Friday, February 10, 2017


I wrote a blog post at work while on my lunch hour.
It was a long one.
I read it over and corrected the spelling and tidied it up
but somehow it wasn't right.

I had tried to tell a story and tie it into how I was feeling.
To show some parallels to my story and that story.
It just wasn't working so I deleted it...

So, I'll try again, in a different way, here ya go.

I love blogging.
I love telling stories and sharing ideas and plans and dreams.
I love reading the comments and the friends who take the time to do so, take my breath away.

I love visiting other blogs.
I love the stories, the ideas, the thoughts and laughter and tears.
I sit down with my coffee or pop and read about and listen to other peoples lives.
It's like going to a cafe and "visiting".
But it's perfect for a hermit like me and oddly enough
I think we share things that we might not if we were face to face.
Blogging means a lot to me.

That being said, I have no time.
I've talked about that problem all the time.
Then the other day, someone who I view as indestructible
suddenly has to have surgery.
I'm sure it will all come out fine but still...
it made me think about TIME and what I'm doing with mine.

So I've decided to back away from the Internet a bit.
I'm not going to blog for a while.
I'm not sure how long but I need time.
I can't guarantee that I will comment on other blogs either
but I know that I will be reading posts on my phone when I can steal a few moments.

I'm going to back away from Facebook too
except for my Art page.
I will be on Instagram because it's easy.
I snap a photo and share.
You are welcome to visit me there
and if you have an account, please share!

What am I going to do with the TIME?
I'm going to work on my Art.
Create stuff and get to work and finally write/illustrate my books
that I have been talking about forever.

Speaking of Art-
I finished up 25 images and took them into the Art/Antique place that's going to sell them on commission.
She told me that she would put them out but didn't have time until the next day.
I said that was fine and then I mentioned I only had one that was really for Valentines Day.
I pulled it out and showed her and she started to laugh.
She said she loved it and set it on her front counter!
Then she pulled out another and set that on her counter too.
She pulled out yet another and burst out laughing and called over to a vendor to come look!
She said she loved them and I felt rather good.

I made up another batch and they are all hanging up at the clinic.
If you'd like to see them, I've posted them in 4 separate posts on my Art blog.
You can click the link to the right (on the bunny).

I met my friend for breakfast the other day and told her my plans.
How I was going to back away from the Internet a bit, so I could get some things done.
Work on my book and things.
I told her my name was still on the waiting list for the Antique and Collectibles Mall,
the place I had my booth before.
It's been about 8 months and still no call.
I told her how I needed to call and cancel but....
there was this part of me that still wanted to do it.
I have a LOT of STUFF that I still need to get rid of but...
I can still envision what all my booth could be.
And I had a lot of Art ideas for the booth too, but....
She shook her head and said -  "Yes, let the booth idea go!"

So today on my lunch hour as I'm typing out the now deleted blog post
and telling the story and then I got to the part about time and Art
and the booth and...

My cell phone rings.

It was the Antiques and Collectibles Mall.
They had an opening, was I still interested?

I gotta say, I mean that was a SIGN, right?
I mean Hello! The Universe calling!

So I said I was interested and I'd stop in tonight if I got off in time
otherwise I'd be by in the morning.
He said that was fine.

So then my evening worker showed up a half hour early and I was able to drive to Mall.
The guy was surprised I made it in and showed me two spaces that were available.
I was happy I had come right away rather than wait and maybe not get to pick.
As he walked me to the spaces
I told myself that the location and the "number" would be a sign for me.
Like, if it had the number 7 in it.
Weird, I know but...

So he showed me #17.
It wasn't far from my old booth space.
A very good location.
And it was one of the very few booth that had electricity.
He said only a couple of them had that.

The other booth was 41.
Actually it was the first booth in the place.
I told him I'd take 17. The one with the electricity.
I could see in my mind the lights strung across the top....

I had to sign a contract and he went over the details.
Obviously he didn't remember me.
He told me how the place was shopped by a lot of dealers.
How shopkeepers came in and bought for their own shops.
He said they had buyers from all over the country and people as far as Australia
and China have come in and loaded up containers to take back.

He said that traffic was good and unless it was priced too high,
most things sold.
I had images of things I wanted to make for the booth
flying through my head as he talked.

We went back to the counter and I had to pay first months rent
and get my tags.
I recognized the woman working.
She was actually the one who had taken over my old space.
But she didn't recognize me either.
Actually that happens to me often.
I think because I'm forever changing my hair and I think it was shorter and very blonde back then
and now it's to my shoulders and brown/grey.
Anyway, they were both talking to me and suddenly she said I looked kinda familiar.
Did I come in there often? she asked.

