Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ruby - The Gold Nose Reindeer!

I am REALLY trying to get into the Christmas mode. I just seem to be going in "slow-motion"!

I haven't listed anything on Ebay and I still have not opened up my shop on Etsy. I have been trying to collect vintage pieces for my shop that only reflect what I love. I made a pact with myself that every item would only be something that I would want myself, and therein lies the problem! So many things have found their "perfect" spot in my own house! LOL! I haven't been "creating" anything in my few spare hours. I find myself exhausted after coming home from my "day" job and then tending to the pets. I just started on some little black cat-dolls and have several paintings half-finished and I still need to decorate the house and start my Christmas shopping!

So, to alleviate myself some stress, I definitely won't start up my shop until the beginning of the New Year! So...this is a little vintage reindeer that I found (and love) and she will help me decorate for this Holiday (less is more for me) and then sometime later she will be available to go to her a NEW home. (for now I'll call her "Ruby" after one of my little dogs!)


Bone*Head*Studios said...

I seem to go slow-mo all the time , so I completely understand ,that and the fact that time has just gone by so much faster this year than any other time....

Georgina said...

How I know what you're going through...what happened to all that time???? Anyway, hang in there and just put one foot in front of the other and take it one day at a time...that's about all we can do. As for your little reindeer, my mother had a set of those when I was a child...thanks for the nostalgia!!!


yoborobo said...

What a cute reindeer!! :) And I know exactly how you feel. I keep thinking "I should be sewing like crazy for my Etsy shop bla bla bla!" but honestly, at the end of the day, all I want is a glass of wine and some TV. LOL!! We'll just hit it hard in the new year, right? xoxo Pam