Friday, February 11, 2011


I have you seen this!?
Last year I bought a minivan. I was kicking and screaming as I felt myself slipping in the sinkhole of middle age.
Hell, I know, I know! Don't you dare say it!
I'm planning on being a centenarian so I AM middle-aged...not OLD!
But it was hard for me because for some silly materialistic reason... I have always been car-crazy.
Not in the gearhead sort of way. I mean I seriously have not even opened the hood of my van since I've bought it except to add windshield wiper fluid. When I have bought a car in the past, I appreciated the effort when they would open the hood for me but I would just wave my hand. I have no IDEA what is supposed to be in there. I'm more concerned about the color. When I was in high school, my father made me walk or ride my bike the 2 miles to and from school. I kinda hated him at the time for doing that. Especially when friends would wave to me from the school bus but Hey, I didn't have ANY cellulite! So I saved my money from my after school job and one day my Dad said we could go looking for a car. He found a few boxy looking things and I shook my head and said that I'd stay with my bike. Then one day he found the perfect used car.
It looked just like this:
My Dad showed me how to change a tire and he TRIED to show me how to change the oil and I said No Thanks to that! I'll pay someone to do it. But sadly one day it just wouldn't run anymore and my Dad made me buy his old car. So I bought that ugly old thing and started saving for my dream car. After several years I got a brand new Camaro Berlinetta. It looked like this:
Except mine had tan interior and no spoiler on the back. (I thought that a spoiler made it look more like a guy car, and I thought tan was classier).
So you see, I've got this thing about cars.
In my fantasy of my old age, I always envisioned myself as this stylish chic elegant woman with a shiny silver trendy hairstyle driving this:

but instead, I'm driving a van wearing Crocs and hoodies.
But ya know, this van can get through the snow and I can load thrift store and estate finds and a giant dog inside without a problem. I think that I will always have a van!
and HEY! it looks like it might actually be COOL now! LOL!


sassypackrat said...

That Mustang is super sweet! I'd love a car like that! I'd never drive one of the original mini vans cause they were ugh but the new ones now are super sexy! If I had small children still or large dogs I'd probably have one. So yes, I think you are cool!

Georgina said...

You crack me up!! I'm staring down at age, 60, next year, though, and I know I'll never have such a nice ride...oh, that Mustang...soo coool!!

I wear Crocs too and my ride is my Pop's '99 Intrepid...gave it to me back in 2005 after he went blind and no longer needed it!! I wouldn't mind a minivan..had one when my babies were small, and later traded it for a new '96 Taurus. I also wouldn't mine a small, eco-friendly SUV...I want a pony too!! LOL

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I unfortunately bought my dream car when I bought my first car :-) A Citroen DS21. I loved it with all my heart and it broke my economy totally :-) :-)

I´ve had several Citroen´s after that and they have all costed more than they were worth to be honest, but I just love them :-) :-) :-)

Now days I look upon myself as a sober alcoholic does. As long as I don´t sit or test drive a Citroen I don´t buy it :-) :-) :-) My Mazda is fantastic though!

Have a great day now!

yoborobo said...

I am still waiting to get the car of my dreams. I'm not even sure what it is anymore, except it will have AWD. lol! I have had a minivan that I loved, a Suburban that I loved, and now I have a Tahoe that I love (except for the crummy gas mileage). I can put everyone inside, and dogs and whatever. I still miss my minivan. I drove that until it literally died coming home from a vacation! Oh, and you're super cool. Never worry. :) xox