Sunday, November 20, 2016


I've talked about changing around my blog.
I want to zero in on some specific topics.
Things that are on my mind most of the time.
So... what would that be?
What do I think about first?
I wake up and as I lay there I think,
"What am I going to have for breakfast?"
I LOVE breakfast food.

There was a time in my life when I didn't even eat breakfast.
I was thin then.
I've heard the research on the News and such.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
If you eat breakfast, you tend to be thinner.
It's like filling your tank with gas and gets you going.
You can't function on an empty tummy.
Blah, blah, blah.
I'm so sick of surveys and being told what works best.
I grew up with the food pyramid that turned out to be a big lie.
I now believe nothing.
I used to have a cup of hot tea and I was good to go.
I could go until lunchtime before I was hungry
and now I'm hungry a couple of hours after breakfast.
So... I'm gonna talk about THAT.
Not healthy recipes or anything like that.
That would be crazy! To think I might start "cooking".
But yep, I'm gonna share thoughts about quick and easy,
not expensive but maybe not healthy...
Anyway, yeah. I will talk about food from time to time.

So after I sit up I think about my pets.
(my toy poodle Ping Pong)

I think of them because I have to get them outside to potty.
I think about them as I clean up after them
and as I get them fed and ready for their day while I'm gone at work.
Or if I have the day off, I have them around me
playing and cuddling and being adorable.
(my cats Ghost, Harry and Charlie)

So, as ALWAYS I will be talking about MY pets,
Other peoples pets, rescues and such.
Pets all the time!

Which segues into my home.

and talking about my house and making it pet friendly
and keeping it clean
and the struggle.

Which rolls into my actual house
my location,
my sometimes desires to move
and my desire to stay put
and all that it entails.

And working on the house I have.
(ok, THIS is NOT my house but it kinda reminds me of it, or the feeling about it...)

Not the typical blog type of stuff with amazing makeovers.
Nope, this will be about fixing stuff myself.
No handy man or husband involved
No big dollars spent.
I think it's wonderful if someone has someone else to cut a board for them
or lug an appliance and I'm not jealous but I am envious.

I'll talk about my job, my work that gives me a paycheck
and my safety-net and what enables me to care for my pets properly.

I'll talk about my Art

and what I want to create and what I AM creating.
I'll share ideas and what inspires me.
I'll talk about the struggle of creating what you think might sell
versus just creating what you want to create and the struggles of that
and how, for me anyway, it leads to procrastination and sucks the joy out it.
I'll talk about artists that I love.

I'll also talk about how to save money on some things.
What works for me anyway.
How bargains aren't always bargains.
I'll also write about things I've found that I love and think they deserve a great review.

I'll talk about NOT minimalism
Which I thought I wanted to achieve and now realize it will never be for me
but rather, I just want the "EXTRA" stuff gone.
No excessive clutter but not spare and sparse.

I'll talk about getting older.

The shock that only your body is old but it has nothing to do with your soul.
Yeah, I'll talk about not thinking "young",
because I was really clueless when I was young
but rather I'll talk about thinking positive
and being happy and not thinking OLD.

And I'll talk about retirement.

Not how to invest or anything like that.
Lord knows I know nothing about THAT.
There are a lot of books out there about investing and etc.
No, I'll talk about different ideas,
things I will probably NEVER do but might sound great to someone else.
Just doing whatever makes YOU happy!

I'm probably forgetting some important topic
but that's what I've got for now!

Yep, and with all this talk about TOPICS,
I hope people feel free to jump in and leave comments
and share their thoughts and ideas too!


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Always love seeing your pets. Have been missing Jimmy lately, and wondering what antics he's been up to. Your topics seem to be very similar to what's on my mind lately, and I'm sure others are interested in most of them too. The only comment I have is that I'm wondering if you couldn't do half the projects that you feel you must do for sale purposes and then do half of what you feel an inspiration for? Just a little thought rattling around in a somewhat empty head here.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I think you've written a great post, the pictures are perfect and the topics are ones that a lot of us can certainly identify with, and go on about especially me - I think our minds are running in the same kind of direction. But you didn't cover the weather! :-)!! There's always something else someone else wants to talk about, isn't there?

But back on topic, I love breakfast, not because you're supposed to have it, but I just love a good heart-stopping breakfast like bacon or sausage with eggs, gravy and of course a must have are the biscuits!

