Saturday, October 13, 2012


...thinking a lot.
cleaning, sorting and rediscovering "treasures".
I've been reading a lot about happiness
and how clearing the clutter, minimalism, simplicity....
can make you happy.
I've decided that while it could indeed make some people happy, it's not for me.
I had an Ah-Ha moment.
It's a very cool rainy October day today and while going through some boxes of things and also thinking about all that I've read, it dawned on me that I used to live a totally minimal life.

Very simple. One room, with a Murphy bed that pulled down out of the wall, a tiny 2 burner stove and a mini fridge.
(I've written about this place before, in fact I think it's one of my most favorite posts.
at the time, even though I didn't count my clothing, I know I had LESS than 33 items at the time.
So much for the 333 project.
and I was very SAD and miserable.
Now, some people might have been in paradise, knowing that they could pack up all their STUFF in a bag within minutes and be on their way to adventure.
But I didn't feel like that. I feel alone and ungrounded.
Just twisting in the wind.
Of course back then, there was no Internet.
No links to all the great ideas and images.
No way to type out and share my thoughts and feelings without leaving my room.
and of course. I wasn't allowed to have a dog.
Actually I wasn't allowed any pets at all but I smuggled in a cat.
Just me and my cat...
and now today as I find things that I forgotten I had, I feel happy and motivated.
I have new ideas about things to create.
Which is probably why I accumulated these things in the first place.
Now, I'm not saying that I haven't held up some items and turned it over and over and thought "WTH?"
and then tossed it.
I've have cleaned out my china hutch in the kitchen, next to the table that I paint at and filled it with bins of paint and jars of paintbrushes. On top of the hutch are my decorative shoes boxes filled with papers. pens. pencils, shiny things.
Above my white kitchen cabinets, I have white shoe boxes with others supplies. (dog brushes, heart-worm pills, etc.)
All very neat and tidy...
I'm keeping what I need and really want. I just probably have more STUFF that I NEED than most people.
Kinda like my pets.
Yes, I have more than most people but THEY make me happy.
To some people, they would seem like a lot of work but they give me a purpose.
Some people like to manicure theirs nails while watching TV, I trim dog/cat nails.
While some people like to go window shopping, I'm home bathing my dogs.
Some people go to sports events, I throw a ball or Frisbee.
I know there are people who feel like just ONE dog is overwhelming.
I know that TOO well because that IS why I have some of my dogs.
So, I'm organizing and cleaning
and vacuuming up pet hair but basically I'm a lot Happier and I NEED to remember this day,
even if it means that I sometimes I feel like an indentured servant to the clinic I work at.
and Yes, I do have a BIG vet bill that seems to almost get paid and then something happens to pump it back up.
But at least I have that safety net.
Lots of reflection today.
But in a good way,
to realize, that I AM happy.


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Love this are also happy because you are on vacation and you got some rest. Lets be honest. I'm happier when I get enough sleep. So glad you are having a nice weekend. It rained here all day and because of that...the dogs would not get out of guess what? I stayed in bed with them. That was not what I had planned but oh...I love sleeping with them.

yoborobo said...

I love this post. I think that having some things around (as long as they aren't strewn across the floor or three feet deep - lol!) is part of being a creative person. I was looking at the cluttered tables I work at, and I do mean cluttered, and there were little toys, and pictures of my kids, and pictures of my dogs/cats, and a picture of one of my friend's dogs, and art supplies, and I realized I loved it all. Jars of buttons and odd things I keep thinking I am going to use. It's all staying. And I feel like I need another dog, because 2 doesn't feel right. I've always had 3. Glad you're happy, my friend! xoxo!!

sassypackrat said...

So glad you are happy! That makes me happy. Everyone has a certain level of stuff that they need for happiness and it's different for everybody. I need my dog, books, movies, a comfy bed, a few clothes and tons of art supplies. I could probably live in one big room as long as my art supplies fit. Looks like you had a good think while on vacation. Aren't those moments of illumination wonderful?

Anonymous said...

We are who we are and there's no use in trying to change :-) At least I do have fewer dogs than You :-) :-) :-)

I wouldn't be mee if I didn't have my pets and I would most probably hate my life without them :-)

Have a great day!

Georgina said...

Hey Miz Holly GoLightly, I love this post. My sister is one who purges...everything. She holds no sentimental value to anything and that's why when she comes to my house, it drives her crazy. I have a bit of clutter, but I use every bit of that clutter, some more than others, but nonetheless, I'm happy with it.

Know what you mean about those little sweeties we call our pets. My doggies always need something too. Their breath went sour around the same time, so it's off this week for shots and a good dental cleaning...big vet bill, but no more stinky breath!! LOL

Enjoy your vacation and do some misbehavin' now and then...clears the "brain matter" clutter!! LOL


Robin Kent said...

Great post! Remember to refer back to it when needed! Heck, I'LL refer to it when I need it!
I have enough stuff, but can tolerate it only when put away in a place it can call its own. (I hope to find homes for all of my hoarder/partner's stuff as well.)
Sounds like you're having a good vacation! Yippee!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This is one of my favorite movies...and your post is so thought provoking. Thank you for being patient with my craziness and wild schedule. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart