Monday, March 8, 2010

Blogger Friends are the BEST!!!

I am so truly grateful for all the wonderful friends I have made by blogging! I can have a stressful day at work and then sit down and read some great blogs, have a good laugh (or shed a tear sometimes) and escape to a place where there are people who share the same interests. I love being inspired and awed by all the cool creations and I am constantly blown away by the fantastic ART. One of my favorite artists is Denise from
 she creates some of the coolest work! A lot of the time she will recycle a lightbulb or a bottle as the armature. Everytime she posts a picture of her latest work, I just stare at it and wish that I could TOUCH it. Her work has such texture and something about the "roundness" of it just really gets to me! I always want to reach out and hold it in my hand. Well, Guess what this Sweetheart did! She sent me a KITTY FISH of my very own!
I arrived at work this morning and her package had arrived. I was so excited opening it up! a KITTY!
I adore it! I went around the clinic,where I work, and showed it off to everyone. They all oh'd and ah'd and ran their finger over it to FEEL it! LOL! I told you!  Her art work just makes you Touch it!
Everyone kept telling me how lucky I am, and they are right.....I AM so Lucky!
Thanks So Much Denise!


sassypackrat said...

That's really cute! Aren't blog people the best? BTW your package went out today so keep an eye out for it.

yoborobo said...

You are a lucky ducky! :) But you know what? You totally deserve it because you are so nice! I love your kitty, the textures are amazing! So many amazing artists out there, so little money! LOL! You have a fabulous Tuesday! xox

Georgina said...

How adorable and how lucky you are. I have to concur with Pam, you are one hell of a nice person...ok, she didn't say "hell" but that was my add-in!!!

Congrats and let's see some more of your work.


oldblackcatboo said...

Aw Shucks! (LOL!) That's so nice of all of you to say!...but I do have a "Bad Cindi" side too, you should see me at my job when I'm worried about some "critter"! I can get really Bossy when I have to! and yes Georgina, you are right! I need to get to work on some of my art stuff!

blue_dragon_arts said...

Denise is an amazing artist isn't she?! ok, I'm a little biased. Did I tell you she's my sister? Thanks Cindi for your post on my blog. I hope to be a better 'poster' soon.

oldblackcatboo said...

OMG Blue D! How did I not realize that! LOL!
Great talent obviously runs in the family!

ODD imagination said...

Cindi, I am so happy you love the "touchy, feely" kitty. lol It made me very happy to send it to you! And would you look? Even my sister stopped by! How cool is that? Of course she and I do have good taste in friends. :o)