Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just a Quick Post!

Just a quick post!
So that everyone doesn't think I've fallen and couldn't get up.
I've just been super busy.
Busy at work. Summer is here and the Fourth is fast approaching, so it's crazy busy.
One of the girls is on vacation so I'm back to 6 days a week
and when she returns, the new girl has to be off for at least 2 weeks
because she's having surgery....

I've also been working on putting up a privacy fence here at home.
(More about that later and the reason behind it.)
I had a couple of gift cards given to me at Christmas to Lowes.
I had them earmarked for a new kitchen faucet but....
I bought wood, screws and pickets instead.
I already had the posts and I had cement that I purchased last Fall
that was still sitting on my porch so....

OK, don't be yelling at me now!
I used my dolly to move those bags around
and I was very careful of the muscles that I hurt before.
I barely have any pain left!
and I can't just stop doing things.

So I was extremely careful of my stomach muscles.
I didn't want to get hurt again
but I did accidentally get beaned in the head with one of the posts.
I turned my head but it still got me good in the ear.
Luckily my hair covers it but for several days it was swollen.

AND.... ok, I hate telling people this one but...
for as long as my muscles have been hurt, for at least a month,
I've had this tooth problem.
My gum was swollen and... infected above one tooth.
I won't go into detail but I was brushing non-stop, flossing, swishing hydrogen peroxide
and every day this thing swelled back up.
I tried coconut oil pulling too, where you swish it every day for 20 minutes
and... it wouldn't get better.
The tooth itself didn't hurt but it was discolored.
No one could see it because it's way back in my mouth.
I don't have a BIG mouth, I've always wanted a big Julia Roberts type of smile
but mine is small, like Bernadette Peters' mouth.

Anyway, I'm terrified of dentists
and I don't have insurance but
today I went.
I was going to tell him to pull it and this morning I think I started having
a panic attack over it!
I went up front to the office girls and was almost crying.
But it turns out a couple of co-workers have had teeth pulled and I never knew.
They told me it was nothing to worry about!

Still I was sick with worry.
I went to a new dentist, the one my sister has started going to.
They took x-rays and he asked if I had considered a root canal.
I couldn't afford one of those but then when he looked at the x-ray
he said it wasn't an option anyway.
The infection was too severe.
So he pulled it.
He said he gave me more Novacaine than was probably needed
but he wanted to make sure that I didn't feel pain.
He said it was fractured and that had caused it to get infected.
I have no idea how it would be fractured
and he said it could have happened when I had gotten a filling.
So, I guess because of that, it crumbled as he pulled it out.

Good news is that he prescribed Tylenol with Codeine.
As I type this, I finally getting feeling back in the side of my face.
I haven't taken a pill yet but my sister said that at the first twinge I should.
So, I guess I'll wait for the twinge.

I'm starting to feel "something"...
but I really hate to take any drugs
unless I really need it.

So anyway.
That's kinda what's going on
but I have more to share for later.
Like the reason for the fence
and photos of the work that I finally finished of my friends pets.

Ah OH! I'm feeling something now,
Dang it!
If it increases, I'll take one of those pain-killers.
Before I sign off, I'll share another commissioned print
that I did for a client.
She supplied the photo and I'm not that happy with it but...
she was happy,
so that's all that counts.

And like I said before, since they are prints
they are pretty cheap so that helps me deal when I'm not crazy over one of them.

I'm off to take a pill!


CheerfulMonk said...

Drat about your tooth! I'm glad you're being careful about not straining any more muscles. Good luck and thanks for writing!

tammy j said...

oh good grief!

I hate going to the dentist too.
and every root canal I ever had (2)
eventually had to be pulled.

I have one i'm baby'ing along.

it's only the filling left! believe it or not. the tooth is all gone.
I guess it was shattered like yours.
but there is no pain.
I can even chew on it. at least for now. and I keep my mouth totally CLEAN!
and if I went it would have to be cut out and the thought of that is horrible!

TAKE the pain pill. trust me. you probably will only need two at the most. they last many hours. and if you're working it will make life easier for you.
you won't get addicted. i'm the same way about that. but I learned the hard way once when I had a dry socket. don't let the pain get too advanced.

can't wait for pics of your fence!
KUDOS to you!!!

and the picture of the snow white dog above...

have a happy 4th
in spite of everything!!!


Cindi Myers said...

Yeah. It's just life.
Something is always going on.
At least I'm fortunate that nothing is serious.

Cindi Myers said...

My teeth have been the only thing that I haven't had problems with!
Oh well, just a matter of time I guess.
Not to be gross but I'd get that swollen "pimple" on my gum
and I'd express it with a tissue. GAG!
(I hope no one is eating while reading this) but I was brushing and flossing and doing mouth washes etc. to keep it clean but it wouldn't go away.
Then people said the infection could travel into my bloodstream and maybe kill me.
I don't know about that but I do know that the vets are always telling clients the importance of healthy teeth for the dogs and how infection can lead to other problems so... I had to get it taken care of.
Glad it's over though!
So... maybe you should get yours looked at too???

Yes, the fence is coming along!
And I'm pretty happy with it!

Thank you about the white dog. I actually did another one that I liked better but she preferred this one! LOL!
Thanks again!

tammy j said...

so far no infection or pain or swelling or anything! nothing exposed. not even a nerve!
so for however long it wants to stay in place i'll let it!
it's in the back. doesn't show.
and I've gotten used to it now.
if it EVER does get an infection i'll go immediately.
the people who told you that are absolutely RIGHT. it can kill you if you don't do something about the infection!!! so glad you went! ♥

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Never a dull moment in Cindi land! I've had my fair share of tooth issues, but luckily I have insurance. Dental insurance is actually more expensive than general insurance, but for me it is important. My mouth has been a mess ever since I was 17 and had a car accident that knocked my three front teeth out. Since then I've had root canal more times than I can count, an implant, a bridge, and countless fillings.

I have told my dentist I have single handedly paid for his house in Scarsdale, his Mercedes and his three kids college.

I think the print is adorable, and you should too! I think we are our own worst critics.

Now you try to enjoy the weekend and stay out of trouble missy!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

ahhh. Sis was a little off. I've always had docs tell me to stay ahead of the pain. Take the pills before it starts hurting. A few days of medication won't hurt you. And this is from someone who is absolutely against anything but meds for surgery or dental work. I love that picture of the dog. love, love, love. You are way too critical of yourself! If you can't love yourself, who can you love?

Cindi Myers said...

I totally understand why you don't go but I'm glad to read that you will if there's any infection!

Cindi Myers said...

OMG Doreen!
You poor thing!
To think of all your dental issues, truly that makes my stomach hurt to think about it.
I don't have any insurance right now but I'll probably get general insurance next year. Dental is out of the question but hopefully I won't need it again.

Thank you about the print. I can just see several things I wish were different on it but I'll let it go!

Have a Happy Fourth!

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks for the advice of the pain meds!
I took them the other night and went to bed.
Then the next day I took another when I thought I felt something and now I think I'm home free!

I'm glad you like the dog print.
The eye area really bother me. I tried getting rid of the hair in front of them but I had to be careful not to make them look "weird"... I guess I'm happier with it now that everyone else likes it! LOL!
I do have some that I will be posting soon that I AM happy with!
:D :D :D
Hope you have a Happy Fourth!