Sunday, July 15, 2012

marsh-Mellie Update

or as I am calling her now - Poptart. Poppy for short. (Though it's not really short but...)
Yeah, Poptart.
I figured since I could easily have her for another 13 years, I'll name her what I want.
I saw that name once and mentally filed it away as a great name for a little teeny dog and "wa-la", Mellie lands in my life.
Louie had a different name when he came to me too. He was also 3 years old and I figured he needed a new name for his new life.
I didn't changed Rosie's name. She was elderly and had it her whole life and...well, she's Rosie.
Anyway -
I hadn't written an update because I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.
I knew it would, I could feel it in the air and then Friday night I got the call.
Mellie's mom wanted to know how she was doing........... if she was OK.
She said she had waited, afraid to know and finally called on Friday because then if things weren't going well, she could get her back and then spend the weekend with her.

So I let her know that Mellie had a couple of accidents but that she figured out the potty pad in the laundry room.
I told her how she would stand outside and not move at first but then she finally figured out what the others were doing and did her business too.
I told her how I hadn't thought she could handle the stairs but she surprised me by running up them the other day to join me while I was getting ready for work.
I told her that she was eating fine.
I told her how I laughed when she was up on the sofa,scampering around and "smiling" at me and being playful until Button joined her and then she stopped
and pretended that she wasn't doing anything at all.
I told her that it would just take a little bit more time for her to get used to the dogs since she hadn't been around any before.
I reminded her to email me so that I would have her email address and she said she had been waiting... and she would, on Saturday.
I told her that I would send photos.
She said she was happy that it was working out and just wanted to check.
I couldn't really tell by her voice if she was really happy or not.
I do think she misses her and wants her to have more attention than what she was getting, but I feel like there's more to the story....

She had originally dropped Mellie off at my work and given her to my niece to bring to me since I wasn't working that day.
She was pretty upset I guess, so in an effort to comfort her, my niece told her about Button and my little Claude.
She told her that they were the same size as her and how she would have someone to play with.
Now she's under the impression that I have just those 2 dogs.
I really really HATE to lie.
So I stuck with the story, but I feel the guilt of omission.
I didn't really lie, well, OK...sort of. I mean I DO have those 2 little ones.
I just didn't mention the others.
If she asked, I would have told her but...well, she never asked to begin with, so I just let it be.

So I didn't tell her how she's fine around everyone, even Blue.
That she weaves her way around him and the others and then stares at me to pick her up.
I didn't tell her that she GOBBLES down her food.
That I don't have to do all the elaborate preparations as instructed, such as skimming the top part of the canned food off
or making sure the wet and dry are separated.
I just fork some over her dry and she hurries and eats it.
I didn't mention how when I gave her a bath, her backbone was so visible that I weighed her.
She's 4.5 lbs.
I didn't say that I plan on getting a little more meat on her bones and then I will get her groomed.
I don't want to cut her hair off yet, she probably needs it to stay warm.
I didn't say that I'm calling her "Poppy" and "Poptart".

That's the update.
I think she's doing very well for only being here for less than 2 weeks.
So, she said she'd email and maybe someday she could visit her at my work.
But I'm hoping she doesn't really want to visit her, I don't want Mellie/Poppy to be confused.
I know if I gave away my dog, I don't think my heart could stand to see her again,
but people handle things differently.
Maybe I don't need to worry....I'm still waiting for her email.


thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

I have a rule when getting an older dog, the former owner isn't allowed to see it again for a year! Then there is no risk for making the dog confused.

But You wasn't lying, You do have those two dogs and that's it. It isn't lying by not telling her that You have several other dogs too. What she believes or not doesn't matter.

I'm glad it works out well :-)

Have a great day!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I wonder what is going on with her previous owner? I think it would be confusing for Poppy to see her. She has lots of friends now. Do the little ones like her? She is awfully cute. Yes, fatten her up.

sassypackrat said...

It makes me sad that she needs to be fattened up. You are just the right mommy for her! She will get better care and love from you than that other woman for sure. Thanks for the update I was wondering how she was.

An Urban Cottage said...

I think now that Idgie Threadgoode is settled in her nursing home, she has to cut ties with the old gang at the Whistle Stop. Idgie has her memories and that's good enough. Good to hear she's adjusting.

Robin Kent said...

Yes, I'd recommend she forget about your Poppy. She gave her up and I wouldn't give her anymore info than to let her know she's OK. Hard, but best for all involved (my opinion).
BTW, so glad to hear it's working out! She's so adorable!!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I agree with the first comment...the little one needs to have time know she is finally home. You are such a blessing to the world of sweet pets. Love you dearly, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart