Friday, December 7, 2012

One commissioned painting done...

and two more to go for the same person.
I thought I'd do the easy one first.
The boxer.
Here's the photos she sent:
and then I need to do a GoldenDoodle:
and 2 Standard Poodles:
After that I have to do a BIG painting of a Collie for someone else and then an illustration of three dogs for another person. 
Wish me luck that they turn out and the clients like them.
Fingers crossed.


An Urban Cottage said...

That looks great! The poodles look like they're going to be really tough. Can't they give you better photos?

Robin Kent said...

Lookin' good. Lots of brush time ahead!

sassypackrat said...

It's wonderful you are jumping in and doing customs again.

carla said...

Hi!!! WOW!!! That is a wonderful painting!!! I love it even though I don't have a boxer!!! Looks just like the pic!!!

thecottagebythecranelaketwo said...

The boxer looks so good! The others will come out just as great, of that I'm sure!

I'm so glad that You have lots to do with what You love to do. I hope You'll get lots of commissions even if I know how the one ordering them might react :-)

Have a great day!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You are one busy lady and do great work!!! Prayers are still coming! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

yoborobo said...

That boxer painting is SO CUTE!!!! Keep slinging that paint, my friend! xox