself short again.

Cynthia Myers said...

I've been without a laptop for a while.
(one of the cats chewed through the charger cord and I thought it was the battery.)
Anyway, I've tried to catch up a little bit on blog reading at work but it's only just today that I realized I had your comment sitting here waiting on moderation.

First, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a wonderful comment. It means so much to me to know that you read my post and really gave me great advice.
You really hit the nail on the head and I need to figure out the answers.
I have to be honest with myself and zero in and stop drifting where the winds blow me.
Thank you, Thank you. I need to think....
and figure it out.