Cindi Myers said...

Don't worry! I plan on talking about Jimmy very soon.
I was just going through his sweaters and thinking how cute he is in them.

Yes, I think you are right about my Art.
I've been working on some things for that place downtown.
I gave notice on my space but she wants me to leave some seasonal stuff on commission, so I am.
And I have some ideas for little canvases at work.
Just little sayings about dogs/ cats. Stuff that will sell but nothing that really makes my heart sing.
And then... I picked up some things so I can start working on my dog/cat dolls.
I have new ideas and I'm excited about THAT.

And I'm excited to start conversations on the blog about these topics.
I'm glad to read that you are of the same mind frame!
:D :D :D

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Kim!
I tried to choose from my own photos.
I only used that house from a "source" because I'm just not ready to share the real thing! LOL!
I'm glad to read that we are thinking in the same direction too!
The weather? Blah!
It's so cold today and it was so warm at the beginning of the week!
I will probably include "weather" when I talk about my thoughts in moving or not! LOL!

I'm all about sweet and gooey or crunchy or cheesy.
I don't do bacon or sausage but I understand what you mean.
My choices try to stop my heart too!
Thank god the coffee gets it going again!
Thanks for commenting! xoxo

tammy j said...

everything you said about breakfast and eating I could have written myself.
I am through being SCARED about every morsel put into my mouth.
like you... I don't eat pigs. just can't. or little lambs or lobsters.
but cheese and eggs and gravy and toast and pancakes and ohmygosh...
I love breakfast!
I just have decided that I will ask a blessing for every single thing I ever eat for whatever meal...
and then just LET THE WORRY GO.
they can take their "numbers" they're so scared about and try to make ME be scared about... and go to... well. you know.
I refuse to live in fear anymore.
fear about ANYTHING really. not just food.

you'll never believe this. but the safe harbor is TOTALLY not minimal anymore. i'll tell you about it in an email.
and i'm in love with it all. have been building up to it for several weeks now.
AND... lastly...
i'll be looking forward to every single post you ever do. just as I always looked forward to every post you ever did!!!
love and huge snoopy hug

CheerfulMonk said...

It doesn't matter what the topic is, the main thing is you're enthusiastic about it. It's the enthusiasm that turns me on. :)

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! I say eat what you like as long as you do no harm and enjoy!
The rules will probably change next week anyway!
I can't wait to read/see about Safe Harbor!
:D :D :D
and thanks about my pending posts!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, I'm enthusiastic!
I hope I don't disappoint!
Stay tuned!

Anne Specht said...

Hi Cindi,
You could write about anything and I would enjoy reading it. You are a passionate person and you also write from the heart. A wonderful combination! You are also opinionated; no wishy washiness. There are SO many blogs exactly alike; vignettes, blah- blah- blah about nothing and living in a fantasy world where everything seems perfect. I can also relate about being single...having to do things on your own and what the future holds. Thank you for your realistic life!!

Cindi Myers said...

You just made me feel so good!
Sometimes I worry that I'm just rambling on and on and maybe people think "Shut up already!"
and then to get this comment, I mean... Thank you.
I'm glad you enjoy reading about my realistic life and lord knows it's fair from perfect but perfect is probably boring, I'm guessing anyway! LOL!
I'm hoping to write some posts that will be helpful to others and in turn teach myself some things too!
I'm also hoping to get comments from people who are going through the same things or people have already been there and figured some of it out!
and I hope it's fun too!
Thanks again, REALLY! it means a lot to me!
:D :D :D

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Anne is right Cindi...this is where we come to read about real life. It's ups and downs and the in betweens, and of course, your fur babies. There is no such thing as perfection, and if there was, for sure it would be boring. I like the direction you're feels honest and real.

Now Tammy has me wondering what's up with her! Can it be our blogland minimalist is defecting??! lol

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you so much!
I try not to sugar coat my posts but I do worry about them coming off as whiny or repetitious sometimes.
But it's really nice to have a place to come and share my thoughts and what's going on in my life with such good friends! Thank you for being one of them!

and Tammy? I wouldn't say she's defecting but she might be... making some changes.
Boy, that sounds mysterious! LOL!
We need to nudge her to post on her blog
OR! maybe she could do a guest post!!!!

Thanks again!