Monday, October 15, 2012


Alright. Here's the post I tried to write before but was too upset.
I've waited several days to cool down and being on vacation has definitely helped.
I wrote many drafts but reading them over I could tell that I still needed more time.
I was still ranting and raving.
But this is what the problem is in a nutshell.
Kind of a long story even though I tried to condense it down.
So grab a cup of coffee or maybe just skip over this one.
But I'm posting it so that I can get the frustration out of my head.
I used to board this Border Collie
and her mate years ago.
The most beautiful Border Collies ever.
Then they had puppies. I called "S" who I knew always wanted a Border Collie and said that one of these pups would be the one to get.
That the Mom dog had the best disposition, that you could look at her eyes and see a sweet gentle soul
  and her mate? Well breathtaking is the best description.
White on one side of his face, black on the other,the softest coat ever.
You just had to see him to appreciate him.
If I were to get a puppy, one of those pups would have been it. But I don't adopt puppies.
Even if I wanted to, there is always an adult dog that pops up and REALLY needs a home.
So I told "S" that except for the Momma dog herself, you couldn't find a better Border Collie.
But "S" said that the timing wasn't right for them.
Not too long afterwards, the boy dog was tragically hit by a car and died. I told "S" that there would be no more litters from these two.
Fast forward to this summer.
The girl who owned these dogs has gotten married and had a baby in the last few years and now they are moving...and they need a home for the Momma dog. So she posted a sign "Free to Good Home" at the clinic.
I call "S" and tell her that she now has the chance to have THE perfect dog.
But the timing STILL isn't right. A lot of things are going on within their family..she says if it was later in the year or maybe the Fall. But not now.
So the sign stays up, but no takers.
The owner calls me, she knows how much I adored the Mom dog and I tell her I have tried but could find no one.
Weeks go by and finally the day before the move arrives and the owner calls again. I tell her she will have to take her to the shelter.
I tell her who to ask for and to tell them I sent her.
Then I call the shelter and talk to my contact there.
They are OVER capacity. No room for another dog.
and if they did me a favor, well, I can't have that happen. It would mean a dog losing their life to make a space.
No. That is something I could never live with.
I call the owner and tell her to bring her to me.
I take care of her for a week and suddenly a friend of mine calls to tell me that a relative is desperately hunting for a Border Collie for her husband.
His Border Collie had died suddenly a while back and he was missing him terribly and they have been looking for a nice dog forever.
So I arrange for them to meet with Momma dog and she is all over the family.
There's a toddler and a little kid and she's dancing around in happiness.
She brings them the Frisbee and the woman throws it. We stand there talking as she throws it again and again.
Finally everyone agrees that it's a match.
We go to load her in the back of the SUV but she leaps in between the kids and sits nicely looking straight ahead , like "Let's go Home!"
I'm so happy I could cry.
A week goes by and they call. She's scratching.
They've been added milk to her food and I tell them to stop and see if that's it.
A week later, they call again, still scratching.
I had treated her with a flea preventative, so I know that's not it. But she's about due for a treatment soon so I tell them to apply it again. Then the next week I get a text. They need to return her, they are downsizing and could I help them also find a home for their other dog?
(which I actually did have someone who would take their other dog, a boxer, but they wanted money for her and she still needed to be spayed, so the adoption fell through.)
so back to Mom dog.
I take her back. When the wife drops her off, she tells me that her husband was actually upset because she wouldn't help him with the cows.
I don't even try to explain that she doesn't even know what a cow is, she's been a city dog her whole life.
I call "S" again. It's Fall now, is the timing better?
Maybe in a week.
Finally she goes to their home early one morning. "S" works 3rd shift so apparently after introducing Momma to their dog and her husband (who Momma dog greeted with kisses right away), she lies down to sleep. Then her husband does the same. Leaving Momma loose in a strange house.
They get up in late afternoon and "discuss" the new addition.
At 5:00 pm that night, "S" and Momma are standing outside my work door.
It's not going to work out.
She tells me how they slept most the day and I ask how she did.
"Oh fine! She didn't bother a thing." But the timing isn't good right now.
I take her back and give her some dinner.
I take her outside and throw the rope toy to her.
I look at her soft eyes and I wish I could explain to her why all these people have let her down.
Over and Over and Over.
and she's such a good girl.
So she's with me now. She will be 6 soon and the shelters are full of young dogs.
Just the other night there were TV News stories about how the shelters are discounting adoption fees because they are so overwhelmed with dogs who desperately need homes.
and....I can't let her down too.
I hope that someone good will cross our path soon.
and that brings me to something else.
I'm thinking of maybe adding a button to my blog. A donation button for my rescues.
I've seen it on a couple of other blogs. There's an artist that I follow that rescues farm animals.
She has a donation button and uses the money for vet care and food.
So I might put up a button, I don't know,,,still thinking but it makes me feel weird. I get discounted vet care but my bill has been really climbing.
I don't want any donations from my Followers (unless you are a secret millionaire!)
No, I'm hoping some movie star, famous singer or talk show host, someone like that will Google Border Collie or something and stumble onto my blog and feel like throwing some cash our way.
In the mean time, I searching for a forever home for her.
and I mean FOREVER.


