Sunday, November 27, 2016


I have this thing about lying.
I hate it and I'm not very good at it.
But... I guess I'm admitting that I do lie!
Sort of.

But my lies are usually half-truths.
Things like when the cashier is checking out my items
and I have cat related things and she asks -
"Oh! How many cats do you have?"
and I reply - "Two".
Now that's true.
I mean I do have two cats.
She didn't ask me "How many cats do you have in total?"

Or I don't share information
and that feels like a lie.
If I acquire a dog or cat and don't tell me sister
or blog about it.... it feels like a lie to me.

But I don't HAVE to share EVERYTHING right?!?!?
and I usually fess-up at some point.
I'll write a blog post about whoever and hope that no one notices that
they suddenly popped up in my home.
And my sister,
she's pretty used to it.
She'll come over and as the little ones walk around she might look down and say
"Who's THAT?"
and THEN I tell her.
She knows it's useless to make any critical remarks to me.
I get very defensive and sometimes I'll start listing off all the animals I've said NO to.
Here are two just in the last few weeks!
I just said no to this big guy but happily the owner is going to keep him -

I found a home for this little one year old terrier that was brought in,
she was really hard to resist too
because she reminded me of my Jimmy Chew
but now she's in a home with a little girl -

Or... I'll get angry and hurt and sometimes I will point out who all that I've lost.
But lately my sister has no room to talk.
When her own dog had puppies, they ended up keeping TWO
and both she and her hubs has each rescued a cat.
(I'm going to write a post about one of those cats soon!)

Anyway there's a definite stigma to people with numerous pets.
It conjures up images of hoarding situations I guess and
that's rather insulting to those of us who strive to make it as nice as possible for them.
In my line of work, most the people I work have many.
One of them has a raccoon and her home is spotless! (There's another post! LOL!)

My employee that I've written about, the one that I call a Mini-Me
is forever rescuing some ancient dog or calling me to help.
But we talk about how we pride ourselves in making our homes as pet friendly and yet stylish as possible. (THERE"S another post!)
How almost every purchase we make, has them in mind, whether it's a new sofa or flooring.
We both hardly ever buy anything for ourselves but think nothing of getting something for our pets.
And we talk about how we can never quit our jobs because we get discounts on pet care.

So the other day we were talking on Facebook about dogs
during the Thanksgiving Dog Show on TV.
We were talking about the different breeds and she got on the topic of how she has these little dogs that people have given her but the ONE dog she really really wanted she couldn't have.
It was a little dog who had boarded with us and she fell in love with him on the spot.
It was a little Border Terrier.
She said they would never want to give up that little dog but she was madly in love with him.

I told her to visualize it and it mostly likely would happen!
I told her I was VERY careful about thinking about any pet and then saying it out loud.
I said both my Poppy and my Ping were boarding dogs.
Both had owners that would bring in lots of supplies and fancy beds and special food
and have them groomed on a regular schedule and appeared to adore them.
People who I never ever would think that they'd give up their pets.
Both are perfect little dogs so why would anyone give them up?
And to be honest, both of them were always my favorites.
Then one day Poppy's owners called me out of the blue and asked me if I'd take her.

And then a year later, I had Ping's owners return from vacation and asked me if I would just keep her!
I was in total shock but I did!
So I told my worker, Mini-Me to just think about that little dog and maybe it would happen.

So I went to work the next day, Friday
and it was very busy.
The kennel was packed because of the holiday.
Among my boarders was a little 14 year old Chihuahua that I've taken care of for years.
She used to have a "brother", a little Yorkie that boarded with her,
but that little dog had passed last year.
Her owner is a wonderful older woman whom I'm very fond of.
She shared a lot of things with me when we first met years ago.
She went through a bad divorce and had to move away and had finally came back to the area
and that's when I started taking care of her dogs.
I took care of them all the time.

Then she remarried a couple of years ago and they moved an hour away.
She had called me to ask if I would be mad if they found a vet in their new town.
I encouraged her to!
I said she needed someone close in case of an emergency.
She said they would still drive in to board her little dogs with me.

So she brought in her little Chihuahua Katy and told me how happy she was to see me.
It had been a while.
She said she'd call and check on her little one while she was gone.
She was afraid of how Katy would adjust to boarding without the other dog
as she was always the timid one.

So we put her little carrier in the run, so that she could sleep in there
and have a safe place.
My workers said that she was timid coming out
and one of them had to take the top of the carrier to get her out.

