Sunday, February 6, 2011


This time that I've spent at home, with my back pain and feeling old...has got me to thinking about retirement.
Most of my friends politely turn their heads and do the snort laugh because they know that I don't have 2 dimes to rub together most of the time. They scoff at my hope of Social Security but I am planning on it since I've been paying into it since I was 16. I've worked all my life and many times 2 or 3 jobs at a time so I better get something out of all my payments to them. So while I can't do much but rest this weekend, I've been searching the Internet for ideas.
First, I liked this idea but it might be hard on my back at shearing time:

So then I thought maybe I could grow my own food. One of the problems I saw right away was that I could not longer eat chicken. I mean if they have names and I care for them, how could I murder them and feast on their flesh? OK, yes. I AM a huge hypocrite. I pay someone to do my killing for me and cut it up, bread it and hand it to me through a window. And then there's the problem of chocolate. Where does that come for? A bean? How does it become a chip? And cheese? I believe that might involve curding and skimming and gggggag reflex inducing types of procedures. So while I think these people are cool...It's not really me.

BUT THEN somehow I stumbled onto this. Hmmmm, YES. I hate to think of it but eventually I will not have all my dogs. But since ALL DOGS go to HEAVEN. (I have to be good!) I can picture myself with a little teeny tiny one (OK, 2) and living out my years here. I could sit and write in a cafe and take walks and snap photos and...Ahhhh, What a dream!

So, I am now going to look up flowers for my Spring garden now!
Hope you have a great Sunday! I heard there might be a game on TV today for those who like that sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

I would love to live like that family :-) and I´m about to build a green house this spring :-) But goats! NO no no :-) :-)

I would love to have some chickens though, but it´s the killing thing I will have problems with too :-) :-) But they say that the first ones is awful, but it does get better after a while. I´m not sure about that though :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

By the way, my brother lived in Paris for over five years and I can tell you it isn´t especially fabulous at all :-) :-)