Thursday, December 31, 2009

Party like it's 1999, er....2010!

Happy New Years!

I wish Everyone a Safe, Warm and Happy New Years Eve!

No, this little passed out doggie isn't one of mine! (but I do have a little one that looks just like her! LOL!)
A friend sent this photo to me in an email about the evil effects of alcohol!

I plan on staying in tonight and eating bad for me goodies and drinking cheap wine!
Hopefully that won't be me passed out on the couch!

I might go over my "resolutions" list and make some revisions. But basically it's to TRY to be more healthy in regards to my eating habits (starting tomorrow), and getting more exercise ... me and Blue need to plan a walking regimen and we will start right away (as soon as the snow is off the sidewalks) and I plan on being more organized and "tidier". But my BIG one is to put my art on the top of my "to-do" list and to get my Etsy shop up and running. So there!

I have some more stuff on the list, like paying down bills and there's one on there about finishing one project before starting another (but I can tell you right now that I'm crossing that one OFF! - never gonna happen! LOL!) and a few other things that I don't remember what they were (not a good sign!) Anyway, Good Luck with YOUR resolutions (if you do that sort of thing)

I might watch Ryan Seacrest and the Ball Drop, but I kinda doubt it, I want to get a early fresh start in the morning on the New Year.
I'll be careful not to have TOO much wine so that I don't have a headache in the AM (and also I don't want to drink and blog! LOL!) I remember in younger years when I had more of a "social" life and wasn't such a hermit, I was careful not to drink and dial! Thank goodness there were no cell phones that took pics back then...It would not have been pretty! So, take care friends and have a Wonderful New Year!


yoborobo said...

Morning, Cindi! I love your resolutions, and I am very happy you took off the one about finishing one thing before starting another, because that one I could never keep! I am going to try and be healthier. That and keep my house from becoming a place where you have to don a haz-mat suit before entering! haha! Please give Blue a New Year's Day hug from me. xox Pam

teddy bears Marin to Venice said...

Exceptional photo... is so beautiful to be seemed a montage!