I said no...
I had a booth space there before.
They looked at me quizzically and I added -
"In fact you have my space now".
"What?" she asked and then she said -
"OMG you are the artist!"
and they both smiled really big and laughed.
I got to tell ya,  that made me feel so GOOD!

It was really nice to feel good.

So that's what's going on.
I'm kinda disappearing but not really.
I'll post on my Art blog sometimes,  but I will definitely be on Instagram.
I've started Following a lot of childrens book publishing houses
and authors and illustrators. (wink, wink)
And like I mentioned in a prior post,
alot of old blogger friends now are on Instagram.

So.......I'll wrap this up.
Just know that Blogland and the friends that I've made mean the world to me.

I leave you with two images.
The first is of Blue when he tummy has told him its dinner time and he turns to me and
gives me the "look".

The second one is him on his bed that's in the living room.
(He has a twin bed upstairs.)
He "almost" fits on it.

He's been doing well.
I just keep him super calm and he hasn't had another episode.
So.... Life is Good.


CheerfulMonk said...

Good for you for focusing on your art! We're rooting for you. :)

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you so much Jean!
I will try to show what I create over on the Art blog when I can!

tammy j said...

this post made me smile all the way through it.
and yes! I think the universe definitely was and IS calling!
it's your time. and it's good! XOXO♥
and I love your Instagram :)

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! I think so too.
I know I've been back and forth about the booth but I always end up wanting to do it again.
Since I plan on staying where I'm at and not moving away. I think it's a good place to have my foot in the door and I can be creative and maybe it will snowball.
Thank you so much!
(I hope you can get into your Instagram account!)

Jan said...

Glad to see you moving in the direction of your dreams and giving up time wasters. Wish I could visit your booth after you get it set up! I shall look for you on Instagram although I don't really use it. Maybe I should. Best of luck to you, Cindi!!

Cindi Myers said...

I wish you could visit too!
While I do love blogging, and my blogger friends even more!
I knew that something had to give.
Also, I was looking at my blogger roll and out of 120 some, 67 were gone...
That's the one that still showed up!
Some might have been deleted or were on Wordpress...
Yes! you should consider Instagram.... It's great for a very visual person!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I understand Cindi. Blogging is fun but sometimes it can get in the way of 'real life'.

I'm so happy about the booth. Yes, it's definitely the right time and where your heart belongs.

Please don't stay away too long. I'll miss you!


Cindi Myers said...

I wish I had more hours in the day to do it all because I will really miss blogging and visiting with my friends.
But I will come back, this isn't forever.
Thank you!
I'm excited about the booth and about SO many things!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Almost like the universe had to shout to get your attention. LOL. I'm really happy for you that you're heading in a direction you feel is right for you. Sometimes it's easier to just spin our wheels, right? Along with everyone else, I will surely miss your posts. I do wonder though if maybe you could do shorter posts and monetize your blog with ads that would help pay for your "gangs" food and care. Revenue streams from every area would help keep you going until you hit big. Think of it as a writer getting paid for stories.

Cindi Myers said...

I know! Lol! I need to remember to look for clear signs!
I will miss you all very much too!
But it's not forever and when I come back, I will try your suggestion.
I did try the "ads" once and I only made change. Not even a dollar! And they don't bother cutting a check for 15 cents. Lol!
But maybe when I come back, maybe I'll have more luck!
Thanks for everything!

leslie said...

i totally get it. (as you may have noticed by my own blogging, which is random at this point.) but i'll miss you and your posts. i love to read everything you write. you are such a good person, and so honest, and so… real.


Cindi Myers said...

Thank you so much for these words.
That means so much to me.
I'll return to blogging, someday.
I just need a break to get my life together....
But thank you xoxoxo I'll miss you too!

K and T said...

Oh Cindi. I am happy you are doing this. You have so much talent. We will miss you blogging- it seems like a few folks are stopping these days. Best of luck!

Gillian said...

Lost all my bookmarks to blogs and just found you again…just in time for you to leave for a bit! All the best wishes for the op and for a speedy recovery > you have too many exciting things to do to be out of the loop for too long.

Gillian xx

Facebook page:

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Missing you and your posts. Just thought I'd stop by and say hi.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you and Hi! Right back
I hope to be back pretty soon.
I miss blogging and my friends.