Saturday, December 26, 2009

It was a Wonderful Christmas!

Christmas Eve was spent at my step-mothers. It's become a tradition. She always has me and my sister and my sister's family over for the Holiday. Her husband has his kids and grand-kids over and then of course my step-grandfather comes too. My father passed away 15 years ago and my step-grandmother right after that. This year we lost my step-aunt to ovarian cancer. All this loss has created a "different" kind of family unit. We all joke about how it's like living in a TV movie. But it works, our family maybe small but at least we have each other!

Then for Christmas, I spent the morning and afternoon with my sister at her home in front of the fireplace eating cookies and opening gifts. Then we had a nice Christmas meal before Lily, my youngest niece and I headed out to take care of the boarding animals at the clinic I work at. It had been raining in the morning but tempertures had really dropped and it was blowing and snowing! Thank Goodness for Lily's help! We were able to take care of the dogs in record time.

I had left Blue, Jimmy and Ralphie there for the day so I'm sure it was a real sight to see the 5 of us packed in my little VW Bug crunching and wobbling through the blowing snow. When I got to my house, we found the iron front screen-door frozen shut! We had to go around the house to the back and the gate was frozen too! Luckily Lily was able to get over the gate (with a boost from me) and get in the back door and go through the house and let me and the "boys" inside. We were freezing! Once we got everyone settled, Lily and I headed out again and back to her house where we watched the movie "The Holiday" and ate cherry pie!

Everyone had a great Christmas and Santa brought the girls pretty much what they asked for and a few little things they didn't. I received some wonderful gifts. Some DVD's I've been wanting and some gift certificates to my favorite stores (those are always good! LOL!) and my sister gave me a couple of framed old photos that she had gotten copied of us and our parents... nice but kinda sad. Maggie, my middle niece gave my this beautiful framed poster of illustrated black cats making different expressions in French! Ha! Ha! How could I not LOVE that! Two of my loves! Black cats and anything French! Then my last gift of the Christmas day was from Grace, my oldest niece. It was a framed pencil drawing of BLUE! She had drawn it herself! She's so talented (she's going to Art School in Chicago) well, that made me just burst into tears! I've posted a photo of it for all to see! I love how she captured the expression in his eyes!

What a Wonderful Christmas I had! I hope everyone else enjoyed a great Christmas surrounded by family too.

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yoborobo said...

That is a fabulous drawing! She really did capture his soulful expression. What a lovely and thoughtful gift to you. AND you got a black cat (and French!) poster! Sound like you had a lovely day. Ours was fabulous and flew by. Today is pretty nice, too - we are all just chillin' and being very lazy! :) xo Pam