Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I went with my sister and her family to a farm where they sell pumpkins
and gourds and apparently goats. But I won't talk about THAT today or the CAT they wanted to give us for free...
Everyone I  was with bought big HUGE pumpkins. They always do very detailed carving and it looks spooky and very cool lighting up their front steps in the dark.
I had thought about buying a huge lopsided one so that I could paint it like Blue lounging.
But I on a strict budget so I just got some little ones.
I'm glad I did. I don't think big ones would look right on my steps.
The Begonias are the only flowers still going strong, so I moved them all to the steps.
Everything else in the containers have died. It was in the low 80's today but this weekend it's supposed to drop to the low 40's for day time highs.
Sigh... the last Hurrah for the flowers.

(and next year I WILL get those steps painted!)


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Very cute pumpkins!

sassypackrat said...

You pumpkins are fabulous! Just love them! We had such a hard frost here that I'm surprised to see you still have flowers since we don't.

thecottagebythecranelaketwo said...

I like Your pumpkins a lot!

We don't have any tradition with pumpkins but I've read that Halloween is slowly getting popular here so I guess we soon see pumkins over here to soon.

It snows right now and it sounds like we're having a storms as well.

Have a great day!

Carla Bynum said...

Hi!!! These are so cute!!! I love both of them!!!

Carla Bynum said...

You know it has been awhile but I used to do gourd art!!! The good thing about gourd art is the gourds dry and you can keep them forever!!!