Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My First Paperclay Doll!

Well, here's my first attempt at making a Paperclay doll! I definitely can see where I need to make changes and improvements. I think her arms are too thick and I should have put wire through the top of her arms rather than have it coming out of the ends. I don't like how her neck is so thick and the painting of her pink top was a bad choice and I don't like how I made the skirt! I just read how to make a transfer from a scanner copy with gel medium onto muslin and that's how I transferred my nieces face onto the fabric and then attached that to the head with gel medium and painted over her hair with acrylics. Hmmmm.... I'm not too happy with it. I also think she looks kinda scary (and not in a good way!) Oh well, my first try - try and try again right! LOL - I would really love to get some helpful criticisms and/or tips! Some please leave me some comments! Go ahead, I can take it! (I think., no I can - go ahead).

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LoopyBoopy said...

Congratulations on your first doll!! Shes got charm girl. Of course her face is darling:) I looks like you got all the techniques now it's just honing them and you will..now that you've got the bug!

Thanks so much for the extra super nice comments on my blog!!

Now get to making more dolls!