Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I got something I really did NOT want...

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!
and that Santa brought you whatever you were hoping for.
I had a simple and nice Holiday but I got one thing I really did NOT want.
A cold.
I am sick.
Dizzy, Achy, Head hurts, Sore throat. Nasal stuff and Coughing.
Unfortunately I don't have any sick days left so I have to continue going to work.
Most of the time I like that I'm able to be moving around and not confined to a desk
but right now I sort of wish I could just sit down and lay my head on a desk and stay put.
Now that I'm home for the evening and have feed the critters, I'm going to bed.
I might be missing for a few days...
I need to get well ASAP.
I have too many things I need to be working on.
Hopefully I will be back soon!


yoborobo said...

Feel better, Cindi! We have all sorts of germies flying around here, and today I thought to myself, "You know, my head kinda hurts." Yikes! Take care and drink lots of fluids. xox

An Urban Cottage said...

Seems like a lot going around. Colds, stomach flus, bronchitis and ear infections. I usually work through a cold too. I'm just as miserable on the couch or in bed so I'd rather stay busy to pass the time until I feel better. Feel better soon. You're soon going to have to party like it's 2013.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am so sorry and I pray it is not the flu. Please drink plenty of fluids and rest in bed under a warm quilt and snuggle with a warm puppy or two. You are so loved get better because you have work to do! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sandy Mastroni said...

Put onions in your socks and Vicks vapo rub on your nose { ha ha }
and drink tea
and feel better soon
Thank you for your card ... made me HAPPY , thank you
Happy New Year Cindi

sassypackrat said...

Rest and feel better!

Anonymous said...

Do take care of Yourself now!

When we're as sick as that they don't want us at work so we don't give the cold to all the others, but then again we don't have limited sick days like You do.

Sleep a lot and drink a lot!

Robin Kent said...

Bad germs do seem like the regifted present going around now. Sleep as much as possible- a good way to get far away from yourself! I usually get a bad cold this time of year- for Christmas. So far so good.

Gillian, @look_mama said...

I've had one too! Mostly gone now but trying to hang on! Rotten timing, poor thing. : (

To bed with you.