Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I used to be a magazinaholic. I HAD to have Domino, Country Home, Cottage Living, Victoria  and Country Living every month.
And sometimes Coastal Living, Metropolitan Home, Living Etc. and Better Homes and Gardens and House Beautiful.

Now most of my favorites are gone......
So I've started to become addicted to design blogs. There are so many to follow but I do miss the feel of a magazine. I adore sitting and staring at them. I would rip out pages sometimes and put them on my bulletin board or heaven forbid, my refrigerator. I liked to crawl in bed at night and flip through the pages and "dream". Sometimes I'd have them in my handbag so they would be at the ready. I could pull them out and stare at fabric or a painting in a store....
But lately except  (for Country Living) I have found them lacking. The photos were adequate but nothing special, certainly nothing to be devoured or torn out.
Until this month! I adore the March 2011 House Beautiful issue!
I want to paint my whole house PINK!
Or maybe I just have SPRING FEVER!


Blue Dragon Arts said...

I also used to be a home mag junkie, but now I find the only mag I really read cover to cover is 'Hobby Farm Home'.
Also, I agree PINK is a great color!! Right now my bedroom is pink, not cotton candy, little girl pink, but a kind of 50's sophisticated pink and I just love it. The rest of my house is various colors of green, yellow, blues. The kitchen (when I -by myself -get it ripped up and reshaped) is going to be a soft peppermint pink and crisp white.

Anonymous said...

Garden magazines was my addiction :-) But not any more, they decided it was more important with the design of the garden than that the plants actually would survive our climate :-)

I see I missed some posts, I wonder how I look in here every day :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I was happily looking at some of those same images just last night. I actually was thinking...I need a subscription to House Beautiful. Like you I used to ba addicted to house magazines. But now all my favorites are gone except Country Living. I keep hoping somehow Cottage Living will get resurrected because it was my absolute favorite.

Great pics.

yoborobo said...

Pink is a great color - so warm and inviting, and cheerful. I have a funny feeling (living with 3 men right now) that it is not gonna fly here. So instead, I throw pink into my skelly paintings. Pink is the happiest color, I think. :) Xoxo Pam