Saturday, June 18, 2016


is tomorrow and today is Father's Day,

it seems like a good day to start posting again.
I'm feeling much better.
I had this weekend off and although I received one phone call and several texts so far,
it's still nice to take a break from work and do nothing.
I got up early Saturday, at 5:30 because of the dogs
and also because I decided I hated my curtains in my bedroom and took them down.
So at 5:30 in the morning my room was bright with sunlight.
I'm contemplating leaving the windows bare though.
It's on the second floor and unless I'm standing right in front of them,
I don't think anyone can see me.
Even if they could, I'm usually covered in little dogs and the random cat.

Speaking of cats.
Thank you ALL so much for all your kind words about Stretch's passing.
That really meant the world to me and I could feel the love and friendship.
Truly, thanks for being there.

My cat Ghost, I'm sure I've mentioned him a few times.

In fact he might be the topic of the first post I wrote on this blog
back in 2009.
He had become lost back then.
Lily and I searched everywhere.
I posted signs,
Lily went door to door with flyers.
I had ads with photos in the 2 newspapers.
I had a HUGE sign posted on my front fence.
I went to all the shelters every other day
and Blue and I walked the neighborhood.
I had a few people who walk by my house with their own dogs,
tell me that they were keeping an eye out for him.
I went to a couple of homes of people who called about the ads
and said they had found a white cat
but it was never him.
I purchased my first cell phone so that I would have it on hand if anyone called.
There's much more to this story but 1 month and 3 days after he was suddenly gone,
he was found.
Foind in the next town over.
Some kids found him in a storm drain in a park
and put him in the bathroom there and called Animal Control.
Animal Control came to get him but he crawled into a hole were the plumbing came out of the wall.
The animal control officer, a woman I knew, finally got a gripe on him and pulled him out and scanned him for a chip.
Thank god I had him micro-chipped and she called me right away.

So anyway, lately he has been following me everywhere.

I mean he always does but now he doesn't let Ping or anyone else push him out of the way.
He lays stretched out on my chest with his face tilted up, just staring at me as I watch TV.
He's on my lap as I sit at the computer.
He sleeps on my head at night
or lays in front of me and stares at my face,
putting his paw on my cheek.

I'll move his paw and he puts it back.
Sometimes I fall asleep holding his paw.
There have been times  that I've woken up because he's laying across my throat
and I will push him off and roll over and he lays on my back.
He's gotten so obsessed that he sits in the bathroom when I take a bath and he'll perch his front paws on the edge of the tub like he's thinking of jumping in.
I've had to put my finger on his forehead and push him back.

He did this over-the-top behavior once before
and I became worried and took him to the vet and had him looked at and his blood work done.
He was fine.

I told co-workers back then that maybe there was something wrong with me!
But I'm still here and that was quite a while ago and now he's doing it again.
Maybe he's just my comfort cat.

Hey! I heard some good news the other day that I will share now.
The Wednesday before last, the 8th, when I was really bumming out.
I was at work, Wednesdays are half days for me and Doc doesn't work that day
so the clinic has a different jibe for me.
I was just trying to get through the morning and go home.
It was the anniversary of my Dad's passing and some years I don't think about it that much.
Not now anyway,
but this year it landed on a Wednesday again, just like all those years ago.
It was a sunny summery Wednesday that day too and I was to leave for lunch when I got the call.

So I'm trying to not think about that or the other things I've mentioned in the previous post.

I was up front in the reception area and chatting briefly about something to one of the receptionists when I see this man walk in the door.
I recognized him.
He's boarded his little dog with me a couple of times
and he brings the little guy to the clinic for grooming too.
I remembered how he talked about his little dog, who he adopted from the shelter
and how he never wants to go anywhere because he doesn't want to leave him.
I remember he had to go to a family thing and he was so sad about it.
And when he returned the little dog who had been so quiet and calm and so good,
had stood up and came to life, hopping with happiness to see his dad.
I remember how the old man had laughed and hugged him and the moment just made me feel so happy to see that bond.

So Wednesday the 8th,  I'm talking and trying to pretend that all is right with the world
and this old man comes in and he's got tears running down his face
and the receptionist hurries up to him.
I hurry back to the lab area to tell the vet techs and the vet that the man was here and something was wrong with his dog and....
I just started to cry.
Then the receptionist came rushing back with the little dog and I hurried off to my area.
I tell ya, with all that was going on in my head at that time,
I felt like I was on the verge of sobbing hysterically.
Finally I got it together, finished my work and went to leave.
I stopped up front for a moment and saw that they had kept the little dog to run tests and things.

Turned out he had a heart condition and fluid had built up and...
Anyway, it can be controlled with medication.
The techs filled me in on the details and told me that the vet had said the whole situation had gotten to him too.
They said he said it was hard to to see a nice old war veteran so upset.
Then the other day, the vet stopped as he was passing me in the hallway and said that the little dog was doing really well on the medication, that he was doing REALLY good!
He thought I would want to know.
I thanked him.

So there's that good news!
and the little Eskimo dog is going to a new home this week!