When I would come in to work though, she would get up and tiptoe out her carrier
and her little tail would wag.
So Friday I came in and she tottled out and sat the front of her run.
I picked her up and took her out to the play yard.
The other dogs had already been out and it was just me and her.
I held her tiny body against my chest and looked down at her little face.
I told her "You are such a brave girl! Yes you are! You are SO brave!"
Then I set her down in the yard and she found her "spot" to  potty and looked at me.
"Good job Katy!" I said to her
and her little bottom wiggled and she hurried back to me.
I picked her up and held her to my cheek and I said,
"Oh ! I could just take you home!"
Yep, I said it out loud.
I know I was tempting fate. that it was wrong of me to let The Universe hear me
but I know her mom and how much she loves her.

So I took her inside and fluffed her bed
and kissed the top of her head and put her back in her run.
She was the last one that needed to be let out
so I walked to my office area.

The phone was ringing and I picked it up.
It was Katy's mom.
I flopped down in my chair and was smiling as she asked about her little one.
I laughed and told her I had just been outside with her!
I told her how I told Katy how brave she was! and her mom was surprised to hear how she came and sat at the front of the kennel run.
I gushed how good and sweet she was and I told her that I hoped she didn't mind but I told Katy that I could just take her home, that she was THAT good!
I told her not to worry, that she was doing really well.
I said she was eating and didn't seem stressed.
That's when she started crying.

She was crying really hard and at first I couldn't completely make out all her words
but then she was telling me that she wasn't well.
She was saying she had heart problems.
Problems like what Florence Henderson had just died from.
She was sobbing and was saying lots of things
and she said that every single day she worried about if something happened to her,
what would happen to Katy?
She said her husband was a nice man but not a dog person
and that if something were to happen to her, she feared that he'd just take Katy to a shelter
She was crying and saying things that had me cry too.
I grabbed my kleenex box and wiped my face as she went on
and then she said "Would you take Katy?"
I answered that of course I would, that if she needed a home that I would definitely take her.
Not to worry about it anymore, that she could have a home with me.

She suddenly was overjoyed and told me how much peace that brought her, knowing that.
She said she knew how much I had always cared for Katy.
Then she said she preferred not to see her again.
I stammered a bit, I think and said, "You mean Now?"
"Yes!"  she was adamant. Yes, she wanted me to take her NOW and
that she just felt it would be easier not to see her again.
I was really crying then and
I asked if she maybe wanted to think about it but she said she was sure and
they'd be in the next day to pay the bill and bring me her things.

Katy's owner came in on Saturday.
Her husband went up and paid the bill and then carried in all of Katy's belongings.
While he was doing that, Katy's mom handed me an envelope.
It had her phone number on it and some cash in it.
That's a first for me!
No one has ever given me money when giving me their dog!
I started to  decline it but she interrupted and said not to be rude but she knew I worked hard
and... They had money.
So I said ok and after they left, I made a payment to my bill at work.

I took Katy home and everyone smelled her.
I held her as Blue smelled her butt and then he walked away.
She just walked around the house with everyone following.
She tried a bark with a jump at Charlie my cat but he just looked at her

and if a cat could roll his eyes, he did.

It's weird but she's not scared at all.
She follows me around everywhere and no one cares except Ping.
Ping wants to be with me all the time and always on my lap
and I made her take turns with Katy.

Katy's walked close to Blue many times and I hold my breath but
he just looks at her and then goes back to sleep.
It's all very weird.
It's like she just clicked into place.

Last night I woke up to go to the bathroom and Katy stirred from her little kennel
so I took her out and let her sleep with us.

She went right to sleep and didn't wake up and want out until the morning.
I have dog beds scattered about the house and she likes sleeping in the kitchen as I'm at the computer.

Later I looked over and cranky fussy Button was snuggled in the bed with her.
Button hates everyone.

I don't really know what's going on here but when her mom called this morning and
I filled her in on how she was doing, she couldn't have been happier.
But I kinda lied when she asked how many dogs I had
and what breeds.
I told her about Ping and Poppy and the cats
and left it at that.
I don't think she'd have understood and she sounded so relieved on the phone,
I didn't want to ruin that for her.
She said a huge weight had been lifted off of her.

So, Katy is here to stay I guess.
She's 14 and will be 15 in March but appears to be in good health.
Yep.... so there ya go,
I hesitated writing about this but then I read Tammy's comment on Kim's blog
and that made me want to share.
Seemed like I should or I'd be in some way lying........

Stay tuned for more "not lies".


CheerfulMonk said...

Good for you! What a sweetie she is. You've more than earned your place in heaven.

