Sunday, November 7, 2010


First, Thanks SO MUCH for all the kind comments from everyone on the Sneak Peek Post! Those words of encouragement make me so HAPPY!  I took several more boxes full of "stuff" into my booth today. I realize that in order to sell enough to make my rent (and hopefully a profit) I need to add more.

 I think now all I need to do is add some more paintings on the pegboard and hang some more things from the bar that runs across the space. Also I have some Christmas wood cuts out that I can hang on the backside of the pegboard. Of course I want to repaint them and make them silvery and aqua blue. The thing about this mall is that I am not limited to just antiques. It can be anything except clothes. So I am re-doing and "upcycling" most of my things. I found some ceramic birds that I spray painted white and then painted with Mod Podge and then covered in white glitter
 The photos don't really do it justice. It's much more "sparkly" in person. I owe this idea to Nita. She is the Queen of Sparkle and Glitter as far as I'm concerned. I LOVE her blog!  The girl has a beautiful home. Great ideas and ADORABLE wiener dogs! I painted wood bowls either Turquoise or White and then sanded them a bit to make them more "used". I put one of my glitter birds in a bowl with some straw from my Halloween decorations and clippings of my catnip plants.
The booth is really reflective of my home. The painting above the fireplace was in my living room.
 The birdhouses had been sitting outside on a bench in my garden and I shook them out and sanded them a bit and wipe them down and repainted them a bit. My favorite one has a very rusty roof....I tell you, it's kinda hard to part with this "stuff" but I'll be thrilled if it sells!
 The fireplace a long time ago used to be in my kitchen area. It originally was several shades of brown but of course I painted it white. I had moved it outside because it was eating up space in my tiny house. I had backed up a table to it and put a triangle piece of moulding on top to make a potting bench. So I scrubbed it down and repainted it. Right now I am using it as a prop and it's not for sale. One of my friends said that I should put some outrageous price on it and if it sold, it won't hurt so bad.
 I hope that the table sells because I have a mirror on a stand and an old antique wooden wagon that I would like to put in that space. I'm holding back on bringing those out because I think that it will begin to look "cluttered"! You can see in the background some of the other booths... So, I'm off to glitter a big grapevine angel! Thanks again everyone!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said... was reading this post...and thinking...oh...I like that sparkly bird...that's a good idea and then I see my name and that you got the idea from me. Now, I've been glittering things...but haven't done any birds...but I think it's a great idea. I've been looking for the perfect pair of deer to paint silver and glitter silver.

The booth looks great. I think its fantastic to have the mantel as a focal point and place to display. You are making me want to get booth space somewhere. I was putting away Halloween stuff today. I took it all down last week but am still packing it away...and I was thinking...this is ridiculous...I need to sell some stuff!

Can't wait to hear how it goes...

yoborobo said... is all so pretty! I bet you sell lots of stuff. I love the bird idea. The one sitting in the bowl is gorgeous. I can see that on a table for the holidays. You are on a roll! xox Pam

ODD imagination said...

I sure could have used your amazing gift of booth design when I was setting up for my show. This looks AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

Your booth looks really great! I would fall for those bird houses :-)

Yes, place a hideous price on that mantle, if someone wants it You will feel great :-)

Looking forward for more photos!
Have a great day!

Gillian said...

Good luck! You have done a lot of good hard work on your space.

I hope you sell every single bit of it and don't have to take anything back home again! Carrying all those boxes is a bitch. I reckon you'll do great!

Don't forget a little stack of business cards or tags or flyers with your etsy shop on it.

: )

Suzie said...

Can I just come and live in your booth? You've made a most delightful room!!!

And I think that is key. .you not only have some beautiful and interesting things for sale, but you show how to use them in delightful and eye catching ways, as well!

You've created an atmosphere that is relaxing, but at the same time, excites the eye, scanning for one "must-have" discovery after another.
Well done!!