Monday, June 11, 2012


Have you ever taken a photo of something and then when you look at the picture you notice all the other crap that's sitting around?
It's like your eye has gotten used to the laundry pile on the kitchen table or the stack of stuff at the foot of the stairs, that you don't even see it anymore.
Then you take a photo and BAM! there's all this STUFF.
Or have you ever experienced the flip side.
You are somewhere, feeling good and photos are being taken and then later you see yourself and are startled at how you REALLY look.
Maybe that's not the flip side at all.
Just another case of getting used to something and not seeing it as it really is.
I'm still working on ME.
I want to look like I feel...or at least a bit closer to it.
I thought I was working on the HOUSE situation but after taking a photo of Jimmy Chew sleeping on the sofa, it was pretty startling to see all this JUNK still here.
Slim and Healthy.
Tidy and Sparse.
That's the dream.


Anonymous said...

That's why we can crop photographs :-) :-) :-)
And no matter how I look, in my eyes I always look like a young Brad Pitt :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

oh my, like Tristan in "Legends of the Falls"? :)

Personally, I keep thinking that I'm 29 or 30 at the most. hahahahaha
(but much wiser.)

Anonymous said...

Yes just like him :-) :-) :-)