Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A BIG Thank You!....and a painting on eBay.

First - A BIG Thank You for all the wonderful heartfelt comments that I received about Griffin and his tumor. I sometimes forget how many people know and love that old guy.
I received so many caring comments, emails and text messages. I have a friend text me several times who I had forgotten that years ago when I would walk my Maddie, she would walk Griffin and we would talk about our lives. Now she's married with 2 kids in middle school and yet she remembered her walking buddy.
I just forget how many lives he's touched and how many people were concerned for him.
So he's doing very well and now that I'm feeding him canned food, he comes running to me.
I am now that nice lady with the plate of soft food that lives in his house.

Second, I have had a lot of people lately asking me to paint paintings for them! I know that I said I wouldn't do any more commissions but....I am. Wish me Luck! Ha!
I have also had two different people tell me that I need to get into some Art/Craft shows and I had another person encourage me to get a booth at the Farmers Market Freight House. It sits next to the park and along side the river and I guess they get a lot of traffic. Maybe not so much during the winter months when everything is inside but the rest of the year I guess it's crazy town down there.
So I will be investigating that too.
Also...after the Holidays I am going to open my Etsy shop up. I've had an empty shop (actually 2 shops) with shops names (for 3? years) and never listed a thing.
Those are my plans.
To work on my paintings and pet related items and REALLY set some goals for myself.
So I am working on 6 paintings for people and trying to keep listings on eBay AND I plan on making gifts for my nieces...and Christmas is only 3 weeks away!
I better get off this computer!
Thanks again to everyone for being there for me and Griff.
and here's my latest eBay listing - "Let it Snow"


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

First...I love your latest painting and your plan for your art business. Second as for Griffin...I just now read about your plan and I do think it is best. Three years Aunt's little dachshund was diagnosed with a anal tumor. One vet...said put her down...another suggested vet and another would be too painful - the surgery and not very successful. My aunt decided to just try to keep her as good as she could be without doing anything it's three years later and she is doing fine.

I'd do the same thing as you if Griffin was mine...keep him happy and comfortable as long as you can...and you will know when it's his time.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that people wants You to make paintings for them and now when You know how they may react You're prepared for it :-) As long as money rolls in that's perfect :-)

Don't stress to much now before Christmas, remember to take breaks and enjoy life too :-)

Have a great day!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

ditto from above posts.... I want to let you know you have given so many animals love when there was no one stepping up. Enjoy every minute with Griffin...I also agree with your plan. I love the new paintings. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Robin Kent said...

All sounds good. Hard to remember that nothing stays the same, for good and bad. Hope your hard times have turned the corner and you can rest easy now.