Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So I stopped eating junk on Monday night March 5th 2012
after my visit to the doctor.
I had been feeling like crap. My joints were aching.
I was always feeling tired and dizzy.
I read up on the statin I was taking and all these problems can many times be the side effects.
That and the fact that I had gained so much weight and am now menopausal.
My "numbers" were not good. And it showed that I was
So I came home that night and grabbed a big trash bag.
I filled it with almost everything in my frig and in the cupboards.
Since then I haven't cheated once. I'm not eating any saturated or trans fat and NO cholesterol except for the cholesterol found in fish and chicken.
I'm not on a diet, die-it....
I'm eating to live.
So last Tuesday morning before my birthday I had my blood drawn for tests.
The next day, being my birthday I went to lunch with my sister and one of my nieces. Since I had done the blood tests, I decided to order whatever I wanted.
I had chicken salad on rye and bean salad and a bite of my niece's muffin. When I went home, I only had berries and non-fat yogurt for dinner.
Then the next day I realized that I still had a gift certificate to Starbucks so at lunch time I went and got a
Large Mocha Frappuccino.
It was very good but as I was finishing it I thought...
What The HELL am I doing?!!!!
That was Thursday.
Saturday I worked in the morning. It was crazy busy. I had a full boarding kennel. Lots of dogs were going home and more coming in. I had to do a lot of rearranging and squeeze in one more dog that wasn't on the schedule.
I had to keep running up front to get the incoming dogs and I would pass the employee lounge.
I could see the box of donuts sitting in there, on the counter.
When I got to the front office, all the girls were munching on donuts and rolls.
After the clinic closed and when I was by myself finishing up,
I had to walk through the lounge to the restroom.
On my way back out my eyes were drawn to the box.
I went up to the box and opened it.
I looked at the frosted little things.
I closed the box.
Nope, not doing it.
I have my doctors appointment in a few days, I'm excited to see what my "numbers" are.
I'm feeling much better though I am exhausted.
But I think that exhaustion is due to the fact that I am not getting enough sleep
and I am working in 100 plus degree heat every day.
Wish me Luck!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I'm anxious to hear how your numbers are. I've been eating no junk food for months. Oh...I do cheat once in awhile but mostly...I am eating vegetables and drinking water and tea...but since I was hanging out at the hospital with my friend...her husband kept bringing junk from his restaurant. Things I never eat on a daily basis...like pie. One week I had chocolate pie like four times! I soon felt like crap. Last week after a week of eating like I like again...I started feeling soooo good again. I feel so bad for my friend because she is not giving herself the chance to feel what it feels like to eat right. She is in a desperate health situation and still it has not occurred to her to eat vegetable and not eat pie! I guess it's because they are at this homestyle restaurant every day and they really think that is how you are suppose to eat.

I'm going to see her tomorrow and I'm going to tell her how differently I feel when I eat the stuff she does. Oh...and I gained 5 lbs from it. It took me like three months to lose the 5 lbs and two weeks to gain it. I'm working on it again though.

Anonymous said...

Great that You closed that box again! But One is allowed to cheat on ones birthday, as long as the cheating doesn't continue :-)

I'm pretty sure Your number will be soo much better now and that You no longer is pre-diabetic :-)

Have a great day!

sassypackrat said...

Good for you Cindi! I've been juicing and eating a mostly vegetarian diet for the last couple of weeks. I feel so much better and I've lost 7 pounds!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I hope your numbers reward you for your courage and stamina. You are a strong woman! Peace, Mary Helen

An Urban Cottage said...

Good for you and your willpower! I trust you'll get some positive reinforcement from your doctor.

Check out the donkey blog today. They're so funny!

yoborobo said...

Good for you! You're my hero! I'm not being as good as you are. I need to step it up some. I've cut down on meat (no red meat, just chicken and fish), and I'm am TRYING to cut back on sweets. Baby steps. :) Congrats on passing up those dang donuts!! xox

Robin Kent said...

I'm reading your posts all backwards (just finished reading part 2). I know I'd have a hard time closing the lid on those nasty donuts. May the force stay with you!

GunnyMom said...

Sounds like you are doing great. Hope your numbers reflect your changed eating.
I ho longer have a taste for sweets. I had a gastric bypass and since then sweets (donuts, cake, candy etc) have no appeal to me.