Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Beautiful Chair

I'm going to go back to an estate sale today and see if a chair that I wanted is still there. Estate sales around are full price on Thursdays, 20% off on Fridays and half price on Saturdays. Since I am on a strict budget, I usually wait until Saturday unless I find something I will really regret not getting. I got this beautiful chair about a month ago. I was so excited that it was silly. I showed people at my "day" job photos of it and while some commented on how lovely it was, I could see the puzzled look in other peoples eyes. They are the people who always buy furniture in "groupings" and it must be brand new. And that's cool for them, I totally understand that because I grew up in a house like that but I LOVE the mystery and history of finding "special" pieces. I feel bad knowing that someone has past on but I feel that since I will treasure their things as special, that maybe "they" would be OK with that. I once went to an auction where all the furniture and personal things were scattered out all over the lawn in the bright glaring sunlight with people flopped down on the furniture waiting for the bidding to begin. It was my first "auction" and I had to leave because I felt bad for the owner having their treasures so haphazardly scattered about. Most of my friends said I was being silly because the owner had passed away and won't know, but my really close friends totally understood. I just think there's a difference between an estate sale in the privacy of the house and an auction with each item held up to scrutiny. One of the women at my "day" job said I should just go to auctions anyway and I would get used to them...but I don't want to get used to it. I might be strange but I feel like the previous owner would rather it be that way. Anyway, that's how kooky I can be and here's a my photo of my beautiful chair!


Georgina said...

Nothing wrong with estate sales. Go for it but what about your kitties, won't they love that chair too!!!?? LOL

oldblackcatboo said...

Georgina, Thanks for stopping by!- Yes! you are SO right but if you were in my living room right now you would see everything draped in white sheets! That's how I keep hair off everything and I can whip them off and into the wash (with bleach) without a problem. Or if someone "drops" by off they come! My other trick is a few little carpeted cat posts (rubbed with catnip) scattered around the house to keep the cats "high and happy"
Ha! Ha!

yoborobo said...

Gorgeous chair, Cindi! Is this the one you got? Okay I have to go find the other one!!!!! xoxox Pam