Saturday, November 6, 2010


I started to set up my booth up Friday afternoon. After putting up some of my"finds" I was able to see all the spots that I needed to fill. I've spent today painting birdhouses and picture frames and going through my stuff and washing, polishing and tagging. Everything that I have collected are items that I myself would want in my home. I want my booth to eventually look like my "shop". I've noticed that most of the booths are a hodgepodge of things. I want my booth to have a distinct style. I am so happy that the booth opposite mine is very industrial and primitive. I think it plays off well of my booth. Light/Dark, Elegant/Primitive...
I don't understand why some of the booths have items stacked and piled. But I'm crossing my fingers that my style will appeal to people.

Tomorrow I will go out to my booth with about 40 more things and I will take some more photos! I have so many ideas and plans. I want to do a lot of painted pieces of furniture and I would like to also do some pet theme items. I'm excited! (Exhausted! but Excited!)



! It looks beautiful! I like your idea of it not just being piles and stacked!
Ages ago i had a booth space at an antique mall, I loved it! :)

I usually spent all my earnings at other booths , haha

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...'s looking great. I love that fireplace. Are you selling that or is it just for atmosphere? Can't wait to see it all pulled together. I wish I could come shop it.

Anonymous said...

It does look really nice! I like it a lot!

Have a great day!

denise said...

I meant to congratulate you before now. I'm so happy for you that the booth became available sooner rather than later...guess the stars are all lining up at the right time for you. It'll be great to see when all is done and you start telling us about how much you are selling and how you have to work day and night to replenish and then how rich you are getting....OK, too much pressure? LOL

really, I think it's great and wish you the best of luck with this endeavor.

sassypackrat said...

You are right about your booth, simple and stylish is the way to go. People will remember you. If things are just stacked everywhere it's too hard to get in and see things. That always drives me nuts and then I don't bother. Good luck!

Suzie said...

Your booth is BEAUTIFUL!! As a pro antique mall shopper, I can attest to your theory of the appeal that an attractive booth has.

I draws you in like a moth to a flame. .you are helpless to fight the power! And I can tell you, I'd be spending a LOT of time (and no doubt money1) in your booth. Each one puts out an energy, and yours is ALL good!! Congratulations! I'm wishing you great success!!

Georgina said...

Fantabulous, Woman!!!! I'm not into antiques, except maybe my mom, but she's not for sale!! LOL However, I would be zooming into your booth just because of the display and variety of items. Looking forward to seeing more pics!


Mattydolls said...

Love your booth! I like the simple look I find it to be more elegant..great job! Congratulations and wishing you best of luck!!