Saturday, September 25, 2010



That's how I sound to myself. Just like the teacher in the Charlie Brown shows.....blah, blah blah.....
It's definitely not a good title to catch a persons attention but....I'm kinda of sick of myself, going on and on and constantly changing my mind.
One day I'm all about lusting after a new house, which is really ridiculous since I can't afford a new home. But I will scroll through the design/decor blogs and dream. Or I'll get on a local realty company web page and search through the listing and peek at the insides of homes that would be the answer to my prayers.
If only I had an extra room. Or a garage. Just a  little bit more space and I would be happy. Then I would have more room for my STUFF.
Then there are days when I think maybe I should just rent a storage unit. I could have all my stuff in nice labeled containers and be so organized.
Then other days I will happen across some website like Tumbleweed and think, Ahhhh.

Simple living and downsizing.

So that's what happened to me the other day. I saw an article in MORE magazine about 3 different women living in SMALL spaces. One of them, Leslie Webster was living on a houseboat that was only 250 square feet with her blind dog Lily. (I think my deaf dog Blue would be in love!)

It was so tidy and white and stylish.

I went to her blog and I LOVE IT! I am now her newest Follower!
Now if she could live and thrive in such a small space, what is my problem?! OK, yes. I have several more pets but...I have almost 550 more feet! Three times what she has! Of course all my friends and family find it had to believe that I 'm living in such small quarters as it is much space do I really need?
So what's the problem? It's ME.  If my Dad was still around, he'd tell me to quit whining about it and do something about it!
So why do I have SO much stuff?
Well, I'm always hunting for things. To recycle, or sell or use in an art project. So my basement is full of "vintage" items and my spare room is so full of art projects that I can't squeeze in there to do any of them! I have bought enough art SUPPLIES that I could be snowed in for months and not run out. All this stuff has become suffocating. I spend my time moving it around and organizing it and THINKING about what I'm going to do with it and then I get so overwhelmed that I go outside and work in the garden or get on the computer to whine about it or get in the car and hunt for more STUFF.
So, I've said it before but I'm putting it out there in the blog world in an effort to force myself to actually do it.
I AM going  to toss and pitch old clothes and drive them to Goodwill and NOT go inside.
I'm going to take photos of this vintage stuff and actually post it on Etsy. I'm going to get rid of things that will take too much time and energy to FIX. I have to stop thinking how much something cost me and just get rid of it. I have stop spending money on new STUFF. I have to clear out the spare room so that it can be my art room where I can actually create something. I need to stop STARTING, and start FINISHING things.

The computer, the blog world is the hardest. I just CAN'T give it up. I tried to spend less time last week and now I find all my FAV blogs with so many great posts to read! I've been waiting for the Practical Magic Blog Party and now it's here! I want to visit all those great posts.....
So, I realize that I can't accomplish this all in a weekend but I have to start somewhere.
So I'm off. Wish me luck with keeping my focus!
I will try to keep only what is beautiful or necessary as the saying goes! (I found that on Leslie's blog too!)
XOXO - Cindi


denise said...

OK, you suck...I should be finishing up a mock-up painting for a client and I'm checking out that blog! damn you woman.

Oh, and if you find the answer to your woes, clue me in...I just bought 13 vintage button down shirts. They're pretty cool, but I hardly ever get out of my t-shirts and jeans...or more paint clothes!

yoborobo said...

Cindi! I shouldn't be laughing, but I see myself in you so much. How about we just put everything out in the street with a "FREE!!!!!" sign? :)) You'll do it. One baby step at a time, sista!!! xoxo Pam

Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh Cindi
this is too funny ! I REALLY got overwhelmed today too
I almost cried until I made myself laugh taking those photos
I feel the SAME way as YOU
we were in the same place today ...... wow

I'm off to look at that other blog you posted

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I can understand how You are thinking, but if one is a messy person like I am it doesn´t matter if I have a castle or a tiny hut I would make a mess of every square feet I had :-) :-) :-)

I would need to become more organized to be honest. My stepson would just sigh if he knew how it looked here most of the time :-) :-) He is so organized in everything he does, so unlike me :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

ODD imagination said...

Cindi, I believe you must have taken a trip around my head because you sound Just Like Me! LOL
I can soooo relate to your post. You have encouraged me to "begin" the process (just as soon as my art show is over).

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

If you say it on the blog then you have to make it so. Good luck with simplifying your life. I need to clean out my garage immediately. I haven't needed any of that stuff for 6 I must not need it. Except of course for the Halloween and Xmas decorations.

yoborobo said...

PS I want one of those little houses as a studio. WANT WANT WANT!!!!! :) xox!!

Tracie said...

totally GET what you're sayin' too...bouncing between wanting MORE space and wanting to SHED it all!.....arrrghhh!

Okay...'nother thing caught my attention...Practical Magic Blog Party???? Hmmmm??? Gotta google that now!