Friday, March 5, 2010

I got nothin'
I didn't create a darn thing all week.
It started out with me feeling very ill (much better now) and here it is ...Friday.
I was glad to see the temps rise to the 40's until I got home and saw my backyard.....
a lot of the snow has melted, only to reveal "poopy landmines"! That's my backyard - poop and mud.
I stand at the backdoor armed with a stack of towels to wipe dirty paw-feet.
Ugh! I guess I'd rather have the snow! ...What a complainer I am! (If this is all I have to complain about, well then, I'm lucky!)
I thought about taking a picture but that would just be mean, maybe you are having a "snack " or "beverage" as you read this and it's just not pretty. So I'm posting a photo of last years snapdragons that I had planted at the end of the driveway. They did very well there even though they were "sprinkled" several times a day by Tiger the schnauzer. Tiger belongs to the elderly lady on the corner who walks him at all hours because he "doesn't like to go in his own yard"........well..bye for now, I think I'll have a beverage!

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yoborobo said...

LOL! Our snow is melting, and I am getting to 'see' where my dogs have been going. About 2 feet from the front door - haha! I hope you got your beverage, and that you have a great weekend, my friend. xoxoxox Pam