Monday, November 29, 2010

HE'S BACK ! ! ! !

I knew that eventually he would come back. He's returned for the last two winters.

It hasn't snowed yet. The sky had started to get dark and eventually it was just cold rain. But he's back.

Sitting there, waiting. Sometimes he will bring a friend or two. Or maybe they aren't friends at all, but competitors. Waiting for a small animal, a little mouse or rabbit to run across the field. So he can SWOOP down and grab his meal with sharp claws!

 Or maybe a little dog in the play area?!!!!
That's why I always stand close to the little ones and never leave their side.


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Is that a hawk and eagle or an owl? I'd be watching the little ones too. I'm always scared something will carry off Harvey! All 30lbs of him.

There are hawks in the neighborhood north of me and one lady told me of hearing a swish in the air and her cat was suddenly gone. She didn't see it happen but the cat was there one minute and gone the next and she heard the swoosh in the air. It was at night.

yoborobo said...

It's nice to have a mouser, isn't it? My cats aren't very good at it - lol! What kind of hawk is he? We get them here, too. I don't worry too much about Gizmo, because he weighs a ton (haha) and Sophie Wolf is out there with him. You are smart to keep an eye on your little guys - they are little. :) xoxo! Pam

Georgina said...

What kind of bird is it? All we have around here in the city are White Tail Dove (of course, pigeons...hate those birds) and a few Grackles that didn't get the word to go South!!

It's good to have something predatory in your backyard!! hahahahaha!! Oh well, if anything, it will take care of those little mousies that would rather camp out in you walls during the winter!!

Have a great week and hugs to Blue!!


oldblackcatboo said...

He's a hawk, I'm not sure what kind but he looks to be the size of my dog Griffin, who weighs 19 lbs. I took this photo out in the play area at my job,(I WISH it was my backyard!)
My backyard is enclosed on the top level area by a hodgepodge privacy fence that I put up and then behind that it drops down into wild trees and things. (It's scary down there and it's my project for next spring) so anyway, I never put out any little boarding dogs by themselves. I stand guard.

Anonymous said...

My neighbors has a small dog and are always afraid that an eagle will swoop down and take him. My boys are a bit to big for them though :-)

1,5F here now and I´m so tired of it already :-)

Have a great day now!

Blue Dragon Arts said...

I love watching the hawks wheel in the thermals over the slough by Hwy 2 (near my house). They just look so relaxed. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics!

Abi said...

How do you know it's the same Hawk?.... or is that a dumb question?