Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tiny Treasures and Today's Weather!

Last Thursday I went to another Estate Sale and now that I have a van, I thought I could "load it up"!
Of course all I found was some tiny little treasures. I got some stuff from the garage - old table legs, a chisel, an old birdhouse that was falling apart, some garden tools, a tiny sander that may or may not work but was only $1.00 and some old cigar boxes. I also found some wire, I love wire, I'm going to use it some day for something.

 I am usually in the company of elderly men who are picking through trays of odds and ends, jars full of nails and screws, and whatever can be found on the dusty workbenches. The men are in the garage and the basements and the women are in the bedrooms shaking out the linens looking for holes or stains or in the kitchen turning over plates and dishes to see the makers. Sometimes I'll see that another woman is sifting through the garage and I'll think - "Oh crap! She's looking for garden stuff! I've got competition!", that being said, I missed out on a cool tall stool and a strange umbrella birdfeeder!
Oh well.
 In the basement I found some adorable little chairs, 2 are at the top of this post and here is another.
So, it was another good treasure hunt day!
When I returned home, I spent the whole afternoon working out in my backyard. The weather was in the high 60's and I raked leaves and scooped doggie poop and basically worked on trying to get ready for spring and eventually planting!
Then  I woke up this morning and there was snow AGAIN! AAAHHHHH!!!!!

On one of my favorite blogs -  Catherine had posted a photo of her beautiful tree that she sees out of her kitchen window. (Lucky Girl) so I decided to post a pic of MY kitchen window view....ugh! Snow! Oh! If you haven't been to Junker's blog, then you are really missing out. She has this crazy fantastic artistic mind and comes up with just the absolutely coolest creations! You have to see her Monsters! Many have tried to imitate her but she is always coloring WAY outside of the lines and running circles around everyone else. Check her out! Seriously I don't think the girl ever sleeps!


JUNKER JANE said... i thought you were gonna throw me under the bus...or your new ride :D

Man, snow seems SO weird...'t worry, youre spring will come!!

you are too kind oldblack :)
OH! I love that wire!!!! Love!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

There´s a lot of scooping dog poop after this winter we´ve had over here. I walk around with one critch and a spade doing the best i can :-) :-)

We don´t have that many garage or estate sales over here unfortunally. We are more in to auktions instead. Well that´s very funny too, but prices has a tendency to rise way up in the sky then :-)
Have a great day now!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

omg...those chairs are wonderful and i am sooooo going to check out junkerjane. i could tell you step mother stories that would curl your toes. at least they gave you pizza money and movie money. my step mother would never have been so generous. maybe she would have given me one of her stinky cigarettes if i had begged her.

yoborobo said...

I love those little chairs! AND the wire. I have been looking for wire, and I would have arm wrestled you for it. LOL!! And Catherine/junker is OOAK, and should never worry about being copied. Let 'em try, they won't be able to. :)) Happy Sunday, Cindi!!! xox Pam

sassypackrat said...

I drove past an estate sale yesterday and thought of you. I almost stopped but remembered that I was doing a Post Office run in my PJ's and had the dog with me! LOL! I adore the little chairs you found!

ODD imagination said...

I think I would rather have snow than cutting the grass so EARLY in the year! LOL

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hey You!! I'm finally here. Taking some time this morning to visit my boggy friends. I been cooped up with loads of work and cleaning the house and raked the leaves outside too.

I love tiny treasures and going to the salvation army to find goodies. I love that stuff. How are you? Hope you are having a beautiful weekend. It's pretty gloomy here today sort of sad looking sort of feeling like the day but hey I think I'm going to listen to Ani Difranco she rocks!! Thank you sweetie pie pie for coming by to say hello and leaving such a lovely comment!

teddy bears Marin to Venice said...

Ohhh expensive friend..
you are fortunate person, those chairs are Very beautiful!!!!! and also other things (great hunting of beautiful things)
GOOD! I like that that have found.

Fortune to you and good Easter to all family