Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today, Saturday is the Christmas Open House at the mall where I have my booth. I've been busy adding things. I would like it to be a little more sparse than this but apparently you have to kinda cram it full to get sales. So here it is, crammed full:
I have a TON more things at home but I felt that I had to STOP or some of my "treasures" would get lost in the chaos.
Yesterday as I was putting in the finally items, the guy at the register gave me my total sales for the month so far.....I need to sell $40.00 more to make rent for this month, but as he said, I still have 10 more days and hopefully the Open House will help.

I've met a couple of the ladies who have their booths near mine. The one right next door to me was very complimentary and said she likes how bright it is. She said that we have terrible lighting in the mall and my booth looked very nice. I thought that was sweet of her. She said she shares her booth with 2 other ladies and she works part-time and that it's a lot of work. I agreed and said that I work full-time and I have to run out on the two nights that they are open until 6 and add and arrange things.
The other lady that I met as I was carrying in things asked which booth was mine. I told her and she just said "Oh". Later, after I had gone back outside to get my camera, I came back to find her in my booth checking it out. She just said "I like your fireplace" and then she left. I realize that everyone can't like my style. One of the girls at work looked at my photos on my blog and said "looks like one of the hardware stores is probably out of white paint now....." and my other co-worker said "you had ALL that in your house!?" Anyway....
I'm hoping that my big ticket items sell. Then I would make rent and hopefully make a profit.
My big ticket items are the typewriter:
The ironing table:

The birdcage:

The wagon and the folding card table and chairs:
I also added a couple of my art/craft creations:
I also put some LED flickering votives in the little mercury glass candle holders and a couple of the blue Ball jars:
Wish me LUCK!
XOXO - Cindi


Anonymous said...

I guess one has to really fill the both otherwise people believes they have seen it all when they just pass by. Now they have to get in there to see everything.

I like it a lot and the white paint makes everything shine and it looks clean! Very important to me!

I have never seen something like these booths over here, like it though. So You don´t have to be there all the time? or am I misunderstanding things?

I wish You all luck in the world, You deserve it!

sassypackrat said...

I think it looks lovely and very sweet in a classic Christmas gold and white style. Good luck!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I see several things I'd want to buy if I was there and if I had money. I love that print on the fireplace. Of course I love silver. And there is a mirror that I think looks very interesting. I don't think there is too much white at all...if anything you need more.

yoborobo said...

I hope you get lots of sales, Cindi. I think your booth looks gorgeous! I love that is looks light and fresh. Some places I have been to have so much stuff crammed in there, and it is so dark, you can't see anything. Yours is very pretty! :) Come see me, I am having a giveaway - xoxox

denise said...

OK Cindi, here's your pep talk...booth looks good, let's get that out of the way... stop second guessing and start saying how happy you are that more is selling. Not, I hope it sells...but that it IS selling. positive positive positive, brings positive. I can feel your nervousness, it's just the first month, times are tough all around, you've taken a chance and patience really is a virtue. Think that good things will come to you and they will....really. don't second guess, don't worry about what others think, there are many people that will come by and not every single one will have the same taste as you.

As far as your friend goes that is amazed that it came out of your house, and that there is more...tell her you are not the only one, there are many of us out there, she just doesn't happen to be struck by the disease! LOL

oh, and after awhile, move things around, people will see something that they'll think is newly put there. Have to remember, it's not just your booth they are looking at but also many others and some are easily afflicted with sensory overload.

oh, and the sarcasm about the white paint? just slap her. ;-]

Mundo Mundaca said...

hI SWEET GIRL,yOUR store this fantastic one.
I liked cages a lot and of the white bear.( SO MUCH)
Don't worry in pleasing everybody.. that is impossible.
Never give up their dreams.! ok

Abi said...

I love it! wish I could come browse. I love those blue jars,and the typewriter, and the bird cages, and my list goes on.....!