Friday, October 1, 2010


and my computer is too!

Seriously, it looks just like this one except the mouse in the photo looks newer.
You can't really see the back on this, but my computer is probably at least 16 inches deep.
I guess it has to be, so that there is room for the little rodent and his wheel to run the darn thing.

So, I'm thinking. That mouse must be getting tired of running because this ancient thing is starting to take forever to load anything and it keeps sending me messages that it's low on memory or that it's running out of memory on line 36 or 52 or......
I feel my head nodding forward again and again, trying to mentally make it GO!
I've tried defragging it and disk cleaning it and HELL I don't know anything about these things.
I tried deleting some files for new memory but....
I think it's time to start looking for a computer and I need HELP!
One my co-workers said I need a laptop.

She carries hers room to room because she has wireless.
WIRELESS. What do I need for that. CABLE? I don't want cable!
A card? My niece said that I'm on the Internet too much for a card. It would be too expensive and not to do wireless.
So maybe I just need a new PC?

So, I'm looking into some financing because money is an issue too, of course.
But I need lots of memory...right!?
HELP! I'm clueless.

Any suggestions or helpful tips?
Well....I'm off to break open the piggy bank.


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

My advice to you is when you do get a computer whether it be desktop or laptop....get a mac. You'll be way happier with an apple product. I love my imac and I'm not one to be all about big corporations....but Apple has never done anything but make my life better since 1990. That is how long I've been using apple computers.

Makavetis said...

Hey, I noticed art as one of your interests, I started a new art blog maybe u'll like it! Thanks and keep up great work.

Sandy Mastroni said...

I have an Apple ..... almost a year now
I LOVE it . I REALLY love it , and I don't even know what I'm doing and I'm not afraid

CatHerder said...

FYI, my 2cents..DONT get a just telling the other side of it..i must have got a lemon because ive had issues since the first day i had did an automatic update and ate the software...4 hours of customer service, and it continues to do the same...also, when mail or pics are deleted...they pop up days later and i have like a zillion files to delete that keep coming back...all the customer service guy could do was scratch his head...cant get on internet with mac software..they had to download firefox..its been a mess since day one..HOWEVER I WILL SAY that the apps it offers (when they work) are VERY COOL...and if u do decide to get a mac (i think im the exception to the rule witha bad one) get the mac for dummies book if youre not computer savvy. good luck....hate to say it next one im going back to Dell..never had a son just snagged it from me

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

My old computer had to have 25 minutes to star every day until I could use it :-) :-) It had to little working memory and todays internet contains so much data that it got to much for it :-)

I got a lap top but You can use the ordinary internet connection You already have on a lap top too.

Over here we pay for how fast the internet is going to be, not how much we actually is out on the internet. So I bought my computer via the internet company I already had. I chose a semi fast internet and now I pay only 4 us dollars more a month for a new computer and the internet than i payed for the old internet (but then i payed nothing for the computer since it already was mine). In US dollars I pay around 300 every month (until I have payed for my computer and that would be in 2,5 years) but I can always choose another speed on the internet if I wishes to.

I do hope things solves fast for You!
Have a great day now!

sassypackrat said...

Oh my yes it sounds like your computer is on it's last legs. I love MACs but a Windows machine will be cheaper. A laptop is nice because it takes up less space and can easily be stored away. If you get a laptop make sure you get a mouse too since you are not familiar with the touchpad (I find them very annoying to use. You can also get a decent desktop system for probably less than the laptop. Just make sure you tell the salesperson all the things you need it to do and make sure a knowledgeable computer person comes with you.
Best Buy has a very nice financing plan. My mom used it to get and pay off her laptop, so that's an option. I do recommend Best Buy. The one by me at least has very knowledgeable and helpful people who never tried to scam me. We've bought 2 desktop systems and 2 laptops from them.
I guess I'd recommend a desktop system over a laptop cause you'll get more power for less price.
Good luck and let us know what you get!

Kaerie Faerie said...

I have a little laptop Toshiba, and it is a PC, really easy, my old computer died last year, welcome to the future, try online Office Depot or Office Max mine was not expensive
also, try
better technology really helps

yoborobo said...

Hey Cindi! I'm a Mac girl in a completely PC house. :) My husband has an HP laptop that has behaved pretty well, and my oldest has a Asus that he likes (although it runs hot, and he has to use one of those cooling thingies). I am a computer nitwit. Seriously, I know nothing at all about them. My next computer is going to be an iPad (of course, I have no money for this, so how in the heck I will accomplish this is anyone's guess!). I love Macs, but I think, to be fair, I am very used to them.
I am SOOOO helpful, aren't I? Your dinosaur friend, Pam

DaleTheDoll said...

You don't need a computer. You need a ventriloquist doll. We never slow down or get outdated and we're always on.

ODD imagination said...

I love this post because it is very entertaining with all the cool photos you found to express your dire straights! Laptops are certainly awesome for portability but one needs to remember that upgrading them is usually not an option. You get what you get so make sure it has all the speed and bells and whistles you need. Towers (desk tops)on the other hand usually have room for upgrading things like RAM and Video and Graphic Cards and mother boards when they die. I'm talking HP here not MAC. I have no clue about MAC but dream of owning one some day. Every artist should have a MAC. he he

Anonymous said...

Now you just have me grinning ear to ear. I could have written this post. I am in the same situation and just posted on FB about how the gerbils running the wheel for my PC have outlived expectations.
Wishing you the best.

When I worked in publishing and had lots of art to get used, Mac was the way to go.
Living on a severe budget, rebuilt PC was the way I've gone most recently.
Maybe if I told myself the computer is for the animals I'd justify spending more...