Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's over...sigh!

This morning I opened the backdoor to let my dogs out and at first I thought it was "spitting" rain, but NO! It was snowflakes!!! My dogs must have had the same thought as I did because everyone hurried out and did their "business' and ran right back up to the door! Luckily it was for just a couple of hours and nothing stuck but ... SNOW!
Needless to say, It's over for my garden. I ran some errands and then spent time tiding up outside, I had to bring in my glazed fountain and my favorite glazed birdbath. I left three more out for the birds and then I dug up a couple of begonias that looked like they where hanging on. I also brought in all my potted and hanging plants and brought in the metal ornaments. My garden looks so sad, just my beautiful yellow marigolds lining the driveway that are still hanging on and my catmint plants still have purple flowers. Poor things, it's supposed to dip to a low of 28 degrees tonight. I did hang some orange lights on my little dead tree and I have a couple of "ghosts" in the yards plus the pumpkin on the steps. Sigh...
I guess NOW I will finally start creating inside!

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yoborobo said...

It got cold here, too - and my poor impatiens are gone, I think. Sob. :) I left you an award on my blog (which is temporarily working!) xo Pam