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...this makes me so sad. She is gorgeous! I love border collies. I can't believe no one wants her when she is sooooo good. What the hell is wrong with people? Thank goodness she has you. But this is so unfair that everyone comes to you to fix their problems. When they bring the dog to you ...they need to bring you money to take care of the dog. I hope you can find a forever home for her. Yes, I think the donation button is a good idea. Explain that its to care for all the dogs you care for. Because you are saving their lives.

Sue said...

Wow...what is wrong with people? I follow the City of Hartford Shelter page on Facebook and share urgent dogs on my page. It's amazing how many people step up and run in to grab dogs out of there as the final minutes tick by either to adopt or act as a temporary foster home for a rescue group they have never worked with before. I often wonder how many bail on them after that. Most of the dogs are pits who probably have never lived in a family situation. Lots of the people who step up have never fostered or are new to shelter dogs.

The enormity of the situation makes me very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

To bad You live so far away, I love border collies and what's another dog in the pack :-) Well Nova might have some issues with another girl but she adapts fast :-)

People never seem to understand that Border collies needs to be taught trhings too, thsy just see these fantastic dogs on tv and belives it's natural (well it is to some degree).

I hope things will solve quickly, otherwise I'm pretty sure You won't let her move at all :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.
This stuff drives me crazy. I thought I left it behind when I left the shelter that I worked at several years back. I guess as long as I work in the "Pet" industry, I will be dealing with this kind of thing. It's just not my nature to turn a blind eye.
And Christer...if you lived in the States, we would be taking a road-trip to your house because I know there would be no better home than yours!

yoborobo said...

Okay, my first reaction is PEOPLE SUCK. But then I think of you, and how much you do for animals, and I have to rethink my position. :) Put the button up! Even if people just give a dollar every now and then, it will help you to buy dog food. She is such a beautiful dog. I am so sorry she's had such a rough time of it. You're a really good person. xox

Sarah @ {Home-ology} modern vintage said...

you should absolutely add a donate button!!! what you are doing is such a responsibility, in addition to being an enormous expense. such love deserves support!

Anne said...


I am not a secret millionaire not even a thousandaire, but I am an animal lover. I would gladly donate money toward your family and any other 2 or 4 legged creature that needs help. I would love to see a button to donate $$. I have two dogs of my own, and I know the expenses but they are my family and I can't think of a better investment than them. As for your new BC, I was just thinking yesterday how great it would be to have a BC so that I could teach it to round up my other two dogs (American Eskimo and miniature wire haired dachshund). I live in the western suburbs of Chicago so while I am not a neighbor of yours, I am not that far away either. I would love to be considered for the forever home. How do I get in contact with you????

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks everyone, I guess I will add the button. I've just never been good about asking for any help on anything but I will focus on it being for my little rescues.

and Anne, your comment has a "no-reply" when I click on it but if you go to "my profile" you will find my email address where you can contact me and we can talk. :)

sassypackrat said...

I agree with the donate button. Any little bit helps. It breaks my heart what is happening to that poor Collie. Please keep us informed about her.

Gillian said...

I don't believe most people when they can't take their pet. I think they just see it as an excuse to unload. : (

Lucky dog that you are looking out for her. She will keep you all busy (dig dig dig)!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

She is a real beauty. You are the kindest woman I know for loving these animals so deeply! Peace, Mary Helen

Robin Kent said...

PLEASE let us followers know if you connected with Anne!
And absolutely put up a button no matter what happens!! People who can't have a dog would love to be part and feel supportive of your charges. You are the Mother Theresa (St Francis?) of the animal kingdom, to us and them!

leslie said...

Oh dear.

This tears at my heartstrings.

Although you're so far away, and a border collie doesn't make sense on a boat... and it's too soon after losing Lily...

Oh dear.