And I'm starting to feel better!
I haven't had to take any pain medicine at all anymore
and there's just a dull ache and occasional stabbing sensation but I usually can massage it out.
I guess it was my muscles, pulled, or torn or something.
I'm going to be more careful from now on.

So - I'm back!

I've finished a few commissioned pieces and I'm working on one more.
In the end, they are actually prints, mounted on canvases
and I sell them are dirt cheap.
I'll do a few more new ones and then I'll just have them reprinted and sell those too.
To be honest, I'm wanting to move on to something else.
I have some ideas on some collage paintings
and of course my illustrations.

Talking about that, I did do a little one for my sisters birthday last Sunday.
She's always gardening and her cats like to be out in the yard with her so....

Now if I did something like that for people, I'd charge more
because it's takes a lot longer to do.

But first I need to catch up with my own yard.
Mowing, weeding, planting the flowers that are still in their containers.
And the house.
Yep. Kinda let it go.
Yesterday I got rid of 3 big bags of stuff.
Vacuumed everywhere and need to get scrubbing because I want to paint.

I also want to go back and read all of the posts that I missed on my fav blogs.

Wish I had more time for everything.
Oh well! Someday.


tammy j said...

reading your posts is like reading a wonderful novel.
I don't want it to end!
it's a roller coaster ride of emotion and images and sadness and happiness and sheer BEAUTY!
so glad you're feeling better FINALLY!
your little ghost is trying to take care of you apparently. in his own way.
you're just the BEST.

Cindi Myers said...

I do ramble on!
But I'm happy you enjoy reading my long stories.
Yes, finally! The pain is manageable.
It still hurts to have anything tight on, like jeans, but I'm lucky that I can wear my knit crops to work.

I agree, Ghost is watching out for me!
He's very sweet and next to me 24/7 unless someone comes into the house, then he hides until they are gone. I'm so lucky to have him back. I wonder where he was and what he did while he was lost. Hmm...
Yep, so glad to have him here with me!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I think ghost was probably scared and lonely when he was gone, and appreciates his life with you more than ever. Clearly, he loves you so try to let him show it in the ways that he has been and give him lots of love too :). I think it's so sweet that he's doing this. Most cats aren't nearly that affectionate. Heck, most dogs aren't either!

I am glad that story of the older man and his dog had a happy ending. What a relief that must have been for him, and you too!

Glad you're finally feeling better Cindi!


CheerfulMonk said...

I'm so glad you're starting to feel better. What s a great post this was!

Elle Clancy said...

So glad you are feeling better! And I was so sorry to hear about Stretch. I am sure Ghost knows you are sad; our pets are so intuitive. He is good company.

Take care!


Cindi Myers said...

Yes, I'm sure he was scared!
At the time, my sister had talked me into letting him and Harry (my black cat who is now 16!) outside.
She lets her cats out and they always stay around the yard. So I started to let them in the garden and Harry would run around the yard and leap over things and go down the hill and was so carefree and Ghost would follow him, so timid, and scared and then one night, only Harry came to the door.
I did have some people tell me that they thought they say a white cat a couple of blocks away in the ravine by the storm drain.
Then I got sightings all around town, each time someone saw a white cat a little bit further away.
I'm wondering if he maybe traveled through all the storm drains into the next town?!
Anyway,he's currently in my lap right now as I try to type this out.
I might a bit smothered at times but i love him dearly. :D

And yes, I am SO glad that little dog is better, it's just so heartbreaking to work there sometimes.
Thanks for your well wishes! I am feeling better and now I'm working on building that fence!
Thank god! I just can't handle not doing the things that I need to do!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! Thank goodness the worst is over!
When I don't feel good physically I start going crazy mentally I think!
Thank you for the get well wishes.

I'm so glad you liked this post.
I did ramble on a bit! LOL!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you!
and yes, poor Stretch. I just thought he'd be with me longer.
You just never know.
Thankfully I have the rest of my crew and Ghost is a big comfort.
I'm sure he knows something is not the same.
Although he wasn't very friendly with Stretch, he much prefers Harry.

Thank you so much for commenting!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

you had me crying about the little dog and the old man and I wasn't even there. I worry about you not having drapes as sleeping is better if there's no light bothering you. I try to keep it so dark my husband bumps into things so I got him some movement sensitive night lights that go out when you get back in bed.

Cindi Myers said...

I know! That was breaking my heart.
The next day the man brought his little guy in for a follow-up check.
He was sitting there just clutching him to his chest. His daughter had driven him.
It was obvious that he was still upset. That's why I'm so happy that it can be controlled with medication.
That kind of thing haunts me. I can't help worry for him.

I might put up drapes. But honestly I could lean against a wall and go to sleep.
It doesn't matter the time of day or where. I can sleep.
Probably because I never get enough. I should go to bed right now, since I get up at 5 but I still have stuff to do! LOL!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

thought of you when I read this post. gives site to sell artwork on.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Sharon!
Actually Redbubble is a place I'm seriously considering listing on.
A friend has started to use it and while I resisted sites where they did almost everything because I wanted to include all the personal touches... it would mean I would also need to do an awful lot of work including shipping and with my limited time, I'm starting to realize that maybe I need to this after all!
Thanks again!