Cindi Myers said...

She really is very sweet.
She's been no trouble at all but she refuses to allow me to go into another room without following me!
It surprises me how well she goes up and down the stairs.
I think she's happy, I hope she is.
Thanks for your kind words.

tammy j said...

what an angel you are.
I know that embarrasses you.
and I don't even apologize anymore for saying it!
you'll just have to accept it!
anyone who calls what you do lies ... well. they don't know about lies.
isn't it wonderful how she's already at home!
I think it's one of those
"meant to be" things!
the universe knows.
I've always loved the name katy. :)

Cindi Myers said...

Really, I'm no angel.
But thank you.
I'm just able to take them in because... I have no one to stop me!
and I'm sure many other people would do the same
but it would cause too much drama and stress in their situations.
So I'm lucky!

I do feel like when I hold back info, that I'm kinda lying
but I know they are little lies.
I've experienced BIG lies in my life and I can't stand when people lie like that.
People just need to be honest because those BIG lies always seem to come out eventually,
and that's the worst way to find out the truth.

Yep, it's weird how it just clicked
but I think it's because there's an invisible common thread that exists in all the animals I care about.
They might all be different but they are all alike too.
(I like the name too!)

tammy j said...

I like the moving pictures at the bottom of the header!!!
very cool!
I hate to say this...
but Charlie is a very scary cat!
if that were staring down at me and I were katy ... i'd pee a little!

Cindi Myers said...

It's my Instagram roll!
I'm still working on making changes, so the next time you come here, it could be different again!

Yes, Charlie is a brut.
I actually had him at the clinic for a while but he got expelled
and then I let two old ladies take him home.
(I can't BELIEVE I did that but...)
anyway, he's here to stay now!
(There's ANOTHER post! LOL!)

tammy j said...

hey! now I like the new header!!!

isn't this FUN! LOLOL!!!

Cindi Myers said...

:D :D :D

Elle Clancy said...

You are such a good soul. I can only imagine how awful that woman must have felt; you were truly a god-send for her. I volunteer in an animal shelter, and the worst is always, always the cases of dogs whose owner has passed away and they are brought in. Most, if not all, of them have never known any life but with their "mom" or "dad," so the shelter is terrifying. So, kudos to you!

And for the record, that woman's husband was/is a jerk. If she knew/sensed that's what he would do with the dog if she died/became ill, she must have some idea of his character.

Cindi Myers said...

That's heartbreaking, to think of someone taking a loved pet to a shelter. Obviously they couldn't have really loved the deceased person, to do such a thing.
I know sometimes other people might not be able to keep a pet but then they should make it their mission to find the right home.

I think you are right. Her husband struck me as a very grumpy old man. He didn't smile once and only spoke up to say she would fine. Kinda like he just wanted to be done and go. I felt so sad for her but talked with her yesterday and she was sounding happy and rather relieved.
Still... I feel bad that she's with someone who she can't trust to take care of Katy.
But at least Katy's safe now and seems content.
Thanks for commenting!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

you crack me up. She sounds like she was meant to be. How can you argue with that?

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

You're such a softy Cindi, but that's what I love about you. If every good deed we do gives us one more stone for our house in heaven, you've got one big mansion waiting for you my dear.

Now about should rent him out to star in horror flicks! lol. That face! He's actually beautiful, but boy, he knows how to work it!

(I'm not sure if it's my iPad, but your slider in your new header is outside the box on the right side).


Anne Specht said...

Things happen for a reason and to thine own self be true. When I get home and shut my door, I want to be surrounded by things, living and not, that make me happy. When all is said and done you have to do what YOU think is the best for YOU and ultimately, what makes You the most happy. You are a living angel.

Cindi Myers said...

Yeah, I guess it was meant to be...
I mean all the pieces did just fall in place.
Yep, can't argue with that!

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks but I don't think of it as a good deed.
Just something I'm able to do.

and Charlie?
I need to blog about HIM!
I have several stories including how he just came up to my kitchen window one night as a kitten!
There's more to the story but that's how he came to be here.
He's actually a big love bug but he will give a love bite if he's had enough tummy rubs.! LOL!

You are RIGHT! the slider is off!
I'll have to see if I can figure that one out! LOL!
Thank you!

Cindi Myers said...

You are right of course, about surrounding yourself with what you love.
I'm learning that more and more every day.
You would think that I would have that one figured out by now! LOL!
I need to stop worrying what people think.

PS I'm not an angel, just a dog lover and
I know YOU would have done the same thing! LOLOL!